tears, laughs & confession
pulsating sex
the desire frees me to perform
your deep cunt is warm
breath through the motion again
your hair is beautiful
capture her touch with a smile
pumping on the floor
to caress her cunt at the edge of the bed
suck her pussy till I'm dead
pussy isn't nothing but meat on the bone
I'll suck it I'll fuck it I'll leave it alone

keys, cigarette & lighter
the climax of heated desire
to kiss her lips scented fragrance
throbbing back and forth
sweat pours off are body's
we are left together under the covers
a smile then proceed to suck her again
in her cum she has come undone
to peak in the most beautiful of fragrance
next to her read a beautiful poem
home alone
her nipples I continue to caress with deepened desire
my penis swells inside her
she screams with continue abandonment

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My community


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