Late Night Response

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 07:52 -- V-Baby


You ran to me for comfort about him, but I stole that kiss from you on a whim.

You still easily get lost in my "beautiful brown eyes", so when you say you feel for someone else I can't justify because you lie.

Intoxication was my factoring key, but in my sober state I have been wanting you to come along with me. Lust made our bodies yearn while body temperature was on the rise.

Now the roles are reversed, I find myself getting lost in your big brown eyes.

You say you don't wanna cheat, I can tell you are loyal so I stop myself before the interaction of coming together is complete.

I put my joy aside, and drunken sex filled passion away...I walked you home and they thought of your accidental goodbye kiss is what remained.


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