What I Would Change

    If I had the power to go and change anything in the world today it would have to be bullying. Of course this is a broad topic and I'm sure many would agree it should be stopped. Bullying causes many problems both physically and mentally and can really bring down a peron.

    I myself have not been a victim of much bullying but I have seen and heard my share of it. Bullying these days is usually spread through gossiping between groups or through text. the biggest examples I have heard are such like " Did you here so and so slept with him/her?" and " He/She did this last weekend and I can't believe it!" it may seem inocent but it can really hurt someone, they feel betrayed and abandoned. You would'nt believe how many times things like these are spread throughout my school a day. 

     The fact is no one stands up against bullying but instead they conform and join in on it. There are a few brave souls who will jump in and try and stop it from their end by eiether letting a teacher aware of who is starting something or by confronting the bully and putting them down and feel upset for what they started. It's stps like these that can stop bullys. I just wish I could snap my fingers and the next day there was no gossip and talking behind others backs. Life would be good.

    This generation has is around bullying everyday and it is every single one of our jobs to put an end to it and stand up for eachother. If we can do this we can truly enjoy our freedom.


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