The music speaks volume

crying out to live it all.

It begs and pleads with me.

Insisting I open my quiet heart.


With every rhythm, every beat

my heart expands, it opens.

A sweet song resonates from the freedom

of my heart, rivaling the crescendo to come.


The melody rises, and with it, my heart.

I see the blue-grey irises,

feel the tangled mess of auburn hair

and I know not how to describe it.


I see a warm day, a radiating sun

for my wanting heart.

My affection rises and falls with the

beat of my core, the sound of my heart.


Enchanting music rises and spills,

Tasting, savoring every touch, every moment.

I want to remain there forever, to continue

Feeling what I feel, ride the waves of ecstasy.


A tidal wave of desire looms above me,

preparing to crash down in a marvelous

rush of love and lust, washing away the moment,

leaving nothing but the sweet taste of those lips.


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