Controversial Opinion

The women, who face persecution still

With paychecks that won’t fill the bill

What about the others

The internment camp group

Japanese who were captured and colored

As terrorists and

Worse communists

Seeking to break our great country of solumnists

Why do we forget all others

Besides those of color

How about the Gay community

They know more than we about unity

Tortured and bullied throughout history

We constantly forget their bloody story

All we remember is the rainbow and fashion

Never thought of their passion

Or the children without parents

Forced out of the system and stared at

By the government, willing to give

Then take

What these children to need to live

Why do we forget?

We pick and choose who we want to pity

We forget those from the inner city

The girls pregnant because they did not know

That contraceptive is available

I would change what we choose to forget

We need a new standard to set

Recognize each his own

Never forget that blacks aren’t the only ones needing a loan



Great poem and message. 

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