Body Poetry


Disconnected by these Misconceptions Caused by these failed Recessions.

For my Blessings are not Lessons For your Indiscretion.

 Take a heated warning to my Depression, A self-expression,

Upon a fluke of your Profession. This Obsession grows from

Every embrace each feel like the last…


Foolish Heart, my sanity gives you

The illusion of that puppy love.

What a Ghoulish matter when me and you

Both know we can’t love the Vanity.

Cut off the Head and the Cancer Spreads.

As its been Fed the Thread of the Dead,

You Beat to the Blood of the Flesh.

Now Regress and Relapse from the “flow”

That you Thresh the soul with.


STOP!!! No one care for the broken one. The Two of you forgot who’s the Oldest one.

The Coldest one for no one Love me. Remember, Remember who gave you the Rhythm.

Remember, Remember who gain you in Logic. Without me you’re not Free,

Not like the morning Breeze. Your Devotion is an ill Emotion upon the Ocean of Potion

Which Reopen the Explosions of stolen Omen. Lustful Heart, Prideful Mind quit these Childish

Crime because unlike you I live for a Lifetime.


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