Everybody needs it right?

Or even if they don’t need it, they want it.

They wish for it, usually with full disregard of their setting:

beaches, church confessionals, airplanes 3265(feet in a mile) high or more,

though, some are more convenient: hotels, homes, public buildings...

It fires them up, and leaves them with an insatiable need

Insatiable. Everyone feels so close, yet so far

From getting the amount they need…

Hours, minutes, always going back for more, like an addict

Some are wireless, so they come with no strings attached,  but others come with so many connections everything gets messy and lost somewhere in the tangled mess


We never truly decided which we wanted…

We knew there was a connection, but to what

I thought there were strings or at least we’d get some eventually,

But your own were already so tangled I had to think if it was truly worth it sometimes

Should I attempt to untangle each cord… each tie, or should I just give up?

That was the easier choice… the smarter one,yet

I still stand here trying to unjumble this mess, wondering if the connection is one sided

You seem not to have any worries, always making my task a bit harder,

just as the mess shows a pattern, you come in and make a constrictor knot,

and I get so frustrated I just want to cry

But I keep coming back… as do you

Both addicts but not to the same thing

Everyone seems to think you’ve disconnected, so you’re going for wireless

You never told me, just left me to sit there and keep trying to sort everything out,

while you’d already decided…. no strings.

No strings attached, yet I’m still connected

Love lost to Lust



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