The Eulogy of Miss Asha Nee


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Asha Neeman grew up in the suburbs of the big city,
Always making others laugh,
She was so witty.

A great athlete and a straight “A” student,
Every boy wanted to be with her,
But hated her prudence.

A beautiful girl on the inside and out,
she was determined to be great,
this we knew without a doubt!

Summer came, and
she went to a house party.
She put aside her values,
and got drunk sippin’ Bacardi.

Asha was drunk,
way beyond tipsy,
passed out on a couch,
and the rest was history.

Some dudes noticed her in this drunken state,
and in their minds they began to create,
plots and plans of hat they should do,
and how they could imitate,
those videos with the rappers they loved to emulate.

Tonight they would do something that would make them “men”,
Tonight they would do something that rappers only pretend,
they would treat her in a way they’ve always imagined,
tonight they would treat her like a video vixen.
Whether she wanted it or not, it was gonna happen!

Asha woke up to an alternation of ten dudes,
going in and out of her.
Like animals with a piece of meat, they took turns
Sharing and dividing her amongst themselves...

She screamed, she hollered, she cried,
She screamed, she hollered, she cried,

“Get off me! Get off me!”
But no one listened,
Her “friends” only watched as they yelled “Worldstar!”
from the kitchen.

For 2 ½ hours this went on,
It’s been 2 ½ years and her pain still ain’t gone!

She told no one about that night,
She ain’t tell a soul,
her family noticed something wasn’t right,
but never tried to console…

In that moment, the Asha we knew died,
Those boys stole her spirit and took away her pride.

They killed Asha!
They killed the girl we knew!
Murdered her with their wretched lust!
They killed her! And now she has problems with trust!

Asha gave up on school,
never graduated,
she ran away from home,
and with sex she was now fascinated.

She became a prostitute,
she sold her body on the streets.
She became a sex tool,
Barely making enough money to eat!

A client of hers recommended she do an audition,
She was 21, when she became a video vixen!
Now you see her with the rappers twerking and kissing.
She even changed her name, by dropping the “man”
from her last name, Neeman.

Now she goes by the name of Miss Asha Nee,
A modern day Hottentot Venus,
Her only talent is hardening a man’s penis!

She is the video slut, a rapper’s bitch, your ho,
At inspiring young men’s fantasies, she’s a pro.

She is simply a figure, a life with no meaning,
Neither men, women, nor she, see her as a human being.

Her self-degradation
is for
Man’s haughty appreciation!

They remember her body, but don’t understand her name,
But I guess the name’s irrelevant, when her body’s what gave her fame…

Miss Asha Nee,
her name has a meaning,
say it a few times,
and you will see…

Miss Asha Nee,
is what caused those boys to give her pain!

is what caused her tears!

has been around for years!

It’s ‘bout time you die!
You killed the dreams of Asha,
what was your reason why?

Women, love yourself, and respect your body,
Always remembering that your mind is the greatest commodity.

Men love your women,
treat them well,
don’t let the misogynistic ways of the world,
and in your mind, prevail.

We must kill misogyny, as it has killed many of our own,
It affects all of us, no one is immune.

With unity we will kill it,
With love it will die,
For love always conquers hate,

To Miss Asha Nee, we say…



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