Storms Wrapped in Skin like Cellophane

If I could I would reach out to the world and cup it in my hands,
I'd make it night
For we've grown up with the blue letters of keyboards
Flashing at us to spill out secrets
And to us night is safe,
Cooling passions and warming hearts
I would reach out a fix people like toys on a game board
Reshaping mountains in the middle of battlefields
Grasping the dark monsters and storms under people's skin
I'd say deserts need the rain and your tears could solve a drought,
But we can't let blood water the ground for us,
It's too thick to survive
So let out the lightning in your synapses and the thunder in your ribcage as a river
To wash against your limbs
Weathered by the years you've lived despite your youth
The things you've seen in the eyes of others
that you've lifted off them onto your toothpick clavicles


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