Don't you ever wonder

where he is

if he even thinks about you everyday

if you are the first thing on his mind in the morning

and the last thing before he goes to sleep


You're young and so is he

but you know now not to think to far 

cause things dont last really

is this even real

what we feel


when you look at each other its magic

but is that true

is it love or lust

this time it feels different

for once you can't stand to be away from someone


It irritates you

all you want is a long hug and a deep connection

you're pretty simple you think

but him, back to him


his eyes are such a beutiful brown

they are warm like the sun

and his stare gives you the chills

but thats hwo you know its different

you actually want to take him all in


but is he the one? 

or will he be another victim to your famous heart break

don't you be stupid now

but really is he the one 'cause he sure is different 


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