I'd Rather Go Blind

My eyes can see like a hawk, my ears hear like a hound

I can see that there is no more us, I can hear this heart breaking sound

My lips taste like sugar, my voice washes like the sea

I can taste the anger, I can sing dark melodies


My mind can think like a mad woman, my legs can move like light

I can think of you all day, and I can walk away from you tonight

My hands, like talons, will claw out your lies, I will beat the temptation out of you

I will make sure you learn to cry

What a man you are, to think you could fool me

To think you had a chance, well, this is a day for you

This is your last dance


I can spin a lie, I can build rumors,

as can you, but you forgot to lie that you never knew her

Hide and seek must have been hard for you as a child, because for you, hiding is too much

You have to show your secrets to the public, because in bed was not enough


I was just sitting here, thinking, of your radiant face

and the reflection, in my glass, as I checked my appearance, to make sure I looked my best

I only saw her lips dancing on you, and I ripped my heart out of my chest


My eyes can see like a hawk, my ears can hear like a hound

But I would rather go blind and deaf, than to know she is around


-Chloe Aldecoa



Beautifully executed

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