The Enchantress

Come hither my cats,

let me sing you

a lullaby.

Sleep in my arms,

lay in the bed of


Listen to the song

of sleep, and let

it linger in your ears.

The night has come

my sweet kittens,

so come with me

into the misty

dark of the magic 


No longer bear 

witness to the harsh


Lay beside me on my

seat of orchids.

And I will let your

dreams come true,

I am the Enchantress,

my feline friends,

I can make 

fantasy reality

I can make

lust love

I can make 

fire water.

So my little friends,

what say you?

Will you accompany 

me to the other


This poem is about: 
Our world



Cats huh. And flowers. Pretty.

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