Today's Fix


My intestines tied in such lovely bows

-- a neat, little gift for you.

My heart pounding away the highs and lows

-- a day so long over due.


You walk in, handing me a fix,

I inhale my dark caffeine.

You undress to offer my next fix,

the best sight, in days, I've seen.


Such tender kisses.

Time lender -- misses.


You plant your lips 

on my skin like seeds.

I sway my hips

to match up our deeds.


A moment so intense,

you looked like you could cry.

My need for you, so dense,

I just wanted to die.


Let me preserve us here,

as you envelope my corpse.

I no longer know fear,

my every cell screaming, "of course!"


I squirm and I wiggle

You feed at my peach-cleft

I sigh a soft giggle

Such bliss, what more is left?


You dive right into me;

I slip into the realm of orgasms.

Here, with you, I am free.

Inside, I experience such spasms.


No longer am I a shell of myself.

I am wide awake, full of you

No longer just myself, but now "ourself" --

Awake, awake! I start anew.


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