The Sins of Lust


She walked into the room again, her heart was about to bust,

She talked about her feelings, the shame within her lust,

She danced across the floor, to show just how she felt,

She blew kisses to his lips, to show her heart in a melt.

She kicked off her shoes and lyed on the couch and told him about her day,

But he didn't seem to hear a thing of what she had to say,

For her reflection did not show in the mirror, her words were lost in the air,

She just noticed the tears on the floor and the mattedness of his hair.

She touched him and they couldn't feel it, and he turned his head right after,

It was then she noticed not tears of pain, but tears of joy and laughter.

A woman walked in and went right to him and ran her fingers through his hair,

She wore no shirt no bra no shoes no pants no underwear.

"Did you do it? is she gone?" the woman said with a laugh,

the man replied," He did it for no charge at all, a present on his behalf".

She was outraged, filled with hatred, pain and humiliation,

Here she thought she was loved and honored for all her dedication.

She was the one who made the money, he sat home all day,

She was the one who paid the bills now her husband had been led astray.

Her pain ate her soul and her anger festered, she became his worst worst nightmare,

" Cheat me if you dare" she said, "Cheat me if you dare"

The woman sat on the couch, the couch of where she lay,

She was always the kinder one, yet she had died today,

He saw the woman sitting there looking beautiful and for the taking,

But then he saw a hint of his wife, there was no mistaking.

Her fury had gone so far beyond the point of no return,

Her pain as an aid, her anger a weapon, she made her husband burn.

Invisible flames erupted in his chest and down his arm,

All his cockyness disappeared with the evaporation of his charm.

She watched her work and smirked a bit but caught herself in time,

To watch her husband's face in anguish, the image was sublime,

She watched him as his energy drained and he stood right by her side,

This time he could see and hear her, for just as well he had died.

The ambulance came ten minutes too late, for his soul now rests without peace,

At the hospital they concluded a heartattack, and there was he deceased.

He looked to his wife and pleaded forgiveness for sins of lust he commited,

But she had gone to a terribble place for the power she had emitted.

Now he walks the house grounds alone, to repeat what happened that night,

And she sins with the devil all day, a willing slave for his delight.


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