Another Poem About Desire

Lonely am I when I steal glances

At your lovely complexion

And your mysterious countenance

My heart my offer up tributes

One thousand times

For each lustrous hair on your head

Its supplications made to an empty void

Is this what they mean by heart break?

Lonely am I when daily

I go to worship you

And I pray to the void

And the void has no answer

But your face

Is that cruel?

The melancholy in my heart

Is guarded against even the warmest of weather

The sunniest of days

And most playful of breezes

In it I have no friends

Nor laughter and mirth

One might as well sit

And watch a rose decay

Or the daffodil die

In a wonderful crysalis of ice

But if the sages could summon you

From the depths of my desire

Would that make me happy?

To behold your sweet form?

The wisest would state:

“She is only an apparition!”

“Heed my warning she is no human!”

They might be right, for any love

Whether it be from desire or deceit

Is one in the same

It might be better to jump from this world

It might be better to endure this world

Lonely am I...





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