I heard the kiss

you blew

my way. 

It brought me to you. 

This lover's play ...


All through the

morning rain

I gaze and say. 

Hello my love

My "lady day". 

The sun doesn't

always shine you know. 

Don't be alone and hollow.

Come out and play

with me anyway....


Your morning eyes

say you're mine. 

My ears hear 

what my eyes can't see.

The music of love

that your voice

brings to me.

With dancing skies

that echo the love

in your eyes....


Dressed in mellow yellow

lover's music

you deliver.

Clouds that shower bells

falling to the tide

that kisses the shore.

Washing away

the stain

of pain

never more....


Pink peoneys

on the dinner table.

Tells of your fable.

Of marmalade skies.

That put a smile on your eyes.

And cured the pain of the cable.

That strapped your heart.


Your dreams deliver

a cotton candy cloud.

Filled with

butter sunshine,

sparkling pink

and bellow blue


That bring joy to

your eyes.

That laugh aloud. 



And I will smile

When you ask

Is it cool?


If you arrive and don't see me

I will be there

in your head.

I am free

in your arms

my heart's bed.

Flying over the sea

with an open window. 

Flaming love in red

and yellow cream

It's a lover's dream 

of desire that only you know ....


Orange roads and

river crossings.

With bridges

over passion,

and love.

Connecting our longing....



My velvet rose

take a ride with me.

On my cloud of love.

High above.

Let it be....


It's a gift for you

that my love brings.
The music of my heart
like violin strings. 

The music that plays on and on....



This poem is about: 
Our world


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