At times,

hands cannot express

more than the heart.


at others,

the hands become merely

tools of passion used on a lover.

The hands are oft accompanied

by other tools

and meet the bare skin

of other body parts

of other owners

of other hands.

If the time and person are right,

sparks explode where

opposing hands may touch,

making the pair of hands,

as well as the skin,

receive love,


and lust.


The hands,

become much more personal

when a person’s body

is added to them.

These hands are attached

to a man with enlarged,


strong pectorals

and perfectly built arms

to match the muscular chest

and abdominal muscles.

His square jaw

and pouty lips

give him an innocent

but sexy appeal

that make any girl’s eyes

glance his direction

and hold their gaze.

His eyes are hidden

by his dark brown bangs,

but when a girl catches a glimpse

of that intoxicating blue,

her heart is bound

to stop beating


and her breath will quicken.


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