Thu, 05/23/2013 - 23:25 -- tlyn


United States
25° 45' 42.0444" N, 80° 20' 56.976" W

Blinded by a love that’s not there
Comforted by the idea of having you near
Analyzing everything about you
Hoping to be the one you turn to
Staring at you as you walk by
Knowing you will probably never be mine
Drawn to you for some unknown reason
Trapped like a blizzard in the wrong season
Thinking of you and me together
Loving the differences we’ll share forever
Digging beneath the surface to find out who you really are
Trying to reach you even though you are too far
Intrigued by your simplistic gaze
Challenged by the everlasting maze
Inspired by you in every possible way
Hanging on to every syllable you say
Believing one day you will wake up and see
Found out someone else found your hearts key
Feared this day when my fantasy would shatter
Changed by the climb on this never ending latter
Accepting my time with you is gone for good
Understanding I must finally move on, if only I could


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