R.I.P.= Gangs

Partying has never been my thing

I've always been the one who was studying

that night I finally went out

all hell broke loose  

that was the night I lost you

BANG BANG is all I remember 

the echoing sounds of gun shots

and terrifying screams

this was a gang thing

my school my town these people

all affected these "gangs"

they claimed to be family

provied protection and save you....


they took you from me

my best friend the one that saved me

when dad was hitting me 

and mom wasnt listening

the one i ran to for help

now look im living in hell

you held me whiped away tears

for all those long horrible years

i missed you on graduation day

they said your name 

while your mom walked acrossed the stage

i sat there and cried

all hope dying inside

I know that you were in a gang

but you were trying to be a changed man

talking about getting out

instead you got shot now your dead

BANG BANG i still hear the gun shots ring

in heaven i hope those angle sang

as you made your way through the golden gates


thats why id changed gangs

i wish id put a stop to them

get everyone to join me hand and hand

to make others see

what gangs are doing to our lands

killing those who once had goals 

the ones who wanted to succeed

like my friend he wanted to be

a therapist to help those like me 

young easly influenced fools

they need learn before the last thing 

they hears is BANG BANG



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