A Sleepy World

World aching;

People pleading;

Technology abuse got us bleeding;

People assert life is a prize;

can we live being forever connected to a device?

Citizens pleading;

As they sit there unstirring;

Yet technology is curing;

Better then generations before, yet we can't deny civil uproar;

Unwilling to respond, "those across the sea won't be effected long"

It goes on unrelenting;

people disrespecting;

truths misconstruing;

sit and ponder; how can this go on longer?

No action, just transfixion;

Eyes searching;

Hearts yearning;

Souls searching;

Looking for the answer through a screen;



It is keeping us waiting;

Man's creation knows all;

We feel that no one needs the natural laws;

When will we arise?

Learning to see;

Technology is a force;

Action and solution comes from we.



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