A Change In Mentality Is The Biggest Change I Desire



Could you spare some change?

Maybe the question should not be could you spare change but will you dare to change?

Will you allow your life to have new meaning, decide which side of the balance your heart is leaning?

Will you be supporting or will you be demeaning? Will you pull away or will you be convening?

Sometimes it's hard to know if it's good information that you are gleaning, if it's all fake like a botched tox-screening.

To truly change, one must do many things, but it may be hard to focus because of how low the pendulum swings.

To avoid change is to avoid pain, at least that's how most people rationalize it.

But that's the thing about change, that most people can't see, and those who have gone through change can agree with me,

In the same way that you have to spend money to make money, it is almost a necessity in the recipie of changing to have to be in pain to be painless in the future, for as all magic has a price so does change.

It may all seem like a convoluted assortment of random words and phrases but change itself is a jumblement of phases, that roll through your conscience in blazes and hazes.

So to truly change you can't just hope and pray that maybe one day it'll all be over and it's all ok.

To truly change you have to look beyond the words and beyond the phrases, beyond the text that blurs and the speech that slurs.

To truly change you have to take the next step:

You have to ask yourself one very important thing (not just imporant to you but to all living beings):

Will you dare to change?


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