Love Covered In Lust

When the bubble filled, fall-into-your-eyes-love-and-affection stage of this relationship fades away what will we do...we have children and each other. We aren't making "sweet love" anymore, but getting each other off. I love you, and you love me, we're married. So, what will be left for us to do for sexual satisfaction? Fuck for a nut...we are lovers, wrapped in lust...


I am stuck, in this moment of lust.

I kiss that place just below your hips

with every lick you twitch with pleasure

sit next to me your skin is the ecstasy lingering

on my finger tips.


I am split, torn from every physical insecurity.

Every position all of the forms fuse to make love

a sensual form of, porn.

Yes, your body moans penetrate, she screams exhilarate.

She pulls me deeper.


She hugs me as her ocean of affection intoxicates

and dominates, she happily decapitates the pulse

of my erection.

She told you to tell me, come alone and no protection



I silently vowed to bring your body to the highest,

peak of pleasure at its finest.

As I caress your breast while I'm grinding' I,

must admit my fucstick popped your clit with

oracular timing.


To be honest I think I might nut, when I'm done rhyming...


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