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Gather round young and old I have a story that needs to be told, this story can still be heard round the nation.

Doesnt matter who you hear it from the characters are still in similar situations. Its about a time not too long ago, where blacks had to walk more than a mile down the road.

The whites got their way but the minorities would always say.

"One day we will be equal we pray for hope and change."

The flames of desegregation just needed that spark to change the nation. Martin luther rosa parks, they and others were that spark. Rise up dont be oppressed when the earth belongs to you as well, the diffrence they see is only skin deep cant you tell? Their pushing us to the cliff of faliure dont take another step or to the victors go the spoils and the losers get tossed like used tinfoil.

Lets pause the story I want you to envision this in your mind, as you feel sympathy know that we've came a long way from back in that time. Now put yourself in the shoes of the underdogs. Would you fight like they did or accept your fate and let your culture fall off?

Riots, burnings, and other horrific events describe the violent struggle they had to endure, and thats all changed but we still have a far way from being pure.

Put yourself in the shoes of a african child, treated as if she came from the wild. Abandoned and isolated from the kids she sees, where the only diffrence are their color but they share the same wants and needs. She has to walk hours to go to a rundown building they call a school, "but we go with heads held high I will not be raised to be a fool."

She studies and carries her grades as she gets older, however still from those same people she gets the cold shoulder. This rage shes held inside for awhile in her heart and soul, she cant stand it anymore her good judgememnt folds.

Shes out of school but joins the fight to be free, "I will not allow you to describe a monster as me!"

On a sunday morning she goes to church to pray, unfortunately that day she became unsuspecting prey. To the opposers who want to keep her people down, lighters are pulled out as they go to burn the church down. No one escapes that fire alive and the only reason it was stopped was so that it didn't effect the white lives.

Murdered in the house of god her body was never buried properly, just thrown into a ditch on private property. Can you see her? The short life of that child who became a victim of hate? All because she wasent of the same race.. We cant change the past but we can mend the present together, that dream was realized whites and blacks have stopped hating one another. Back then times were tough and tight, but thanks to the importance of this movement we all live free, that is my story of civil rights.

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