Always Be

I love the taste of sugar, but your lips taste better

You glisten in the sunlight, but I will take you in any weather

Like a dream I saw last night in my sleep,

I have been longing for this day, for this to become my reality

and don't you dare walk away, please, never leave

I have yearned for your presence, you are the one person I need


I adore the sound of piano, but your voice is much more charming

You sway to the rhythm like it was your job, but I would take you with hobby

Like a thought I imagined up earlier today,

I have been needing your whispers in my ear, to make my day

and never leave me side, always caress me with your love

I have always needed your loving, you are the one I thought of


I can never get enough of the sky, but your eyes are so much clearer

You sparkle like the stars in the night, the looking glass, my mirror

Like a drawing I drew the other day,

I have been wanting your loving look to always stay

and remain here, always, never run away from me

Just think, dream, imagine a world, where our love will always be


-Chloe Aldecoa


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