My Favorite Cookie.


The sweetest cookie,

My favorite cookie,

Where did that spice come from?

When did the moon begin to smoke?

Smoke of freedom, smoke of lust,

Tell me cookie, where can I go?


Tell me where to go in a sweet sweet dream,

Whisper in the night of the world that could be.

Tell me why you're scared,

Tell me all your fears.

Let me rejuvenate off this moon so clear.


So let me fall asleep, as I've consumed lots of sugar from you,

Let me live the dream which I've been so afraid of.

Kiss me so softly dear,

down my spine, so smooth, so real.

I'm so intrigued,

Count the stars with no fear,

Here's a box of souveniers.


Palate of sinner,

Master of lust,

Show me your inner you,

Show me your love.


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