Breaking the Rule

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 18:37 -- ashe

The man is a rogue.

A gambler and a lover.

We lay intertwined,

Spent after a moment of passion.


‘Remember,’ he says quietly,

Tousling my hair with his fingers.

The ring on his left hand

Cold as it brushes skin.

‘Don’t break the rule.’


Our passion sealed in a pact.

Don’t fall in love

And never tell.

Sate our lusts

Not our hearts.


His body is warm next to mine.

His heartbeat so soothing

And his voice so pacifying.


I fear I am falling.

'Don't fall in love,' I reply.

My heart dropping.

Don't break the rule.



LOVE the ending to this poem! Very poignant. Beginning could use some work for better flow.

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