I'm in love with her

The thing I would change 

Falling in love with her

She loves me for me

She has captured my heart 

And  she is an amazing person to be with


I hade back all my feeling for 

some I love

I think I fall in love 

With the girl of my dreams

She has all respect for me



I think about you all the time

She mskes want to feel like a different person

You make it feel like I can trust someone again

I'm alling in love with this one 

And I don't wan to make the wrong mistake



I felt for a person like her because she makes me happy

All the other people I feel in love with

Lied about ever loving me

I know she likes me by the way treats  me

She shows me a diffrent veiw of things


How do you know when your in love with someone

They make you happy

And the world revolves around her 

And her alone

That is what love is eally about



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