Thu, 07/31/2014 - 17:12 -- catbean

i.  she had dark, angry thighs
bursting of pride and promiscuity;
tall and bulky, she was the envy
of every freckled frame,
lean on her sparse belly
and her pinnacle shivering

shouting its sheer conceit and
standing as a vain reminder that
none could do her better


ii.  but she was consistently gasping   
and wheezing; even with her spare 
lungs she was asthmatic, open-
mouthed and vengeful despite

her unwavering thunder

iii.  her name was lust -
travelers came from far-away
places with pretty names
to scale her unguarded legs,
worn leathery and obscure
under the myriad of hands

and greedy anatomy;
she left no bodies in her
wake, burying them in
her bones as soldiers and they
they willingly obliged,
sacrificing their simple souls
to the swift crook of her arms





iv.  and then there was the        
timid thing, for no one 
knew its name or its gender;
it was anonymous and quiet, and 
had sparsile quivering coursed
through its frail, quiet veins
in desperate attempts to shout
with its small, feminine
appendages, to be a display
worthy of looking at - but
it was inferior when compared to
the long, waving arms
towering high about it,

and it often found itself

lonely, not even accompanied

by the length of the earth

on which it stood

v.  it had bright sparks
blooming out of its breath, and
when its mouth opened,
its brim poured over with 
light, and lithe afterglow erupted 
from its tongue - even as it
stood overcast with the 
gloomy clouds of lust
and her gliding elbows,

her branches splitting the

horizon with their spill

vi.  the timid thing, quietly     
and with fog as breath,
simple and deluged - it
spoke gently using its agile,
voiceless lungs to respirate its



vii.   "my name is love; do

         not trample me -

         for i am made only of

         soft bones with no

         rich flesh to clothe me"






viii.  each traveler turned                   

the small blossom away,

venturing on to trees

and to more practical things,

crushing that timid thing

that stood, weeping, in

their way.


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