My Beasts

I live with evil creatures in my soul,

I have to fight to keep control.

They yell and scream to be let out,

And then they punish me after every bout.

I’ll introduce you to the beasts inside,

Step inside my head, I’ll be your guide.


Welcome in, but watch your gaze,

My mind is a deadly winding maze.

Follow me past all the wandering thoughts,

Don’t try to follow them or you’ll be left in knots.

Ignore it every time we pass broken dreams,

They cannot be fixed, they’ve been ripped at the seams.

In the next room we’ll meet the first beast,

Be careful, he’s been known to break his leash.


Here is the first one, his name is Rage,

He rips apart my mind with his deadly rampage.

Don’t get too close to this snarling monster,

His strength is immeasurable and he cannot be conquered.

He’s massive and strong, with a temper to match,

He can tear down buildings with only a scratch.

Shaking his cage with one mighty roar,

Rage is a part of me, down to the core.

His claws and his teeth can shred through my mind.

I’m afraid to say that our fates are entwined.

See his ape-like stance, with his humongous chest?

All of him is muscle, and he’s on a quest.

He seeks to control me, so he can roam free,

So I lock him up, and then lose the key.


I see you are shaking, are you afraid?

You’ve only met one beast on display.

I suggest that you don’t let the next beast know,

For if he finds out, your blood may flow.


Welcome to the room where I keep Fear,

Don’t ever let him know what you hold dear.

He may look weak when he’s in the light,

But when it’s dark, beware his bite.

He’s crafty and sneaky, and his blades cut deep,

He’s part of the reason that I can’t sleep.

His weapon is his voice, a deadly sound,

He tells me that everything I love will burn down.

It’s hard to resist him, with his infinite skill,

The moment I love something is the moment he kills.

Watch your back as we pass, don’t let him latch on,

If he’s able to touch you, you’ll become his pawn.


Now that we’ve passed them, both Fear and Rage,

Prepare yourself for the next beast in its cage.

Keep close to me as we step past this one,

Her strength is massive, and rivaled by none.


This one here is deadly, I call her Lust,

She throws thoughts into my mind with a violent gust.

Look into her cage, see the giant wings?

With them she can topple the most righteous kings.

Her skill is unrivaled, and she does her job well,

She distracts me with pleasure to escape her cell.

Don’t look into her eyes or you’ll be captivated,

She’ll enter your mind and leave you devastated.

Though she may be beautiful, don’t get sucked in,

She’s charming, seductive, the mistress of sin.

Ignore her pleas for pity and aid,

There’s been enough damage from Lust’s blade.


I can tell you are nervous, but the end is ahead

Unless you wish to go back and end up dead.

Stay your nerves, and calm your brain,

You don’t want to end up like me, insane.


Here is the next one, infinite Loneliness,

His power is stark, frightening, and copious.

His bite is sharp and his tongue is quick,

He convinces me that I’m mentally sick.

I cannot beat him at this hour,

I need the aid of others to surpass his power

The curse that he places upon me,

Keeps me by myself and always lonely.

He kills off my friends, leaving them to burn,

When I’m alone he thrives at every turn.


There’s one final beast left on my list,

He’s the reason I used to leave marks on my wrist.

Beware this next room, the final horror.

You’re the only one I’ve shown, you’re a brave explorer.

Think happy thoughts while in the last room,

He’s attracted to dark thoughts like they produce a fume.


Last on the list is my old friend Depression,

Setting him free is out of the question.

He may look broken, but that is his curse,

He’ll leave you feeling like you should be in a hearse.

Don’t let him get hold of you, watch for his knife.

Depression will make you take your own life.

Once he’s inside you, you’ll be stuck in a rut,

And he’ll tell you he’ll leave if you only cut.

Don’t ever do it, slice your own skin,

That’s a dark place from whence I’ve been.

Cutting just feeds him, and helps him grow strong,

And help him convince you that you don’t belong.

Stop him now before he turns homicidal,

If you don’t, Depression will make you suicidal.


These are my creatures, the ones that I hide,

Now do you see why I retreat back inside?

I cannot fight them, not on my own,

So I push people away, to be all alone.

I hate these beasts with all that I can,

But yet without them I’m not even a man.

I’m so used to them living within

That it might kill me to be free again.

These are the beasts that cause my strife,

These are the beasts that ruin my life.


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