Social Injustice and Discrimination of Ghetto Men

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 15:00 -- ajvrgs


I walk down this lonely alley every night 

The moon lights my like a light tower in the sea

I talk to the devil every night I meet this alley

I hold him by the neck and he comes by the name of Jack 

I let his poisen slip down my throat to wash away the pain

He makes my heart cold but warms my veins

I know I should not talk to him but no one else will listen

My 'saviors' only turn me away

accusing me and beating me down for trying to be different

All I want is to change

But they will never listen

Everyone is against me

At least Jack listens

He may end up taking my life

I would rather go that way then by the gun shots of my own kin

or worse by the 'saviors' that are supposed to protect

Jack does not care of the color of my skin

So he is all I have to turn to 




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