The Mistress


Feelings, Emotions, the basis of our existence
Tearing apart every piece of my weakened heart
Though through all the pain I show no resistance

To the band on your hand
You show no regard
Making this temptation to resist very hard
Even when I know my place and where I should stand

I have been taken aback
By the sweet words uttered from your lips
with every word your marital bounds rip
along with my morals further they lack

With eyes as blue as Heavens skies
You cloud my judgment
To the point where I refuse to repent
I can no longer distinguish truth from your deceitful lies

To be the wrecker of a home
Gives me no pleasure or piece of mind
My soul filled with love or lust has turned my eyes blind
If only I could take this secret under a head stone ........



Thank you so much for the input, I really appreciate it :) . I like your idea and I will take that into serious consideration! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's a learning experience that one grows and mature

very thoughtful piece overall, very reflective

keep writing

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