Illusion of Happiness

You looked and behold,

Over the horizon approaching fast,

Engulfed by the orange beauty of the sunset, you saw a man.


A man approaching slowly like a viscous liquid,

And fast as light.

You were dazed,

You were amazed,

You were baffled;

You were lost.


You got lost in a man, riding a horse, approaching your life.

You wanted to run,

Escape the enigmatic bedazzlement;

But who runs from the embodiment of sweet apocalypse?


“There is a man” you said,

“On a horse. And he resembles a God.”

Little did you know.

Oh, little did you know.


You called for me.

You lifted your tiny hands and beckoned at me.

You called my name,

I came running.

You saw my smile and forgot to say, “may Thy will be done.”

So His will was not done.


Instead you birthed me.

So I’ll keep smiling.

Smiling all the way to your grave.

You should have run!


You should have seen my testicles instead of the hard cubes of muscle lining my tummy.

Didn’t you know?

Didn’t you know they were curved on me?

Surely if you’d asked I’d have informed you.

They were curved on me by Hades.

He put his sword on my stomach,

Curved his image on me,

Then rode to earth on a pale horse to wage death

To wage destruction upon mankind.


Don’t stand and stare.

I know I am the most inexplicable beauty your human eyes have ever seen.

A man.

On a black horse.


I am as much a man though as you are a fairy.

I am the bringer.

The bringer of apocalypse.


There is a man,

On a horse, With a blazing head.

His name is sulphur.

My name is sulphur.


Take my hand.

Look right in my eyes and pass me your hand.

Place it on your breast and let me feel your heartbeat.

I revere at its erratic rhythm.


Feel my hand.

Feel my warmth.

Part your lips.

Part your thighs.

Let me in.

Let me right in your soul.


I will be sweet to you

You’ll forget I am the sea of sulphur in which you’ll face your doom.

Let me destroy you.

I promise I’ll be nice…


Call me yours.

I promise I will not only be the end of you,

I will also be the end of all you know.

Confess your obsession with me

I will be sure to bring sweet apocalypse your way…


I am a man

On a horse.


I was sent specifically to end you…

But with a beam of hope

And the illusion of happiness.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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