Words Of Love

I dedicate these words of love to you:
My love is a very sweet love,
But your love is sweeter than mine.
You brighten my way like a lantern in the dark.
What would I do without your guidance?
I love you when I am awake.
And I even love you in my sleep.

You are welcome to my humble abode.
And I want to see your face every day.
If I were an astronaut and you were on the moon,
I would fly my space shuttle and find you.
Call me whenever you need a friend.
Spring, summer, autumn, or winter,
I shall gladly come to your aid, my love.

You put words of love in my mouth.
Baby, you are the girl that fills my thoughts.
I think about you on every occasion.
I whisper a prayer for you every night.
And I know you will pray for me too.
I have no gold, no silver, nor diamonds.
My heart is the only thing I can give you.

The way you love is good enough for me.
I shall spend my life in the trance of your love.
If you go away and cause my heart to break,
You will have to come back and mend it.
And if you should ever become cold,
Do not panic or let anything dismay you.
The fire of my love will warm your heart.

You definitely have a preternatural love.
I cannot explain it, neither can I resist it.
You are worth more than a thousand words.
If I were a famous poet or songwriter,
I would write a song or a poem for you.
And I would mention your endearing qualities.
The words of love from my heart would do.

I wanted a love to treasure dearly,
And I have found the most valuable love.
You are more beautiful than the liliaceous flowers.
I shall tickle your side and caress you,
And I shall repeatedly kiss your lips.
I wish that a day with you could last forever.
Is it not obvious how much I adore you?


Precious Oppong

Beautifully crafted, how soft you've made the words on the tongue when spoken. Love feels like fresh air in your handwriting.

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