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Words of love SO endearing... When the act itself's involved. Words of love in the act itself's absence... (And eyes tearing) have all but dissolved. There are words of love that can never be absolved...
I can't repent now, too lost to save,
Her ass is a stack of pancakesHotter than JulyTeleported like the flyFalling like the skySimply sublime
                                       I have no reason to hate
On top of a mountain, We will meet-  Like chalk stains and the rinsing of knuckles.  Tonight a salamander has slayed a dragon.  
You see the the thing they don’t tell you about burning love Is that nothing burns forever Nothing burns without destruction Or scars A burning love is hot with passion Fearsome with flashes of desire
Nagging, aching, and unrelenting, ever unmet these needs A seperate being lives inside me, on my soul it feeds
horrified, traumatized eyes. with the glooming gaze, of the collapse, flawed sanctuary. her eyes in trust of its quality.  failing her from sternness,
I woke up; you are in my bones I’m thirsty with sand in my eyes I feel you wrapped around my bones Like cellophane under the muscles  Woven tight while I was sleeping   The night before you lured me
Your touch is tattooed  On every curve Your smile Foggy amongst the autumn sun I dream of your eyes Sad and wandering
I can be the dyed rose petals scattered on your bed Whispering of love's lost chances, piercing veins instead Now we've scattered too, like them, who've long since lost their voice
a night remembered by the whispers in the dark and breathy sighs shared between two young lovers speaking through shaking hands 
Okay... LISTEN Baby... ... " Ya REALLY DON'T Get Me !!! " ...
There’s so much I do on your behalf. Restrain myself. Degrade myself. I keep myself in check. Keep myself down and lowly,
You and me don't say much verbally. We do all our talking sexually. But there's something I just gotta say Honey,don't take it the wrong way. Listen baby.Something just ain't right.
We are a nation of “simps” in a world of mad men - unknown   I’m like a bubble, Levitating round and around And when I reach the surface,
LIKE A SUMMER BREEZE   Walking with a cane You came into my lane. Jumbled my ways My nights became days.   I’ve felt this breeze before I thought. For sure! 
MR. WOO   You flew your heart true In the sky aboveWith your last love. Mr. Woo ....   
REAR VIEW I think of my past. Because you are here at last. It becomes clearerIn life’s rear view mirror ....  
OUT OF TOUCH    You're feeling bad  Out of touch .... aren't you girl?  Life has taken you on a whirl Don't let it steal your joy You're not in anyone's employ....  
ON A SWING   In the morning when the sun clicks on       and she gives a sighAt the last evening star dancing       in the pale blue skyThat's when I dream Of her and me On a swing.... 
LADY DAY   Let’s give all      to this flower of ours....We’ve been alive without love      for too many hours....With others      but always alone....With some sun 
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   At Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
BEING MY REAL  What matters now is how I feel  and being my real.....   I am drifting on my boat and you're on shore  Waving to me.. shouting.. "give me more" 
IT FLOWS THROUGH ME  The rising sun kisses the day  The breeze flows to me  It has something to say ....   It ruffles my hair I wonder what is to be What we will discover
Gypsy Queen. On me leanBe my Gypsy Lover....  The song you sing Makes love swing So play away To my heart each day And be my Gypsy lover....   To the wind I will sing:
MELTED KISS   That night We danced tight To the rhythms of the floor Wanting the band to play more At Club Colette  With the beach jet set....   It was so so right
i've always been attracted to challenges.   something about the chase,   the feeling of always wanting more,   the hunger that gnaws at you from the inside,  
i'm stuck in a game of tug of war.   on one side is my desire to please him --   the other, my insatiable hunger for less serious,   tall,   dark,   handsome pleasures.
TABLE 26   I must sayYou were lovely today With laughter of fun  I long the return of your sun And to play  With Your smile of wonder  And dance with you Untill dawn at six 
EVERY MOVE   I’m free to love. Let me be free. A free lover. To All of you.    If you need me Call my name. If you want me You can do the same.   
MY HEART FLIES   My heart flies to you No one in the world Moves me like you do..   Wings to lift my heart When we are apart Until I'm in your arms Once again And then...
LOVE TELLS NO LIES Tell me what it's like To see a sad man From inside your eyes...   Do we know How to say I am sorry Not to worry....   Show me the way....  
BUTTERFLIES AND SWEET DREAMS   A moment together filled with butterflies and sweet dreams. Like the dark wind of the night, You left the poet in my heart wanting As you sang your song...  
THE MUSIC OF MY HEART   I heard the kiss you blew my way.  It brought me to you.  This lover's play ...   All through the morning rain I gaze and say. 
A LOVER'S NOTION   How could you knowI miss you so....   We've been apartImprisoned by disdainListen to my heartLet it explain....  
The waves flooding back easily yellow ball of energy traveling& transforming from yin to yang A calm ocean so delightful animals dancing in their praise from fin  to fang
To the dream I lost--  One night I had slept  Tired of the world's morality An escape from reality. Tired of work To rest my head upon a soft white pillow A dream that had been 
I found my way home in your eyes, Those eyelashes sheltered me in disguise. Just like my mother, taking care of me in her lap, All of my wounds healed, after a peaceful nap.
A pretty girl in the brightest of dresses, She smiles bright and laughs loudly, she hides in fright and cries quietly.  she met him first here, and he made her smile.
A pretty girl in the brightest of dresses, She smiles bright and laughs loudly, she hides in fright and cries quietly.  she met him first here, and he made her smile.
These Days I'm ... " Hearing " ... LOTS of Things About Peoples' Relationships ... ALL Kinds of PROBLEMS Between Women and Men ... ?!?
you have a million suitors  anyone who meets you becomes entranced by your beauty the better men try to look a little deeper
Dance like everyone is watching  and no one                   So your body and mind           Are the only things connected                  And nothing else matters   Lead with your 
I saw her body for what it was, her tender skin, her juicy rump- a hunk of meat. While others longed to caress her soft curves,
I never expected to find trust and love so quick  My past temptations have left my heart in a cold abyss  I cling to him because he makes me feel
I think the worse thing is imagining what I feel for you right now isn't what they call love, True Love. It's an inflamed obsession, more temporary, something that'll fade overtime.
Venus, From the salt and the spray, She of great beauty emerged from the sea. She looked upon the beauty and plenty of the earth. Grass, green and lush. Trees, fruitful and sweet. She smiled,
The evergreen is divine.  A breeze shifts the sturdy underbrush, aromas lift from their spines.  Colors vibrant and bold. The suns rays bounce off their hues   refelcting their youth. 
Heart Disconnected by these Misconceptions Caused by these failed Recessions. For my Blessings are not Lessons For your Indiscretion.
He’s ugly Smugly laughing at your voice Rejoice that soon you rid your life of him Skim the bodies of campus again and find one better Sweater weather is over
You remind me of art,   Your beauty truly pieces me apart,   But I remind myself beauty lies,   It is beauty like yours that breaks ties,  
all it took was seeing you once, i was in love, not with someone. instead, with an image, for the first time it did not diminish. you stay on my mind,
As my days go, I keep longing for you   Not only you, the feeling you’ve left   You’re leaving my sad thoughts as see through  
He spots Her; She notices. He's so fucking hot! She's so damn fine! They meet, they flirt, they hit it off. The pups develop "feelings" for eachother. They hook up, date and fuck.
I live with evil creatures in my soul, I have to fight to keep control. They yell and scream to be let out, And then they punish me after every bout.
Be it a single lumen or roaring bonfire, my feelings for him burn purple; Pink (love) + Blue (lust).
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
As you gazed at me from afarSecretly among the crowdMy core trembled with desire In your eyes I schemedMy heart’s darkest questYour silent confess
She beams her uneven smileShe laughs with both eyes closedBeating others is just her styleAll her weaknesses undisclosed
Maybe I care too much Maybe I need more Down time True boundaries That I can’t see With my bare eyes Thrive on dreams Thrive on strings   A heart to heart A fact of life
I check constantly for him. For him to be on. For him to have messaged me. But every time, just like the last, it is no different. Just silence.
Due to popular belief. I believe that certain things are due to happen naturally. Like all other things it's bound to grow. This thing, love. We are due to become obese to this organic, homegrown feeling.
Feeding on the images in my own contemplation, mental orgasms leading to sinfully sensual stimulation. As your body calls, my body urges, caught up in temptation, as the storm surges, so ready to release and splurge.
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
It’s been the dry season 
Your hands draw music from the mute. Whimpers and near silent prayers, murmurs from below bubble and spill. Waves crash and the melody swells from a once silent body.
Umm, are you loving the feeling of tantalizing my soul Under the covers our bodies entwining, infusing, desire uncontrolled Passion contoured, twisting, feelings sinking, my essence consoled
He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. The words come to my brain like a beautiful love song I can’t ignore. All of my insecurities fade while we are side by side because I know I will be taken as I am.
I’m in Love. These compulsive thoughts I can’t seem to understand. The psychological and physical force that my conscious refuses to reprimand.
If I could find a soft spot a special place that haunts my dreams I could fly without net without strings with you without you   If I could take a new allure
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
It takes a minute for the Sun to move From North to South, and Back up again to marvel in his splendor Of the motion, she grew tired   Low bronze and crisp lavender fork through her eyes
tonight, just tonight I might seduce you like you seduced me a while ago when you touched my deepest desires deep strings of my fire and am I still looking for a sensible thing  
he was a secret that I regret keeping locked away, deep inside my soul he stayed he shook hands with my fearshe befriended my pain
You were in my coffee cup in every morning. And so you burned my tongue, but you were addictive You were my sunshine. And so you left red marks on my skin.
how funny it is that after three days of lying next to someone, sharing secrets, matching heartbeats, and pressing lips together, one can fall in the first stages of what may very well shape up to be love.
Warm hearts pressed against each other,beating, beating, beating.Staying swollen inside,with pride and some mellowloving.  
His tongue tastes of wine I feel childhood memories on his spine. His eyes shimmer like the sea I know why he has that scar on his knee. His lips taste like cherries I watch him devour some Ben & Jerry's.
be someone extra special rise me rise my energy make me high   it might be wild desire my body on fire just a dream   maybe I need new ideas
I'll be a muse of your fantasy and trance in a vision you daydream   contemplate your life just stare into space it’s your dream   May 5, 2018
I'll be darkness starless and dark like a tragic soul you hide away   shine in a twilight just for me lights and darks it’s new bright night  
I'll be quiet seductive and sweet like a dream you forgot   run run away just go with the flow  it’s silence   May 5, 2018
Look at the clear bright sky tonight Moon and the Stars above your head If you wait long enough You will see a bright light of the lost Perseidas Shooting stars might show me your face
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
Invisible wounds from past Haunt me through the night In a secret cave of pain I still feel the fire Of our last slow dance   Swimming in circles In the endless feeling Of my false dreams
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
Angel's Song   There is no path to Heaven South of No North And San Fran Is just a Red Iron Bridge Between dreams and gold There is no way to Hell
  the birds  and the bees teach me to see
Thank you for the likes Thank you for the feels Thank you for understanding You were my everything when I had nothing. Distant love stay around just not around me
Is it love, my love? When you look upon me with your lustful eyes, Is it lust, my love? When you show me high respect, Is it love, my love? When our toungues are tied together, Is it lust, my love?
Sticky sweet jolly rancher kisses I realize that I´m going to miss this  We say our goodbyes and I pull away But something really urged me to stay Every rib in my chest breathes in for a smile
Everybody needs it right? Or even if they don’t need it, they want it. They wish for it, usually with full disregard of their setting:
Let this moment last forever, To die in your arms is to rest in peace. Gently kiss my pulse forever, A shudder of the love you give to me. Every touch you press against me,  I return to you with lust.
When we part for the day, I sit and I say, "I love you, I love you, I love you." I hide from your face, I whisper your name, And I love you, I love you, I love you. 
Lust is a strength unlike any other Causing grief and agony in its wakeIt trembles across your fingertipsAs you type a message
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
Dear the worst of me,   Greed... Why are you here? I didn't need all these tears. I didn't need you when i was younger
To an angel,   They say theres a difference between lust and love But its all the above that makes my mind and my heart crazy for you
I am unable to recast The same sun that rose  The day that was our last This isn’t what I chose Glass between our paths I had you in my grasp
Forgive my reach I can't stop I know I should But I can't stop We pick our fruits From the places we love But seasons change
I'm about to flow in Heavy winds hittin lately but we aint even lookin' The world going through shit but you are still foolin' Plus all these young niggaz coming through with no endz
Dear Richard,
She ran to the outside and stood in the highest peak, She looked up at the Sun, who looked like he was going to weep, His rays, tired they were
Lacy undies on the cold tile floor,The delicate pink softly laying against the harsh reality. I do this every morning, you know I look at that lacy underwear and I wonder.  
Empty Pages   Writer’s block is like thinking you’ve met a man you could give your all to at the stage of his life when his ego is inflated like the dollar
 There's this fine divine bottle of 1961 Bordeaux. Her curves would make the strongest man weak. From the silk feel of her hair to the soles of her feet,
Dear Winter, My Winter-   Let your chilly hands race over my skin. Let the callouses on your fingertips ease my heart. This dance we've done- Centuries old, running on instinct alone now,
I feel a spark inside it ignites when i feel your lips on mine.   I see the look in your eyes when your fingertips press against the curvature of my neck.   There is warmth
i see that smirk  spreading on your lips  and i'm staring at you  with a similar smirk  as i tell you that  you know nothing.  you "own" nothing.  your smirk was triumphant when you told me 
Cherry-red lips Stretched hips Hormones on full throttle Lusting Craving Begging For attention
Love is when you get to hang out with that special someone every day. Love is when they buy you a pretty bracelet with their name on it. Love is that cute picture you share on Instagram to make all your friends jealous.
Because I love you, I will look beyond your facade that you put up for everyone, Pretending that you are a complete human being who doesn’t face adversities,
In a modern world, consumed by sex, one does not think of Love. It is only the minority that still practice love, real Love. Love is cute dates, Courtship, Kindness, kissing.
I started out alone, down the school hallway. No friends. Nothing but my thoughts in my own mind. I had low self-esteem; didn’t know how to speak. No one noticed me. Nothing but my thoughts, and you.  
Your entire life you have been searching for a home yet you only seem to feel at peace when he talks The way his voice soothes your soul and completes a part of you nothing else can
Love is not a feeling Love is not sweet nothings Love is action Love should not only determined by words but backed up by actions Love tells you what you do not want to hear Love makes you grow
Love is permanent.  Lust is erasable.  Love is completely unconditional, while lust is absolutely egocentric. Love makes the tallest and most majestic mountain appear inferior. And lust makes the arrogant seem humble. 
Far into that ire sky rose a suble glint too quick deposed; a mirror to what lies in throe. yes, far beneath that acrid storm lay jewlers' land,
Did a good heart get you far As simple as it seems Did a good mom get you sharp As simple as her seams   Did a good heart feed your soul Or did it starve you to death
In 2017 There is a far gap in between  What do these words truly mean? Love is devotion As deep as the ocean Compassion & care  Until there is no more air Friendship & chairty 
Because I love you..   Because I love you The truth will be known I will make sure you aren’t feeling alone   Because I love you Our souls intertwine Before our bodies
Love Secure, Comfortable Respecting, Trusting, Accepting Always truthful; Sexually demanding Lying, Controlling, Threatening Jealous, Possessive Lust
It's like a beast swallowing me whole It hurts, it burns But it pumps up my heart  You could describe it as love  But not me, its lust I feel For I am not able to hold such an emotion as love 
sometimes I take a sip of you, but you taste like whisky.   when you hit my lips, I cry in the ecstasy of nothingness.   as your warm liquor burns my throat, I wonder if I taste the same.
Light kissing switches to   heavy making out switches to   hips rocking switches to  wandering handsThe lights turn offTo be continued...
It's 20 minutes to sunrise I'm watching the sun kiss every inch of your skin as it awakes from its slumber and peers through the window Skin that only God could have molded with red clay from the earth
You see, he and I tried to find pure love within the lustful grip, but the grip was too strong and our bodies were too weak.
'Gainst pillow lounges lazily, Naked contrast with his bed, Calls soft and lackadaisically,  Drawing you as though you're led.  His image makes desire spark,  In flashes of maroon,
Love is slow and painful, but it accelerates as you lose the one you love.
Innocent eyes, hope alive, secret desires, tongue tied, plastic smile, Manipulative mind, genuine heart, conflictive thoughts, emotions rot,
Don't you ever wonder where he is if he even thinks about you everyday if you are the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing before he goes to sleep   You're young and so is he
The simple whisper of your voice arouse the deepest parts of me  The rush of blood at  its highest temperature makes me call out your name  So unbalanced a single touch makes my body ache 
A night, no matter how hard it triesWill always be dark.Does the night make you shiver?Does it? Just like a blurry light in the duskiness.I pause to breathe, like the moon does.Down,down into the darkness of the nightGently it goes- the love, the
you told my best friend I changed your life, then you asked for my name and I guess I can say you changed my life too because I remember words in the back of my head that I couldn’t get out because there
His hands are cold strings of light Mesmerized eyes with dark ash at sunrise Kisses that take more than give Mixed with a man's after shave and swear Warm underneath dearly painted lies
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
Subtle lust is one too sweet Smile creases makes our passion too divine While the gods play a tune to the beating of my heart But love and loss share a messy bed-
You know, when I was younger I used to think that love came from melding flesh. That all you needed to fill your own emptiness was blood, bones and fire.
How do you feel? Are you in love? Or is it lust? Shall I be a port in the storm? Or will I be with you for as long as we both want?
I remember the taste of your lips, sweet,  and soft, reminding me of fluffy clouds, I didn't want to wash the taste of you from my mouth, I remember your arms wrapped around my waist,
The way you look into my eyes shows your hunger. You don’t want me. You want my body. When I see you my brain activates fight or flight.
This song sounds like sex the beat, steady and rhythmic erotic, teasing   This song sounds like you
In all the world we look for but one, Boy or girl, strait or guy we search. We are like the moon always looking for the sun, Every one just out in a lurch.
He got me feeling good, With his hands around my waist; His lips are on my neck; Our bare chests are touching; He has me feeling good when he is looking at me with lust.   He has me feeling good,
Do not assume I am in love with you. Do not think that my hands clenching the front of your shirt in tight fists, are clenched tight with the desire to pull you close. My hands are holding you because you are here.
Would it please you if at night we were to kissand roll in sweating flames of sounding sighs,tightly tangled the track of time to miss,for time was reset in our merging eyes?Would it please you to be held by my arm
Loves depths can deepen, But lust just sinks, Our generation base relationships on lust, And believe its love, So their left in some other warm bodies bed, Living with regrets,
Drip drop splashLets make lust tonight you see I have a problem. More like an addiction.
Your face in between these thunderous thighs Guiding me on an ascent to cloud nine on the way to meet the most high In between these sheets is where our love lies.
The morning after always brings more satisfaction than the previous night. Feeling like gods as the sunlight illuminates our copper skin Air, thick with content
You looked and behold, Over the horizon approaching fast, Engulfed by the orange beauty of the sunset, you saw a man.   A man approaching slowly like a viscous liquid, And fast as light.
I sat myself down and Talked around The points Like usual.   Suddenly I burst from My seat and I  Collapsed in a heap As the inferno of complexity  
I have been in lust, jealousy pain anger depression confusion,  but never have I been in love. 
The greatest strength I've seen in people I've known, Is their ability to Reject the love They are offered In order to receive The love They deserve.
When you first came into my life I was unsure at the time Of what it’d be. Time passed. Things were up and down. I knew one thing That you’d stick around I was so sure…  
Green like the plains. I love the way with which you gaze. You're the being that my heart craves. My passion for you glows like a fiery blaze, And Under this love I am your slave.   Gray like the wolf.
If only you knew the way I used to feel about you, maybe you would tell me how you really felt about me giving up on you saying yes to your friend. But he is sweet and kind and cares for me
Am hooked It's fucking unbearable, Unfortunate that it's legal, Because this may actually be the death of me. Fucking murder, Your under my skin, I bleed you, You lost your head but I lost my heart
See the look on her face, Almost looks like desperation, Maybe desire, No way of knowing, Never met her, Staring at her though, Wondering if she's afraid to love, Afraid to even look,
Krytonite, It's not your full lips, Your sleepy wanting eyes,  The way you kiss my hips Or shake my thighs. Temptation, It's the fact that I feel vulnerable for the first time,
My Dearest Jennifer,I hope this letter finds you. I hope and pray that you'll treasure this; my words of truly profound and deep love for you always and forever!
Please, let’s keep our delusion going. I’ll beg you through the seasons, Stay wrapped up in my sheets.   Stay close to me, my darling. I’ll write love songs on your skin,
Your scent is my drug. When I inhale I am brought back to an unreal reality. The way you touch, feel, and sound Comes to me like a car accident on the freeway. Fast, hard, and uncontrollable.  
your skin. my blanket.keeps me warm, and secure no matter howweak or strong the touch. your lips. my lifeproviding me with everything I need to makeit to tomorrow.
 your love; I am wondering if it’s enough. We said forever but I wonder if I am a liar. I wonder if my God has forgiving me for gambling your love. My heart would feel complete if I only fallowed through.
My life is yet unknown to me. We are all bad guys, our hearts were born grey. You make me free reckless. My parents don't like liars. I end up pulling my heart out every time we talk.
Well I had that damn dream again. The one where you come back. You show up at my house,  dressed to the nines with roses in your hand.
I can taste the lust in your kisses It forces your tongue just a little closer to mine than it ought to. I fear your touch but I shiver and press toward it. Am I a slut? I think this is what adultery must feel like.
Come hither my cats, let me sing you a lullaby. Sleep in my arms, lay in the bed of lavender. Listen to the song of sleep, and let it linger in your ears. The night has come
How can I understand what you say behind the lines of those silent words of exclamations? How can I understand what you are trying to say when I cannot hear your voice, don't pick my calls...because you were busy.
I suppose I just knew, You never told me what to do There were no "directions" For the heat of my affections, My heart just beat  While your lips tasted sweet On my own.  
Love and lust hold hands  You touch my face and smile What do you mean? I like to think that the way your grin invites is safe and out to make my day but how can I know really?
Our Dirty Dance  This indecency has been plaguing me; seconds, minutes, hours, and even days. Days that eat at my infringed soul; or whatever has been left of it. This life being a riddle, and love is a maze. I'm just a dame merely caught in the m
This low fire  Constantly burning It's lust always lust   It grows hotter  Stronger in her presence And hers too    I'm weak To a well thought out retort
Enticed by her lustful allure The Casanova had to stare His next conquest, he was so sure She’d concur to a night’s affair She said “You’re broken. I’ve no cure. No magic treatment down below.”
Baby it’s that look in Your Eyes Your Hungry touch on my trembling thighs The taste of you lips The grind of your hips The lustful breaths we take
You linger in the form of bruises..Marking a roadmap on my body of all your favorite places. A constant reminder of the fire I wish I could deny but always give into. Sentencing me to a death made for insects: as I become the moth drawn to your fl
The thoughts you breath consume my oxygen leaving me lightheaded, blinking away stars.
I love the way a man walks swagger to the side left to right he glides the way a man talks whether deep or light his voice is just right the way a man smells makes my heart excel
Within my soul there lies a hole What am I to do   If Day and Night by Dark and Light I only think of you?   If you were mine and I were thine Would I be at rest?  
  The music speaks volume crying out to live it all. It begs and pleads with me. Insisting I open my quiet heart.   With every rhythm, every beat my heart expands, it opens.
This cliched little dance we've found; You cast a line: I nibble,  You close away and leave me wondering over my patter -  (too much, and  Have I offended?) ~ Shrug  
                                                                           Sensations   Don't stop now we're just getting started
I am the
Her touch is a push and a pull, It'll have you losing your mind and at the same time heal your soul. A savage she is. She'll claw you like a piece of meat, While the beast in her kisses your lips.
Not even cheap wine can cover up your lies.
Him. A Poem The first time I saw Him, I was thirteen, The classroom bold, and My thoughts clouded with Thoughts of him.
If you knew the things you do me, You wouldn't get enough of me. 'Cause no matter what, I'll always stay. Take me, babe. Make me your sex slave.   I like your very vibrant mind.
you were a bargain and now I'm in my car again
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
Troubles, I have troubles. Here, there just about anywhere. You could say I have 99 troubles  And you’re all but one.   Why can’t you be loved or loving?  I know you have been hurt,
This poem ends in periods before disconte
Once a disassembled existance, I was burdened within a gyre of unending thought. Pressing through time with little resistance, I did what I pleased, knowing naught   Of the troubles to come,
beautiful proud black sister can I lie to you like I so often do tell you it was your point of views that led my eye to you or your genes that fed my believes that  I’m the perfect prime mate for you
I watch you stain a canvas with your presences soft breath whispers your eyes don't see and your ears don't hear endless odysseys of conversations I’ve had with you your body language the tool of choice
You reach for me in the dark Warm hands knead my heart You whisper softly Baby you’ve got me You hold me in dreams Is this as real as it seems? I want to stay like this forever
Only unwittingly did you fashion me into a hedonist You never faultered in your whole life But you could never fathom the extent of my intensity.
Make me a fantasy out of all of the stars, just how deep do they pierce the skin?
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
I've watched my life take a toll and I've paid the price. Sleepless night and demons who still know my name. I put my thoughts in a wrinkled notebook and think their safe there.
What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say?  I don't like you the way you think I like you I am emotionally attached but not to the point where i will cry over your name if you leave.
I remember every time I walked by this house my
                                                Husky throats,
vertiginous thoughts occupy space                 in my head where there was none each thought jets by my naked eye                 shot from a smoking gun lascivious intents spew words
He loved me once Everyday he told me so.  Anytime of the day it didn't matter. Right there beside me or There in the middle of the day. space between us grew bigger and bigger
ear flames the shame,
I stand and I spin, No, I don't spin, I only stand; Glimpses of joy tease- then dance away Spinning, whirling, leaving me behind. I can't get off, I can only wait. Wait and hope it will all end.
Once a lie, always a lie though you may not grieve. It may fade and drain away, but will never truely leave. And true the world might forget, but there are those who know.
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
No! I do not share stranger-stained cabs with beautiful guests of the nightlife. 
The night
The night
  Caress me like a fine sculpture Whisper in my ear those soft words Silk and satin Skin to skin Bring me to the highest point Hands tangled in hair Wrapped in one another
Hair so slick so right.
I can't tell you how much I need this This, calming mindset that let's me by my inner freak. I repeat, but moving on, hug me, touch me, kiss me, the list goes on another level of this calming
He’s kind
 The kind of boy, the kind of heart you keep,
I love the taste of sugar, but your lips taste better You glisten in the sunlight, but I will take you in any weather
My eyes can see like a hawk, my ears hear like a hound I can see that there is no more us, I can hear this heart breaking sound
Gold has no worth, when compared to you, your eyes say a thousand words, something a million essays could never do
Your skin flaunted that of the moon A few bumps here and there But smooth and glowing
An addiction, that's what he wasGreeted by a pulsating desire to shoot him,through every vein in my bodyA soft start, to calm my worries with his powers,and a smile like two rows of gold
This trial and error This beautiful pain, has left me needing more I really wished you hadn't slammed that door behind me,
I could be addicted to heroine, but your love is so much brighter I could swim around in a pool of alcohol,
My heart is breaking
Fingertips slide across my lips, And joy floods to my soul. Blood rushes to my skin,  I blush away,  I feel the sin. Why on earth am I this way? Yearning and burning 
fists poun
He does not love me, he just takes away the pain for the moment, exchanging laughs, caressing me, looking at me the way no ever does,  never judging,  no worries, but just for the night
I wish, how I wish, I could just dismissthat longing feeling, that search for a kissIts like I'm trapped between the heart and the mind
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
Your mouth was like poison
I thought for sure this time My midnight bedroom black as the sin I Could have committed with him Was lit up enough from the furnace of our bodies I could see his eyes wanting me.
I like to watch the way you bleed For a short time still I can feel your pain; it’s like ecstasy And it just sickly fills me up with glee It’s not that I like to hurt you Just obsessed it’s me you come to
The beginningThe beginning of my failure; where I come up short before that bar that says I’m strong  enough to be called a man.I saw her face and my heart raced as I stood in place and stared at her for a while
Your misery to me is totally attractive. I love the way your tears taste, or at least i would if ever sampled, Your sadness entices me, makes me feel like I’m not alone
Guess it's true I'm notGood enough, I don't understandBut I never really wanted you to goI had to do it for myselfSecond thought, I left I had to goBecause deep down I avoided youBreaking my heart
I'm feeling fireworks on my lips i can't believe you look at me like this i see lust in your eyes and you look at me like I'm your prize im really nothing at all So why won't you let me fall
nuzzle love-bitten guarded girl overlapping legs, fallen asleep together blue glow dark room warm hidden world strong gentle grasp, the trust of the touch on the neck slight suffocation, enough to relax
You have to love me for who I become what I create, what I say, what I see, what I give, not what I take. You cannot love me for what I need what I want, what I’ve been given.
love lust what’s the difference when you want someone is it the same as caring about them do you care because you want them or need them or can’t lose them are you jealous when they are with others
Pampered kisses, the urgency to feel the lay out of their skin Drunk to begin, sober at the end
At times, hands cannot express more than the heart. However, at others, the hands become merely tools of passion used on a lover. The hands are oft accompanied by other tools
It is rare that a man Can come to terms with Surrender. It is in a unfair waisteland that a man can make sense of these thoughts that will hinder. Its uncomprehensible that
I guess it's just not meant to be, I started out hiding the true me, I really like you, That's why  I called you boo, You were my heart and still are, and it sucks that you're mad far
Haven't seen your face in a while; I miss your smile.
 He says that he wants to visualize the world through a permanent scope of childish wonder.
Love has rusted away 
I could see the universe in your eyes, leaping through my body, dripping from my bones.   Your breath took mine away. As we got lost together in our infinite lust,
Sunburn on your lips The fire burns and it taste like this  Veins bleed impulsive  Minds divided from reaction  Hands sliding down apprehensive legs Absent love lingers in this bed 
Your hands came up empty Your heart became dry When everything was set to be done. Everything that was once love became fear Now here I lay alone My body grows heavy but not enough to fall asleep
In India are sacred hidden pools
Drunk from the thoughts of last night,I can’t sober up.
I’m an addict
When I close my eyes it seems you take over As my mind, my thoughts, my dreams run away
I know a few things. To start off, I know my name means hospitality in Greek.
I will chase you Like the moon hunts the sun Though you hide in caves with your demons I beg you unleash them in our bed   Watch Pools of passion overflow on the sheets
Coat of warmth
Flirting is a dance.  A delicate balance of movements and grace using body language and words. A lie within a lie within a lie. You know it's effecting you when you're hyper aware of your pulsing heart.
Hands reac
My intestines tied in such lovely bows
If a sinner is what I'm called to be, Take the halo away from me.  Take away what makes me a saint, my angel wings you must taint.    Make me a criminal to the core,
Heart quickly beating, All logic retreating, Whispers across skin, Is this sin?
She walked into the room again, her heart was about to bust, She talked about her feelings, the shame within her lust, She danced across the floor, to show just how she felt,
Passionate heart thiefBy anonymously me Call me a thief of passionate hearts...Passionate arts collide as I seek afterTrue love now a lost art...Never foretold to last forever but 
As his fingers traced my skin a chill moved over me Unlike a feeling I had ever felt before My chest burnt My lungs ached My heart skipped He had bewitched me He had seduced me
I'm no angel I'm sorry if I gave you that assumption I've been corrupted by negativity and lust disguised as love The former me has gone Replaced by a girl who has started to lose her hope and her morals
I feel it.   Burning from within A rumbling desire Images and scenes flash by in my head Your hands all over me   Everywhere.   All lips and tongue On me, in me  
The Red Queen wanted red roses. The roses were whte, so the cards painted them red.   Red roses a common symbol of love.   I paint roses everyday for you. They aren't red,
They say I’m mad, tis not true, I’m in love Thou known through my actions, this moment Glancing through his window on a cold night Watching my love sleep peacefully in bed  
Habits can be good or bad They can make your moods range from happy to sad
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all
A talk with my conscious   He like me I like him Ahhh, no I don't He's always on me. Giving me hugs What's wrong with that? I don't like him Or I'm not sure
When the bubble filled, fall-into-your-eyes-love-and-affection stage of this relationship fades away what will we do...we have children and each other. We aren't making "sweet love" anymore, but getting each other off.
The Inhibition of my mind & Body... And I think my heart
The touch of a Crush    - so enamored & amorous still Certainly real w/ authenticity & setting so seductive That I would be Washed between two passions Two loves
You are the ache in the pit of my stomach that keeps me awake at night You are the flowers that sway In the wind at midday You are the dream that keeps me in a daze
An excuse of good looks don’t get you anywhereSoft blue eyes and long blonde hairIn their eyes are all bad habits
  Staring forward into the meaningless sceneries. My eyes dart side to side             As if to comprehend all they see. My hands caress what they grasp,
She had never been very perceptive. Her body knew weeks before she did that he had been coming near, Making her palms dampen and neck prickle
In the night, she woke in various states of detachment. Real was not real; what is real? Reality? Such a permanent thing, to be thought of as only living In the day, but why?
My shoulders sit crooked, laden with guilt... How can i strive to study such in human minds, Yet refuse to come to terms with my own Surfacing inclinations?
Admonished for daydreaming
His kisses are tender, sweet but they reek of lust He undresses me and our eyes lock I feel that he is taking a journey into my soul but he is just wondering "Which hole?"
I was once a little girl,
I remember him
The man is a rogue. A gambler and a lover. We lay intertwined, Spent after a moment of passion.   ‘Remember,’ he says quietly, Tousling my hair with his fingers. The ring on his left hand
Intrigued by your mystery,  captivated by your suspense, but you're Forbidden. Like eve nothing can stop this desire, you radiate Temptation.
A genuine lust of morning'sVoiceThere I slumber, and ponderAbout the tresspassers of the dayAnd the smell of the roses fill theCream cooled air of my mindWhile my arrival is very slow and timed
The taste of alcohol on his lips, With nothing gained, nothing is lost, The marks of a night spent together, To part ways again when morning breaks, Thoughts do love to wonder,
  Love is that time I watched you undress and you didn’t care. I loved you ‘till you finished and threw a tantrum on your thighs   Love is a kiss in the rain. I drown for love, yes
Confusion.   Confusion between my legs      that goes against what God says Feeling wrong but feels so right, It sometimes disturbs my dreams at night That tingling sensation, I feel it in my core
I love him, He loves me, But how could I be so dumb? Why can't I see?   This is wrong, But it feels so right, To be in his arms And to hold me tight.  
Your wink and smile, Curly hair and tan skin, Your beauty is such a sin, Especially that devilish grin, Your heart is mine to win.
I was scared, Scared of what we could of had. Scared of what we should of locked on a pad. Scared of something that could go bad.   And now, I stand. Confused with these flowers from another man.
Some say love is patient, love is kind. The sweet goodies you get from romantic, feelings that you can't always define. In the meantime, it feels fantastic.   Is it love or is it lust?
When I first met you I was determined to be your friend Everyday I'd come over Just to see you again. I'd do the sneakiest shit To see if you would smile It's the most fun I've had
Bound to her lone tower Her White Knight won't let her go. Chaining her with his love He's blind to what's inside her soul. But in the midst of her routines She's drawn to this Dark Knight.
Who will I be if this is to happen... If god or whoever it is up there Allowed for something like this to be where inside of me could
Tell me the difference between Being in love with someoneAnd being in love with the idea of love.  Well, I'll tell you. 
You ran to me for comfort about him, but I stole that kiss from you on a whim. You still easily get lost in my "beautiful brown eyes", so when you say you feel for someone else I can't justify because you lie.
It provokes her tongue; it wants to lick her lips, to slither about inside her mouth, nuzzling her cheeks in circles and lightly stroking the backs of her teeth. A sweet breath tingles her taste buds, like a piece of minty, fresh spearmint gum.
Fifteen, my body curved like a question mark as you delegate my presence to your fingers like a Jesus prayer. 
You’ve Got Mail I remember the movie well; Full of incomparable romance, Soul-mates of a sort Long since found
What if I told you that you were my fatal attraction Faithfully and ever so patiently awaiting for the sensations of your vibration against my skin Upon your arrival I’ve prepared to sin
You've got my heart beat runnin' high, make me feel like I can touch the sky. You give me that look, your amazing eyes, My heart takes over, goes into overdrive...
The pain, the hurt, the awful, the words, the things that could come, the things I've so carefully not done. I'd let it all come flooding through, Just to hear you say to me, I love you.
It started with a touch, a feel, a glimpse. The way your name feels, so soft on my lips. The sound of you, it drives me crazy. They mention your name, I love you, baby. You bring back feelings, long pushed away.
There's nothing I wouldn't give, I'm still addicted... But it's not really me you love, It's my best friend... There's nothing I wouldn't have done, Anything for you... You're all I've ever wanted,
a song's on repeat, something's not right. this time you're the reason I cried myself to sleep last night. moving on doesn't come easy, at least not for me. I know it's something I've gotta do,
I know that we've barely met, but I've got feeling I don't regret. I never really believed in love at first sight, but now I'm glad I can call you mine
Life. isn't always about Love. isn't always Pefect. doesn't always mean Flawless. doesn't always mean Right. sometimes leads you Left. is the path less Taken.
Feelings, Emotions, the basis of our existence Tearing apart every piece of my weakened heart Though through all the pain I show no resistance
The sweetest cookie, My favorite cookie, Where did that spice come from? When did the moon begin to smoke? Smoke of freedom, smoke of lust, Tell me cookie, where can I go?  
  Maybe you just have my hormones going That’s the reason my blood is flowing So quickly and you got my pulse thats pulsing So quickly you got my impulse going I kiss you and my whole bodies glowing
Darkness cascades over a cliche moment of loneliness. Circulation fails and my hands go numb, as I stare at a bright screen watching the rest of the world go by  at 2 past witching hour.
I breathe for you. My blood approves Earthen, my desire. My soul ignites When we breach night You touch me,  I'm on fire.
They say holding on tightwill make it all right,but letting go is so much harder to dowith a glimmer of hope still in your heart.
I inhale embers and spit fire. You're fireproof. Wishing in vain you'd be engulfed by the pyre. You're fireproof. Say it ain't so that when the lights turn low the fire doesn't light the room. 
                                       Sorrow   My heart is slowly breaking into two pieces. Nobody can hear my silent screams to my daddy, telling him to take me home.
Thoughts of her Dripping into my sternum From all the way up there In my brain Where she has implanted herself   Like an alien egg    
A nostalgic lust—a crush. I had it for some body.   Something about their sitting near Probably the pheromones and molecules of shampoo That I breathed Was actuating Of a lurching in me
I know it all too well  happens out of no-where  suddenly that girl or guy is 10x hotter than  you though....... even if the person is a complete jerk, dork or total know-it-all, 
Pucker your lips so she may taste your essence. She is starved for your meat. Your milk  shall be her drink.
I'll kiss you and sigh my name a thousand times into your mouth where it'll burn into your memory forever.
I bleed misery. I made love to a dragon, her claws left scars against my chest. Pink lines, mark me as hers. Her eyes were liquid fire. I thrust mercilessly, with the sword.
Hello. My name is Hunger and, I'm a whore. I think I've seen many of you here before... Allow me to explain.   When the land, kisses the sunlight And, day turns into night,
Doc says I should start writing down my thoughts, Says it might help me to find the root of my problems and in turn, the road to recovery. Well, last night, I let old habits visit me and I woke up,
I remember when we first met The summer before my first high school year Can’t seem to remember the exact day, but the month and year I’ll never forget That year so long ago has finally brought me to cry my last tear
We are Colored Girls and have not been able to lay in peace since he left us in pieces. He left like he was a six year old boy who had become frustrated because he couldn’t find the missing puzzle piece.
  It is 11:36 at night and I hear rihanna speaking from my phone claiming that she will take care of me. Isn’t it ironic that the picture message being downloaded into my phone at this very moment is the picture of his dick?
Preface: This poem was written during my first two weeks here at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I had a theory that when I went away too school that I would never sleep alone again.
Eyes of an everlasting sea-blue sky, Greeting my own whenever we two meet I notice them as life passes me by Knowing our next union'll be bittersweet And still those eyes haunt my eternal soul
Mysterious she lies in wait for him Dark hair that flows like evil in her soul Her eyes catch his and all his dreams go dim And red her passion glows but begs a toll  
Loud were the sirens crying outand loud was the body that wanted to be let outWanted to be free and do whatever it pleasedNot knowing the regrets that it would reap.Loud were the warning bells that seemed to shout.
I remember the rain that day.That day I saved your life. I remember the way I loved you.Without regret, never doubting.All my life.
I loved you so much,Your feel.Your touch.The way you walked.The way you talked.I loved it all, so much.
Manicure's, Dresses, and High HeelsHidden tattoos, fake smiles, and hearts of steelLocally known to wear a crownThey come from miles around
How do I confess to love so deep? When it may hurt those I want to keep, A secret so direr, To hide my desire, How do I come clean?   How do i stay true? When i only told few ,
I reflect. I dream. I speak. I desire.  How does it even compare? A broken heart? A summer's day? They are all the same. We wander. We drift. We run. We crave.
Like flowers growing in the winter, you want to know my secret.  A rose growing from concret, I'm unique. An incomplete puzzle, I'm the piece you need.  A book with no pages, what is my story. 
  Swinging my hips side to side like they ain’t got no business Looking at your lips, they can make some mean Caribbean kisses Dreads mid-way your back
Actors dressed as animalsWashing their dishes in a sink that could electrocute me and doing it anyway to prove that I would.Frankenstein monsters forcing us to be their wivesWe shoot them and light them on fire but they’re still alive.Watching peo
Passion.   Sitting in my room, walking in the school hall, or standing outside. Everywhere and anywhere are prime locations fro these feelings we aren't supposed to have.  
softly spoken words of a new tomorrow you wispered just a little enough for me to want more Screaming in my head is just a quite gleam of hope a tiny drop in the pool of dreams
Your faults don’t mean anything What matters is in your eyes What feels good now Is bad in the book of lies That memory can’t always be taken back.
The wild outburst of love Led me to times where I endlessly write It was an urge to bring out the emotions That I continuously chose to fight L-o-v-e, a blessing or heartbreak, we all may not retain
Lust is a powerful, temporary, body of emotion, It isn't spoken of until we're olden-ed, A mere fragment of love, not enough to trust, Unlike love it's used on everyone for fun,
A brush of his plumps makes thy drown in thought. Savoring sweets off thy flesh though aren't dame. Melting in cold hands one's soul does not rot. Embracing, peering at movement in frame.
I was always fascinated by the universe of New York and all the stars that hailed from its solar system but Brooklyn was a bitter taste that was hard to swallow.
The burning without is no match for that within A frozen heart en-wrapped in ice from winters past Lessons taught by witches leave their mark in scars Left with no alternative to pain except to turn away
Winter comes. The wind howls and the ravens stick around. Perhaps for one more day, To scrounge around. They search forevermore, or perhaps forever born to be alone.
Will you still love me when my locks have turned gray My dark skin losing texture inevitable as my ashes to one day fly with jays As the ticks of the clock refuse to stop you'll join me one day
Asha Neeman grew up in the suburbs of the big city, Always making others laugh, She was so witty. A great athlete and a straight “A” student, Every boy wanted to be with her, But hated her prudence.
Are darkest day turn to dust with lust The soul stirs in the muck with lust My heart drowns in sorrow with love My lungs seer and burn with love Tell me now which should I pick Lust or love which one is quick
Their words, all their words were Satan Every thing a sin. Call mighty triumphs Did He give you sight? Or tell you only words were of use? I see now.. He cut off your hands
~Give me a glass and our eyes will do the talking ~Maybe names could be exchanged ~By midday we'll tango,five you'll be flirting, and by six you'll be my ecstasy
Blinded by a love that’s not there Comforted by the idea of having you near Analyzing everything about you Hoping to be the one you turn to Staring at you as you walk by Knowing you will probably never be mine
Only a facade, her innocence Her actions along with her appearance make others tense They see a sinner, but small and quite sweet The most darling whore they’d ever meet Her sin is lust, physical and lush
As the fiesta comes to end, I see you sitting down Neither on the couch nor bed; but rather on the cold, hard ground.
Bright hues of orange of golden dandelion of bursting sunrises saturation of all colors saturation of all feelings an explosive concentration of stifling sticky crippling heat
Bright hues of orange of golden dandelion of bursting sunrises saturation of all colors saturation of all feelings an explosive concentration of stifling sticky crippling heat
I call her The Urge, And she calls to me daily. Walking down the halls, I hear her sweet voice, Calling, Always calling.
I hear your name and I sigh I see your face and I cry I hear your voice and I die your beauty is strong inside and out.
Sometimes we have to leave The ones we though we loved Behind In hopes of finding the one We’ve been searching for all along
I’m like a minnow against the whim of the sea I can’t let my heart get thirsty Or it’ll make a slave of me. I wake up musing Still shadowed by last night’s dreams. And fervidly before me,
The stress of perfection showed upon my face as I gazed at my reflection, but I wasn't perfect. I had become a master of deception, writing lies in the book of life all to create a false perception.
The way she moves makes it seem Like she is made of music. The very image of lust. She is the vulture of rock concerts, Feeding on dead space. She rides the lightning back into town,
I'm too young to have a stressed mind If money wasn't real we would have less crime Cause of banks we got bodies full of hollow clips Put the money in the bag and run like a politic Life ain’t soft I pray in the rough
The crooks in the side of your mouth were magic. Dimples deep and reveling, celebrating your magic and youth. Those beautiful sauces dripped from your skin. I crawled closer, desperately seeking a drop. Land near me, on me, somewhere.
I'm going through the motions And I don't know why. This whole feeling is atrocious But I can't even hide. I'm smiling in the physical But crying all day. Must be something spiritual
As the days go by, God continues to be my teacher... displaying the strongest of challenges to my eye, like cheering fans on the bleachers...
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
Two hearts together hath been sworn, But by a father's words so harsh hath been torn. Banished away for an act so just, leaving behind his true love and true lust. Running so fast with blood stained hands,
Wisp of words Enter my ear Slowly tracing the canal To the brain inside Once there Word particles settle Then go about Bouncing off one another
You hate to say my love is strawberries Together my hear and your heart is fire with a big steam Our souls are the sounds of a waterfall around spring with the scent of dandelions blooming in the air
Am I suppose to believe this is delliance I've been taught love can't be brief, love should never be evanescent, isn't it suppose to stay here being protected by angel wings, love is to mellifluous for me,
I've never understood how desire feels. Gathering fire, wood. Noticing this is real. Camping in a large forest, Under the most wonderful sky. Wooded fantasies - must resist.
This poem for you may seem somewhat cliché This poem may show I get carried away But I promise you now, my words are true This poem is one big “Tyler, I love you!”
Foolish young man Head over heels in love But the maiden you adore isn’t an innocent pure dove She bats her eyes She giggles and flirts She’ll soften you up, and stabs your hurts when it most hurts
Do not promise what you will fail to deliver Beautiful Hopes are crystallized shards of glass Fragile But when they break, a maiden will cry a river Promise Each vow: special; varies in size and shape
Her life is a case of arson, little fires she sets just to feel alive It starts out as a curiosity, Intrigue.
Theres one thing i've learned about love, They never come with protection, So we are all forced to go raw. I was forced to fall in love with myself, Simply because nobody else will.
It’s much too dangerous to think about passion.
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