It's not your full lips,

Your sleepy wanting eyes, 

The way you kiss my hips

Or shake my thighs.


It's the fact that I feel vulnerable for the first time,

The fact that am speechless,

The confusion you've caused in my mind,

I can no longer identify myself, who, you,me, I?

Am suddenly selfless, 

I keep running but I can't hide,

Am frustrated, I feel myself fading.


It's not your chocolate skin,

The communion in our sin, 

The imperfect perfect rhythm in our rhyme,

The soothing comfort of our melody,

Its the me you have caused me to be.


It may have be lust,

And now am lost, please find me,

They say catch me am falling,

I say, answer your calling,

This temptation is redemtption,

Don't you want to be free?

Come closer Kryptonite,

I promise to keep you company,

You'll find light on this dark side,

Allow yourself to get lost in this symphony.

My temptation!

I cannot see myself, do you recognize me?

You've made me aggressive,

My desires are possessive,

This is all I see,


Accept my invitation,

Of lust and infatuation,

Walk off the edge with me...


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