Tue, 01/15/2013 - 19:42 -- c8lyn94

Am I suppose to believe this is delliance
I've been taught love can't be brief,
love should never be evanescent, isn't it suppose to stay here being protected by angel wings,
love is to mellifluous for
never had a taste,
because I don't know if I should believe, you think one of these days
I'd have an epiphany,
love at first sight,
but what if your blind?
Not blinded by love,
but by belief that love is a disguise, believe it's fear,
an iggnorance I behold,
but love has shown to be unjust
and it will deceive,
love is just lust,
that is all it will ever be

There all out there looking for love
When they think they found it
They think it fell from the sky above
But I don't believe heartbreaks where sent by god
Believe in love
But heartbreak is a fact
So let me just stay on my own track

tu amor se desvanecer√°, (your love will fade)
That's how we play
This human game
hacemos angustia

(we will make heartbreak)
That's why we always run away
So keep living keep moving on
Pretend like nothing went wrong
It's how life goes
So might as well go with the flow
Say goodbye tonight
Don't cry to night
Love is a lie tonight
So just give up the fight

You can't heal what's been broken
With the same thing that tore it
You can pretend in
True love
You can pretend love is true
But heart break is a fact
That's why I might as well not stay here with you


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