The night that I met you,

You lit up the room.

I didn't expect you to

Walk in, like BOOM!


You gave me a hug

Because you knew it was me

A lover of another

Anyone could see


All night long you caught my eye

Touching me, always there at my side.

I have memories of you when we sang

While the jukebox played songs that came out like BANG!


Your image is wild

Out there, no doubt

But what's funny is that

Your inside is different than out.


I hate that you are leaving a spell

On me

My thoughts are on you

Like pollen on bees


We talk every often,

But never for long.

Sometimes you'll text me

Then stop like something's wrong


Maybe I'm boring?

Maybe I nag

But sometimes when we talk

I feel like a drag


But when we're in person

I don't feel that way

Hanging with you

Can brighten my day


You're so exciting

As you bring these comforting vibes

I love how we can engage

In such random conversations


Although you bring light,

I know you aren't perfect.

There's a side to you

That is quite imperfect


Your fictitious tales for one

Are suspicious.

For the image you create

It's quite ridiculous.


Sleeping with seniors?

Falling in love with teachers?

Doing drugs and smoking reefer?

Paranormal Investigator? You teaser.


You're jealous of women,

What in the world?

It's so odd

This statement you've given.


Although you're unique

Eccentric, no doubt.

There's something about you

I can't stop thinking about.


You have sex with minors,

That say they're of age.

Do you want jail time

At a very high wage?


This is a problem

Cant deny it, it's true.

I only like

The good side of you.


I am happily taken

By the love of my life

The guilt that I feel

Stabs like a knife


Lust is easy to give into

But then I'll wind up feeling blue

I'll feel guilty breaking

The 80/20 rule


You, my lust, my crush, my temptation

Must help me stop this fascination

When I no longer see the good side of you,

All this madness will finally end


I know that we would never be

Because you would use me like a tool

Then I would be hurting,

Looking like a damned fool


And my boyfriend would feel

No sympathy for me

For deceiving him

Saying "Couldn't you see?"


As contradicting as it seems

I would never leave the love of my life

For only a difference

Of fun for one night


Temptation is strong

Because it blinds full view

I only see

The good side of you.


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