Love is Fading

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 12:27 -- Foshan

Because I love you,

I will look beyond your facade that you put up for everyone,

Pretending that you are a complete human being who doesn’t face adversities,

Who doesn’t struggles in life,

Because you are perfect,

I will look beyond your past relationships with other girls,

Not allowing us to follow down our predecessors pathways,

They were fools for letting you go,

Because you are perfect,

Like the way the waves keep coming back after being pushed away by the shore,

I will keep coming back no matter how many times you push me away,

Because I love you,

The moon will always seem to shine a little brighter in your eyes,

The sunset will always seem a little prettier next to you,

The wine will always seem a little sweeter when shared with you,

The chocolate will always seem a little richer with you,

The time will always seem too fast passing in your presence,

The memories will always seem unforgettable when created with you,

The love will always seem to last forever between us,

But the love soon fades,

As do the memories that come with age,

As the time slows down as the end comes,

As the chocolate box runs out of their sweet, delightful gifts,

As the wine bottle gets to the bottom,

As the sunset turn to night with the moon appearing,

As the moon says hello, then goodbye when the sun rises,

We were never meant to last,

Because you are not perfect,

Love does not manipulate you,

Love does not cause you harm,

Love does not make you cry,

Love does not call out on your flaws,

Because Love is not perfect either,

If love does manipulate you,


If love does cause you harm,

Get help immediately,

If love does make you cry,

Seek a shoulder to cry on,

If love does call out your flaws,


Because I love you,

I am leaving,

Because I love you,

I am forgiving,

Because I love you,

I am free


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