Pretty Girls

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 19:49 -- Bassley


Manicure's, Dresses, and High Heels
Hidden tattoos, fake smiles, and hearts of steel
Locally known to wear a crown
They come from miles around

Looking for a night of sin
Hiding their feelings deep within
Drowning in Cocktails and Boos
Showing off their best shoes    

One good man is what they want
As all the boys watch them flaunt
Tonight they long for lust
All the tools are a bust

Convicts, Hipsters, and Fat Tippers
Only want high priced strippers
All amongst the drunken scene
Not fit men for a Queen

One day they will meet their King 
He will buy them a beautiful ring
Till then they devour wine
And act like all is fine   


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