Like flowers growing in the winter, you want to know my secret. 

A rose growing from concret, I'm unique.

An incomplete puzzle, I'm the piece you need. 

A book with no pages, what is my story. 

Someone who narcissistic, where did I come from?

The thoughs in your head, Don't worry, they're not wrong.

I'm sure your girlfriend wouldn't mind, you having a good time.

Am I what you want or what you lust for?

It doesn't matter, I know you can't take it anymore.

The pressure thats being applied to your thinking, 

designed to create those wrong emotions, 

will (porbably) lead to wrong actions,

That will prove to be your satisfaction. 

Aren't I so alluring, so relaxing?

Why don't you come closer?

Trust me, I won't bite..........much.

We're going on a ride, hold on with all your might.

Aren't I what you want?

Don't fight. 




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