Wed, 08/07/2019 - 23:01 -- aeowyn


From the salt and the spray,

She of great beauty emerged from the sea.

She looked upon the beauty and plenty of the earth.

Grass, green and lush.

Trees, fruitful and sweet.

She smiled,

 For the earth was full and plenty.

The people of the earth called to her,

Prayed to her,

They asked her for love, and lust.

They wanted her to fill their hearts with wealth and plenty.

Yet, on Olympus where she called home,

They battled over her.

And sold her like a brood mare.

Her husband, was soft and gentle.

But she looked upon the people she blessed with love and lust,

And she wished the same for herself.

She wished she wasn't trapped,

Trapped in a loveless, lifeless marriage based on her husbands humility.

So she fell.

Hard and fast she fell for the god of war.

Mars, they called him.

His eyes were black like coal, 

He had fire in his veins and


Venus needed him so badly,

She needed to give herself what she gave the people of earth.

So she gave herself up to lust.


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