Special Burning Love


United States
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As the fiesta comes to end, I see you sitting down
Neither on the couch nor bed; but rather on the cold, hard ground.

The whole night you were quite the sensation with your mini skirt.
I must say, you enjoyed being the party’s luscious flirt.

Why must you be a goddess with red auburn hair?
You look as appetizing as an éclair!

Every moment I approached you with a drink, you smiled;
In other words, you knew that every move you did, made me go wild.

When the colorful and huge piñata full of goodies was broken,
You handed me a piece of paper; not a word was spoken.

The look you gave me with your attractive green eyes,
Served as your approval to caress your lovely thighs.

As we sit down and wait for midnight to strike,
I realized we are so much alike.

Any man would find you as the center of attraction; But in reality, I find you as a pleasurable distraction.

Right now as I make my way to see you, I realize that I don’t need glove. Because now I know for a fact, that you are my special burning love.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very meaningful

in every word you use to describe this person, there was passion and beauty

great job and keep writing


thank you for the compliment.

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