Habits can be

good or bad

They can make your moods range from

happy to sad

Habits become a part of daily routine

It can be that piece of sugar

or dose of morphine

Everything has the potential for addiction

Many individuals look at this as untrue or plain fiction

They say "Oh no! Just because I have a drink each day, doesn't mean its a habit!"

And then they avoid the subject and run off

like rabbits

Well I say

its okay to be an addict

as long as you are addicted to the right things

Addiction to balance

To be neither left or right wing

To be balanced

To feel no guilt when you dare to say no

To be able to feel joy

even if slow progress brings sorrow

I say its okay

to indulge!

Its okay to enjoy!

As long as you savor the moment

And not let satisfaction destroy

But be warned and be cautious

Going too long without something will make you feel nauseous

It will make you crave till no end!

 This is war

and your body you must defend!

You must

Fight these feelings

of excession

of wanting more

of obtaining posession

For wanting has no use

Because in a moment all love will be gone

You will have lost the war

and finally

Addiction has succumb


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