nuzzle love-bitten guarded girl

overlapping legs, fallen asleep together

blue glow dark room warm hidden world

strong gentle grasp, the trust of the touch on the neck

slight suffocation, enough to relax

lips wake forehead Good Morning

admiration in corner of eye

wordless stare suddenly regain social structure What?

bashful laugh What? Nothing! settle down

head on shoulder, chest, whatever

wordless stare deciding to abandon Them.


sleeveshield huddle in jacket

comfortwarmth then memories

transitional layer

leave the zipper open, I’m not yours

just the jacket’s.


I got 99 problems and a puppy is one

bad puppy, bad! Scold but pet again anyways

I could never hate you blame you fear you

even though I know you’re deceivingly vicious

when nothing else works, try something new

even if it’s a poison that takes hours to melt in the stomach

spread to my lips, limbs, fingertips

Find every nerve nibble neck strangle brain

But how can Alice refuse “Taste me”?


fetch frisbee dance all night

walking the dog without a leash

he’s made to run

he’s a stray.


glosscoat wetnose

you love the hand that feeds you

but not the owner of the hand

its owner loves your tricks

then goes about her day.


I have nothing to worry about with my puppy

at the end of the day, we are what we are

free to leave at any time

choosing the bond for convenience

we are committed to independence.


I thought the puppy was mine to abandon

turns out he adopted me

fetched my heart never to return with it

clenching it in his teeth, wagging tail

they say dogs are loyal creatures

they’ll save you they’ll follow

so even though my puppy is across the state line

he can always find his way home

at the end of the day, we are what we are

I don’t need to walk you with a leash

because you love the hand that feeds you

even when there won’t be any food to give

when nothing else works, try something new

like zipping up the jacket;

We’re going for a walk.


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