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Hey little black boy I'm sorry, that the world has treated you this way. That they chewed you up and spit you out and left you astray. That they told you to be strong and show no emotion but when you did it was seen as weak and turned them off.
I used to say I didn't believe in happiness, that it was just some made-up feeling that would always leave me chasing some pigmented world where I never had to feel alone again. 
When you’re naked there is nothing covered. Everything is on display. When you’re naked the thin or thick layer you once had are removed. The layers you once had no longer keep whatever you contained beneath it concealed. You are seen.
My mother loves me.  Nurturing me.  Promising me a future.   My mother loves me. 
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
The strong pungent smell of petroleum crawls up my throat, it creeps up my skin, and into my bloodstream. It commandeers my head and pulls me away from the boisterous hallways of my school.
Flores, folhas, natureza!      Enfim domada e    enjaulada    em    seus compartimentos. Praça: é um nome bonitinho para zoológico vegetal.   Não quero praças, quero matas como elas são!
Come spend with me, a perfect day. Join me, my love, though pass it may, We can seize this day together.
Love, Maybe you were only supposed to be here for a fleeting time  Those blackbirds that fly over East Coast waters Dipping the tip of their wing into the waves 
Love is beautiful when is mutual. I am content because my heartbeat rhymes with yours. As the sun begins to wane I Watch distance growing between me and you.
I sit at my cafeteria table surrounded by many but feeling alone. I look out upon the place that is supposed to be happy and fair, instead I see girls that drink iced coffee for every meal, 
The sun brightened the sky All my worries lifted high  Many anxieties  My brain occupied Some nights I feel I may cry  Day after day I say I feel fine  Heaven knows that is a lie
  Little hands start in the sky. Little hands press against her mother’s belly. Little hands hold her face as she cries.
The greatest phenomenon known to man is the concept of love When love is taught, it is taught to be regarded as gentle and kind 
I’m not gonna lie, I’m really good at Improv, I’ll make sure to keep the vibe classical, Call me Ivan Pavlov. I won’t try to fill this piece with too much filler. Get to the point like it’s an FRQ, keep it Coach Miller.
In my youthful vision I never saw a soul as full As you, your pastel sneakers Crooked teeth, on the bleachers You and your imperfections
Adrift on this raft Trying to help you understand a concept you just can’t grasp When I say I’m fine I’m not There is a river of tears flowing inside me
Adrift on this raft Trying to help you understand a concept you just can’t grasp When I say I’m fine I’m not There is a river of tears flowing inside me
The pop.  When it materializes you go scream in fury but it makes you worry.  Because your life is a mess  And you're less than everyone else 
Day one Ordinary routine sweeps evenly through all jungle’s of concrete  It’s comfort  fulfilled when snuggled  into its tedious mold the outdoors were in sound normalcy
The blood and tears that built the land are the same ones still hitting this sand As I lay on the floor of this desert of oppression thirsting for equality, my words making no connection   
Covid won't get us, we live all the way in Alaska. They've shut down travel. There won't be a battle.   We’ll be back in school before you know it,
It comes like a wolf in the night hidden in the darkness of my mind With no sign of attack but once it does it doesn't let go It knocks the wind out of me and my chest tightens
It comes like a wolf in the night hidden in the darkness of my mind With no sign of attack but once it does it doesn't let go It knocks the wind out of me and my chest tightens
His old chain  bounces off his copper skin  with each strut he takes   The gold 
The Freshman
Why Is there So much work That I Have to do. It feels like I just learned to walk. Why am I now applying to college. Why Why Why Why is money so important? Why
Men should be able to make laws about women Women should be able to make laws about men We should all have the same respect for each other and try to understand each other
My mom always said I had thunder thighs so I grew up my whole childhood squishing my thighs and looking at hers and my sisters and seeing that I had the biggest thighs. I did have thunder thighs.
The ac and the lights would go out every so often. It was light enough outside that we could see. It got darker when we went under bridges. I wanted him here to hold me.  
Ignorance is bliss. I was ignorant about myself. I hadn't realized how much I’d grown. I hadn't realized how much boys were staring. Until one of them asked for pictures. Asked if I took clothes off. I liked him and I thought he liked me.
The glasses and the sweet smile 
The glasses and the sweet smile 
I guess, Perhaps it's cool and calm as it seems, Hope one day it won't fade into something strange, It is the voice of my heart that is writing this message, Hoping life doesn't get hard,
I am from blue skies and green grass  From cotton candy clouds and big planes that fly over  I am from the big 2 story house at the start of the street on the corner 
  The Purpose of Living Nature’s first green is gold.  New Dawn, it’s bright, it’s beautiful You’re gold when you’re a kid.  Everything is new.
America is a black woman.    From the curves of her sides to the sway of her lakes, America is a black woman.  
America is a black woman.    From the curves of her sides to the sway of her lakes, America is a black woman.  
Im alone like i've been (trapped) since  Birth Trying 2 unhearth my purpose in the           d    e       p           t
When I was a kid By Olive GummersonDear Future Kid:    When I was a kid, the IPhone 1 came out in 3rd grade.
Alyssa Kirby Unearth   I can’t help but fantasize about the suffocating serenity  that living underground would give me.
I used to wear headphones when going for a walk But this was before I was beeped at, whistled at, shouted at, stared at Now I stay vigilant, I stay aware
A new born baby Sheds so many tears Until his mother hugs him To take away his fears   A toddler now in pre-school Sheds ten tears a day Stubs his foot sometimes His mother hugs him
I'll probably never have time like this again. time to sleep, study, watching movies, repeat. I see people take this time to heal themselves, start fresh. 
I had a dream that one day little black girls were able to proudly wear their crowns. Crowns constructed of textured, kinky curls thick as wool and shiny as molasses.   
The day is anew, With the sun dancing in the sky. Although, I only look at you, But I could never know why. As the sun rises on, do you think of me?
  It’s your birthday today You are at work and I’m at school  We’re far apart, but you’re close to my heart I love you, so I shout hurray
I feel her heart getting colder I reach for her hand Searching to feel her love She pushes me away There is so much weight on my shoulder
You have only known me while I grew up in a closet, I feel like I’m alone, having no one to hold my hand, No one to comfort me, or to tell me “I promise it’s going to get better!”,
When I’m looking back, I feel I’m about to have a panic attack, Memories are everywhere,
I saw an older gentleman today He seemed down on his luck Or maybe just coated in dirt and grime The man quickly stared at me as well He seemd to try and tell me something He poked around his eye
I never thought getting lost would be so much better than finding home again, but here I am The sky reminds me of your endless love and those clear water eyes I fell for harder than I could Jumping from mountains
It lurks in the darkness when it can assume that it is the only breath being taken It skulks around its lands searching for a meal All it knows is to devour through its path Such as an arrow swiftly flies through the air
Mans greatest curse Like the first fruit of folly It sits right above our heads Just far enough away for us to have to reach But not so far That we can't grab it with ease
What is love but the autumn trees, Falling with the winter breeze. What is love but the anti-hate That brings out the best in all who wait. I give my heart to the essence of love,
  The Sound Notes, Tunes, Frequency, Vibration The chills, The freeing Spirit It heals, It inspires, It brings us to one It can be really fun 
Dancing Through Inspirations  By: Desiree Harris 2/6/2020   The seed started out sliding my feet to Micheal Jackson
I wish I could be a superhero I wish I could heal all the wounds of the world  Make everything better Fix all the evil that's unfurled  
The world is changing  Technology is changing  The classroom is still
Black boy Black boy With little red truck toy Growing up alright boy Mama and daddy’s own joy Falling for the man’s ploy
I've read the book The Little Prince. I didn't quite understand it at first. I've read it the second time since,  Understanding the pilot's thirst.   I realized it made fun of adults,
Numb, I try to get up but I sit blank.Can’t blink so I pinch myself, -“ok I’m awake.”It’s crazy, -sober or not I was wired to hallucinate.Shake it off like it’s just from bein up so late.
Life is like a flowing river You can't touch the same place twice A moment past is a moment gone For the future is now, and the now has past   Better to take a shot and miss Than to miss taking a shot
Here's the path, I know it well And a thousand steps or more may tell From where I come, to where I go Past the deep and driving snow--   Through the valleys green and wide
my Mom's favorite song is the one by Billy Joel, the one about a certain state of mind.   my Mom likes to polka, she likes to pretend that She knows how especially when She's  sad.
It all began you see,  next to that 80's model Jeep.  For years, we were meek.  Never did we speak.    Then one day you saw,  I didn't have it all.  Maybe you knew,  but how could you?
What inspires me is plain to see I find it within the trees and sea I find it in the bravery of the past And my hope for the future,most importantly I find it in my family I find it in my mother's drive
A mom is a hero. Someone to be there when your down. There when you have your mistakes and rough patches. They will do anything to just make you happy even if their not. 
By the Edge of the Water Sometimes you do things without knowing.The reactions you have are just easy going Until you stop in your tracks and, You start to look back.Then everything in your mind begins to go black Standing by the edge of the water
Inspired by the destruction of the community Seeing people with low hanging heads dissapointed Understanding the society you live in Not knowing the struggles everyone face
Little almond shaped eyes that glisten at the soud of a guitar, Baby ears that hear only the good words in the world, Perfect lips worthy of kissing any cheek, Nose meant only to tell when the cookies were done,
Inspiration comes in exotic waves. The biggest wave that crashes onto me is how people admit to their flaws. Tears may fall, and bodies might shake. But being brave is what is most inspiring.
Inspiration comes in exotic waves. The biggest wave that crashes onto me is how people admit to their flaws. Tears may fall, and bodies might shake. But being brave is what is most inspiring.
These voices in my head They never go away Telling me I’ll end up dead If I ever disobey   I’ve tried to block them out
It all started back in the day when all we did was laugh and play- but one day it took a turn it left a mark worse than a burn
Visiting Nigeria has always been fun. Well, until dusk--down goes the sun. Without a constant source of electricity, The residents live in dark, dark cities. My fellow brothers cannot preserve food.
There lies a secret in the shining sea A city full of wonders is hidden Brightly colored stores perfect for a spree Brilliant lights and shiny black lamp posts glisten
A desire to inspire the desire to make change the desire to change attitudes  we can't stay the same. My desire to inspire comes from within. I got some inspiration from the people who've helped me win.
To keep walking was suicide, but he marched on The winter winds’ fangs bit into his skin with every step he took But he marched on
there is color and there is nature to each their own  a different sight to each their own  a different plight. when sad and gloomy  look towards the horizon
She doesn't have to yet she does   She doesnt have to clothe me yet she does.   She doesn't have to feed me yet she does.    She doesnt have to love me like her own
I work as a nurse, In the world of medicine. My patients are cons', The dejected revenants, Who are in need of me most.
She heard me in my times of need Words of wisdom Always so loving and so care It was the feeling I needed to keep going She heard me cry over a lot Crying of the lose and pain
We all have a sparkA glimmerThe beginning of an eternal flameThat rages inside us all Mine is unlike no otherYet it something the human race desireSomething we craveSomething we want to have I am inspired by loveBy hope, by dreamsBy faith and joyI
  Remember the days that we would go on living with no worry, without feeling the weight of responsibilities bearing on us like tons of sleepless nights and  and way too many stressful days. Like bills to pay 
  Remember the days that we would go on living with no worry, without feeling the weight of responsibilities bearing on us like tons of sleepless nights and  and way too many stressful days. Like bills to pay 
  Remember the days that we would go on living with no worry, without feeling the weight of responsibilities bearing on us like tons of sleepless nights and  and way too many stressful days. Like bills to pay 
Truth reveals itself from behind a glass curtain. Spotless, gleaming, strong to outside,  Truth will cause our worlds to collide.
Little girl, holding hands, looking up to see his eyes, still so young and so unwise.   She would look for explanation, her heart fills a deep sensation, little girls does not understand
Impatience keeps me awake addiction is what I'm afraid of. Never letting go and constantly reminding me about the way things seem different. But they are not true. Real life is only hidded from the present.
Before loneliness was the destiny, Before future was the mystery,  Before I questioned myself, Before,  why am I not like them? Turns out there is no different
Birthed in the shackled knees of virtue lay the bleeding heart of my mother  A spirit drenched in heartache and skin carved from the hues of the Earth
You weren’t one to bring roses for me You said diamonds cant compare to my eyes You claim you were blind but that now you see Like crystal waters I saw through your lies
You got to DREAM BIG. WORK your HARDEST. remain FOCUSED through the tough parts. SURROUND yourself with POSITIVITY.
All you have to do is DREAM BIG. WORK your HARDEST. STAY FOCUS even if things are rough. Lastly, SURROUND yourself with POSITIVE people.
I'm just a guy. It ain't easy, being a man. I can't voice my own opinions. To afraid of the mess I might make out of myself. Everywhere I go, it's a first time for everything... Over, and over again.
I am not for everyone  I know my truth , I know who I am  I know what I do and wht I bring  to the table . I am not easy to deal with
What does it mean to be inspired? Inpiration can be found in a place you feel safe, a person you look up to, an item with a lot of meaning. 
Pensando en ti me la paso todo el dia,  solamente contemplando tu belleza dia a dia. El saber que eres mia me hace mi dia,  sin ti que seria, sin ti que haria,  mi mundo se derrumbaria, 
Who, who are we,we are the people that saild from sea to sea, ocean to ocean.
Who, who are we,we are the people that saild from sea to sea, ocean to ocean.
From the bottom to the top From the ground to nonstop By the grace of God  By the pace of lard Slow and easy Bitter but pleasing
  The string binds with my fingertips to create its imprint on me The sound of the bow at first touch to the bridge creates a rasp that’s unpleasant to the ears
Live your life, Help grow more green, without it we won’t survive, respect the world, keep things clean, always RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE,
Isn’t it funny? What you may ask. Well, isn’t is funny how selfish the human race is. Yes, yes, I know I’m a human too, bummer.
Love is not just a noun or a verb. It is an action, a feeling. 
One tiny little person Sitting there all alone Going to a person Someone she’s never known   Two tiny little people
It's not a secret life isn't alway easy.Sometimes it feels like the world wants certainpeople to fail. But seeing these people succeed leaves me feeling a certain way; inspired. 
Darkness, that's all I can see. How can it be? One moment I was high and mighty. The next, I was knocked off my throne. Cast aside, I was. Banished to this unforgiving hole. I hear the voices.
What inspires me? Well that's hard to say, With all these things coming my way Maybe it's a book or a song, But those things don't last long. Maybe it's a person, But who could it be?
"center, downstage. we need to light your face" my eyes were greeted to an explosion of light I blinked, the area around me dissappeared, all that remained was the stagelights
  Like water, she flows along with life. She is a rose who is trying  to bloom, but everytime she  tries, the moon blocks her. The moon only comes when he has no one else to love him.
Remember your first? No, not the first person you had sex with, the first person you fell in love with. They say you remember them  forever, well I don't. Or at least I wish I didn't.
Time is irreplaceable. My love, unmistakeable. But you were replaceable. Your love, mistakeable Me I'm told i'm likeable. You, you're told you're fightable. I'm not mad at you, just sad for you.
If the Lorax speaks for the trees,  who speaks for the teens? It can't be you or you 'casue you know nothing about me. It can't be our mothers and fathers because they don't know every teen.
The cinders of the house next door swirled in strange patterns across the sky;  they turned orange with the setting of the sun.
Magnificent Her hair, the way is frames her face Her stance, the way it commands attention Her confidence, the way it tightens their loose lips    The flow of notes from her keyboard
I was once told, Guard the most precious thing you 've with all at stake. Now I was bold; All I ever wanted was to protect my mother, For she is my greatest insipiration. Her heart thrived within the cold,
Something that Inspires ME Something that inspires ME, motivates me. Something that inspires ME, keeps me focused on my goals. Something that inspires ME, may not inspire you or the next person, But it inspires me 
A quiet breeze rustles the trees, A woman in black, on her knees, She sits alone for hours, Among the lonely wildflowers, Singing a tombstone lullaby.   The hole in her heart, The missing part,
Cut more trees Build more homes  Let the animals suffer Because we don't want to
I understand that I'm not alone but, I am alone, I feel alone. Even when I’m around people, around my friends, around my family
The endless chapters to read the endless packets to study  I want to make sure my future is not muddy  I push and push and push to have a life I always dreamed of  one where I walk with a purpose to save lives 
I sit I wait looking to the stars ahead clinching for a sign that you’ll be here or there. I sit I wait wondering why me did I do something wrong to him, let’s see.
The click of the lock echoes, The turn of the handle screams.    Inconsistent drips of water begin resounding. The flush of water...  Overpowering.  
This is the end, our forever love. I was so wrong.   You were silent, I was hopeful.   You left me,
Today was a battle,  Yesterday a fight.   Tomorrow will be another... Reminder of this war.   You’ve taken my youth,
Inspiration comes in many ways, It affects people in different ways, It changes a person in interesting ways. The cause for it is broader than the seven seas,
This is just to say I do not want to see you again, for you suck as a “quote” father   this you’ll never admit, but the
I fell for you like the rain;   Gradually and slowly in almost an intricate pattern.   Where the drops are unnoticeable and cease to affect the worlds balanced ways.  
Flames of fiery Flames made of anger and rage Flames made of god and his frustration    Green gone and turned to dust
I struggle to gain and fight to win For the sweet relieving reward Of a new spark of creation Talking and sharing Walking and thinking Reading and feeling Emotions and broken images flow
Make a difference. Make a change. Change a life. Create a life. Create a future. Make a future. Be the future. Be me.
What lays out there in the deep of the night with roaring blazes of life and light masses so big whose dance is so fine a sweet sound of nothing silence divine I realize I've been staring
our eyes met in January. i obviously smirked, very wary about his intentions. my smile in april had multiple dimensions, i began to accept him and the confusion, my happiness was no longer an illusion.
Love is very powerful, and strong. Sadly many don't believe in it anymore because they say it hurt them. Love did not hurt you, I tell you. Fake love hurt you. Real love always makes you happy, always gives you confidence in the other person.
I wish,I wish Or do I dream maybe daydream Fantasize. Surely that it is Superhero or pro athlete is my dream and wish. One real, one not Reality! Grow up they say Good son, great husband, better person
They say life is fast, that it passes in the blink of an eye I had trouble believing that until my best friend died Now my dreams are haunted with her decrepit screams and cries
Drive is essential. The thirst for succes and change  Is quenched by hard work.    Qualifications Help me reach my potential. Pushing my limits.   Work ethic needed
It starts with a smile, then goes on for a while. And before I know it we'll be laughing, we'll be sparkling. Maybe we'll make it to the altar, where I'll soon become a mother.
Let us travel to the fig tree. Inspect its fruits. Look past its leaves, for they try to conceal the stellar treasures. Squeeze each fruit to find the one that gives most. That fruit yields the utmost stimulating taste.
I am a giving tree,  Used to always stay still, Drop red, crispy, apples for all around, Let others climb and break my branches in the process, 
Open your eyes  face the mirror. Look within and deep beyond. Tears fall as your thoughts proceed to think of your insecurities. Strong but weak.
She was once pure Met the wrong guy He drove her mad And he turned her into dust He over shadowed her He broke her down She was shamed, looked down on But she saw a light
Who can understand the funny man  Who copes with pain A pain which drowns me faster than a tsunami ever can   I'm dead...not out but in Wanting something deep Searching for one who can carry my sin
Gloomy skies crawling on miniscule lives, Unwelcome guest brings back harsh guilts again. Loops of vast bright light that it now deprives,  Shadows drag on across lifeless madmen.
I wish you were here. My heart is writhing in agony of not having known you. You were not mine But the love I have for you is real. I wish you were here.
You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok   I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock
Happy place Walking to the sea shore bundled in soft blankets. Early morning chill fills the air as the sun hasn’t yet risen.  Suddenly the horizon begins to change into shades of red and pink.
Happy place Walking to the sea shore bundled in soft blankets. Early morning chill fills the air as the sun hasn’t yet risen.  Suddenly the horizon begins to change into shades of red and pink.
She has lost so many of these battles with herself. And she has lost so much of herself within those battles. She remembers the deep depression that followed for months after the first assault. She remembers lying in bed in total darkness, numb.
People work, people strive to grind. They get promotions and praises for what they do. They set an example to others wanting to be the same thing. Inspiration is what they carry out to people who witness their work.
Pitch black No sound or air Drowning in nothingness Wishing someone would come  Just sit with you for awhile But no one ever comes
Tunes, however hard they try,Will always be inspiring.Never forget the comfy and assuasive tunes. Why would you think the euphony is unhappy?The euphony is the euphoric sound of all.Now distressed is just the thing,To get me wondering if the eupho
Everywhere I see A world so full of Darkness  Intent to be light
How could Cupid be so naive shooting an arrow  that bound you to me. 
The modern diva Aphrodite remains the prima donna The valedictorian  Athena remains supreme The feminist Artemis is the warrior The cheerleader by the King's side Hera remains the queen
There’s a girl who loves to speak She talks She laughs She goes on forever   There’s a girl who has no time She’s mean
The sweetest face In a field of mediocrity, Aine sits prettily with both of her white shoes laced.   The goddess of the moon and the sun;
 Dionysus, the life of the party      friends with all the kids the glass is full Constantly  swaying with a cup in his hand  until it's no longer possible for him to stand
Grey clouds storm the sky My lightning bolts circling low and highm  As I wait for my pizza to arrive Dont the know who I am I am not one of them I'm the god of the sky
Prior to the season opener Tension was abound Players were anxious Fans were eager Coaches were determined   Out stepped from the locker room  Was a man who cut a tall and handsome figure
We are abysmal to this world, We corrupt it like the technology corrupts our youth. We adapt but our planet does not, What do we do for this world besides tearing apart a utopia? We twirled
Zeus was a star. women wanted him, men wanted to be him. He had the whole world in his hands. Well not the whole world,   There is one woman who couldn’t care less about Zeus. 
A golden touch, healing, creating.  Arching back and pulling string, released hits my center.  Streams of light strumming a cord,  a melody arising.  Coffee aroma,
She was a goddess in her time But what if she came to mine  Full of love and beauty Everyone here would think she’s a cutie Loved by many 
I see you Through the flow in my head See you clad in cloths Dyed red   But not just the cloths It's your whole being Covered in this sickening blanket  Of heat and pain  
She is in the dying flowers and the burning trees She is in the children who cry and plead The animals who hunt and bleed Earth in every form Artemis, Diana
A prettily painted picture Deemed perfect by all, Drawn to the Badlands within high school walls. Slipping behind corners Hiding in empty classrooms, Her disease spread like mushrooms;
Is it worth it?  fitting in for a couple years, to miss out on a successful career? Why do we conform, in a way to make ourselves preform, as others? 
Isis heals mankind A nurse to be reckoned with She cares for the sick
Nessie, for years, had been the best That there ever was in Lake Loch Ness People would come from miles round Just to picture her, from the ground On their film of camera or their phone
Two years ago. Two years ago, I was giggling and laughing with my friends on Valentines Day, Sharing chocolate Joy Happiness.   That evening, two years ago, Tears fall from my eyes
Two years ago. Two years ago, I was giggling and laughing with my friends on Valentines Day, Sharing chocolate Joy Happiness.   That evening, two years ago, Tears fall from my eyes
They wish they were stars, but that's far from the truth.  Those falling lights are not children proof.  They live in a world, surrounded by offenders. 
What on earth is sleep? Dining hall food and ramen. I think I've gained 20 pounds. Food, Coffee, Cry.  
They wish they were stars, but that's far from the truth.  Those falling lights are not children proof.  They live in a world, surrounded by offenders. 
Long long ago,  But not too long ago There was a time Wence hope did not prevail For a kingdom was Torn apart and never  put back together
In the new modern era The gods protect every day Since popularity’s down They keep themselves away   Not everyone’s a fool though
Growing up my life was nothing more than cosmic justice Being the daughter of a ghost who killed her children A lot of stigmas to go with that
a Broadcast Jockey eats and drinks himself to death no gain from Mukbang
To reveal or not to reveal- that is the real question: Whether’ tis easier to uncover your authentic self And be ridiculed harshly for it, Or attempt to masquerade a relatively perfect persona,
i wish i could breathe galaxies: feel stars on my tongue, pepper the wine-stained lips trapped on mine.    with constellations swirling in my lungs:
The sun shines well above them, Bringing light and prosperity to those who work hard underneath; After finishing their rest place, the people asked: How can we rest, if there is no night?
“Ow!”, “Stop!”, “Why me, why me?” Aurelie forgot the last time that she was filled with glee. She always got bullied everyday.
Beware Diana!Those pieces are really precarious, Freshly spilt blood still solemnly presiding over. Her fist is imbrued with potion of freedom. Hey moron tiles! Better hymn your business.
Beware Diana!Those pieces are really precarious, Freshly spilt blood still solemnly presiding over. Her fist is imbrued with potion of freedom. Hey moron tiles! Better hymn your business.
Do you want to meet a monster? Then you've come to the right place Go downtown Walk North past Clyde Coffee Stop in for a coffee if you'd like it's the best in town
A curious silence  A desparate glare She stands in the creek The wind in her hair   What lies ahead? A world with no care The weeping woman has moved nowhere  
The time is taking its toll on humanityBy providing it with the resources that are otherworldly From a fire it all started A fire that provided humanity with its fine form and qualities
The truth about Scylla By: Olivia Basile   On this small island is where i'll be There's no one here, it's only me
We live in a world of peace and destruction Having moments that never last It tears me to pieces We are walking out of time   Hate eats our world And we will be left alone The world is lost
Something that has been on my mind lately is an unfortunate tree with those few block letters and a crooked symbol scratched into it. It's not the first of its kind, but it is the first from my doing.
     It’s changed As a child, I thought What can I do to impress others My confidence and self image based on approval what they think what they see filling big shoes of my brother
Growing up in this world is Like metamorphosis.  Our small bodies evolve into five feet tall humans
Life is full of suprises  it throws things at you that you think you aren't capable of holding onto it shows you peace, love, pain, and joy, it takes things but also gives,
Let me tell you somin about growing up it’s a crazy train a busy lane where everyone speeds    Welcome to high school
Scared. I will never be Safe. Where’s mom Gone The cold and hunger Inviting The death is
Kids They run They play They jump Having no worries  They take on the world Beliving that everything is joyful But no Sadly it’s not true There are ups and downs
People They come and go Some stick around, But only for awhile   Some build You up Others bring You down Time is the one  Who shows You who’s Real   Meeting new People  
Sinful freak, Why must you choose this torturous path?   Forcing yourself Into the wrong body, eliciting the urge to tear away your own skin, compelling your brain to despise the flesh you were given. 
  Graduation is here, after all this time, Rise and smile, be proud of yourself. As you walk with courage and perseverance,  Dominate the certificate as your infancy expires. Understand youself and discover,
When my bedtime storybooks turned into schools gobbledygook, And sidewalk chalk became just a memory, I knew it was the end. The end of silly songs,
Love yourself they say, If you don't love yourself then no one will But if no one loves you who is there to take the pain away for the rainy days
There's a lady I know that stands on the road Everyday I watch her struggle with her load I watch her banter with the other women as she sets up She laughs as she unwraps corn and drinks from the same cup
Cry, Cry, Cry That’s all you do Cry, Cry, Cry Until you know that it gets you nowhere It shows weakness You don’t get respect  So Cry, Cry, Cry Until they make you stop.
Back when I was young I learned to hold my tounge Not to speak out of turn Or say words that will hurt When I got older And a little bit bolder I learned that being silent can be just as catastrophic
A lucid brisk wind overcame me as I waited on the curb of what seemed to be a florid hospital to me at the time. As my sister was loaded into the wheelchair days after brain surgery ,
The Lies You Tell by: Varmstrong19   Mirrors are objects people should be comfortable around, almost like a person. Accept, mirrors can’t talk and instead, you talk for them. Mirrors shouldn’t be looked at as “the bad guy”.
I was a little girl once In days long, long ago In a world filled with music And sometimes filled with snow
They slept on the kitchen floor Their backs were sore   Covered in blankets, shivering from the cold The family fit together as if they were in a candle mould  
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
Look in the mirror Who is that, that person I’m looking at  I’m blossoming  I see myself glowing I see myself looking better I’m blossoming I see my hair glowing I see I’m standing taller
An ever impeding question Ringing through my heart And into my mind Waiting for my ignorance to depart And the truth to emerge   Am ever impeding question That the answer will bring--
I Hear I Hear the sound of music, brisking through my ears As the melody goes around the air It’s your heart beating to the beat of the song
I Hear I Hear the sound of music, brisking through my ears As the melody goes around the air It’s your heart beating to the beat of the song
The day was clear No clouds in the sky House was loud My brothers yelling about childish things I just walked away Yelling stayed I played music in my ears My mind was clear
Today, St. Louis is a smudge of blue engulfed in the almost endless waves of red crashing over the midwest.
In her eyes everything is big and tall  Trees sway like giants  She notices every ladybug  Each crack in the side walk is a canyon   In my eyes everything is tiny and small  Letters on my keyboard
I went to the hospital to visit my little sister; a newborn baby near her death bed. As I said hello but not goodbye  the world seemed to be JUST fine. That was when I realized; I am not a toddler.  
Crying we entered this place A world we had yet learn of its hate As we grew we learned all too well It's better to keep silent then go through hell As we sat silent for do many years
Day by day I look in anguish Just to hear them say There is nothing wrong Be grateful for what you have Stop listening to that sad song One question will always remain what is the point to life?
When I was young I used to dream I would run through fields, so ever green Up so high the sun would gleam It gave me hope of possibility   
It is time to go to college Everything is changing fast But take a moment to acknowledge The person you were in the past   Elementary is where it starts When you had no idea what was going on
how can one year change one so much. we continue to grow, through all we clutch. Failure teaches a lesson,  they all say. yet it can change so much in simply one day.
how can one year change one so much. we continue to grow, through all we clutch. Failure teaches a lesson,  they all say. yet it can change so much in simply one day.
Sliding doors open Sun shines on my face My mom approaches me with a smile Keys in hand, a warm embrace.  A shiny, black vehicle of freedom I press the button to hear the click Finally I am on my own
  you’re never around. you’re not in my life. so why’d you come over and ask if i’m alright?
 i wonder your mood when you remember me. when you remember how long it’s been since we last talked. the shade began in october and floated its way into november. i’m saying all of this because when i think of you, my mood changes instantly.i'm no
Once, I was a child Young, innocent, revered Once, I was adorable, wide-eyed, and open-minded Loving every sight, smell, and taste the world gave me It was a gift, and who was I to deny it?
For years and years I faced the sun Till one day I was on the run Scared and lonely with no place to go Depressed and suicidal, I had no home   My petals were falling My roots were failing
I was born on June 24 and based on my horoscope I am cancer.   I’m a sucker for Kid Cudi’s music I would not be alive if it weren’t for Kid Cudi.
She went from recess, walking with bubbles in her mouth and "friends" to seven teachers, pounds of homework and people who you thought had your best interest at heart.. all at a place called "high school."
Look at me Dad, I’m 17 now. I have my license, I’m in the top 5 of my graduating class, and I still know all the words to your 90’s rock,
Everything comes at a cost. I did not know the value of things until I grew up. Growing up I was used to have everything handed over to me. Then came adulthood, and I realized
Eggshells She smiles at me, there’s not much we can do honey, it was an accident.   They lie scattered in pieces across the grass,
I put my pencil to the page And let my mind go free But I have to hide my face And my poetry Cuz as a high-school student Living where I do
This morning I took a hike on a trail I once considered my stomping grounds when I was a child, and the reality set in
Your presence is like medicine to my overwhelmed mind The unconditional love and faith you have in me I admire your ability to be so kind   A mother like you would never leave me behind 
Your not a kid anymore! That's what everyone is saying You're all grown up now, The day you hold your first set of keys in your hand,
Waking up soaked from tears Cold from fear Aching from pain Yet, I am happy Happy that the yelling has stopped Happy that I can be the person I am Happy that I can finally grow
growing up  throwing up find your shoe need to poo write a line find sometime to realize to emphasize to change your skin take out the bin Growing up Drink a cup
I await for a person who doesnt come. I debate wether I stay or go If i move on on hand and toe  Mabye she'll come mabye no Its almost time, its running out  Its almost time to go
  My hearts pounding,   Armpits sweating,   Altogether dreading,   The incoming test.     The test deciding…   one by one  
10 years old and here I stand No money in my pocket I had no plan But I was happy I could run around Jumped high to the air and fell to the ground Life start throwing curveballs
  Suddenly By: Isabelle Cogger   I sat down beside her, Trying not to cry, Her hand met my hand, One final, last goodbye.  
One is a squirming burrito of tears, laughter and dirty diapers. At least that's how her mom put it. Two is much the same, though more mobil,
A friend, a sister, a little butterfly Day after day these wretched days go by Wednesday we laughed until our stomachs would ache
The most carefree child That’s what I was Obsessed with school And willing to believe that everything was for a purpose in this world  
Used to not practice, Failed all of my auditions. I perform and teach.
That day in 11th grade the teacher was not there I sat there inattentive, unaware The sub looked at my ceramic and began to speak to me Is that your dog, she said coarsely I once had a dog she said
The day I realized I was no longer a child, Was the day the washer beeped and I got up, tired.  That day in the summer of my sixth grade, I realized I watched my childhood fade.   
After waiting so long for senior year We celebrate the fact that it’s finally here This year, however, marks a series of lasts Those we will forever hold in our past  
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
10/24/2018 Dear Depression,  
7 hours of school 5 hours of work Sleep and repeat Weekend arrives 8 hours of work Sleep and repeat Hard work Lack of free time Represents oncoming adulthood
Reality in a white dominated land is only a dream in the hands of anyone who isn't the white man. We're packaged and labeled in a factory, already given a destination while they live happily.
Change and growing up is scary You don't know it's happening but when it does it varies I was in middle school when I noticed I was growing up I noticed I was becoming more independent and corrupt
The moment you don't feel like a kid anymore is bone rattling. For me it happened in 9th grade on a friday night. I couldn't breathe I felt like a fat man was sitting on my chest.
Looking through the mountains and dreaming about what the world has in store for me feels like the pure bliss of eating fresh strawberries from my family's garden on a hot summers day
I am the moon Disappearing as the morning settles in To let the sun shine   Raveled in the dark
This is the poem where you found out I wasn't as kind as I've shown. The one where you realized I wasn't sweet like all candy. The one where I'm trying to fix myself within more anger.
It hits you like a train, Unexpected as a pain, Never in you life Had you imagined such a strife. But the hour has come. It's time to move on. What life has brought  Is nothing but a lot,
Black is beautiful Black is strong  Black is something that you just can't do wrong Black is pyramids and mathematics  Melanin and Black Girl Magic
Respect... A seven letter word  but in seventh grade it was a foreign lettered word to me I was silly goofy and use to laugh at girls I was class clown and loved the attention
Respect... A seven letter word  but in seventh grade it was a foreign lettered word to me I was silly goofy and use to laugh at girls I was class clown and loved the attention
Im just a kid with a dream, When success is building up I’m coming up with the team, And I hear everybody calling once I’m getting the green,
My eyes begin to water And my lip begins to shake, I look at you for approval But then, you look away.   I speak but you don't hear a sound.
It was a wild fable you see visions of hippies dancing, singing free their song resonating within my jovial mountains Buddhism captivated me shook the little girl in kindergarten and said
In every person’s life, there is a moment in which everything changes The very foundation of the earth shifts as the tectonic plates feel the need to stretch.
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
Land of the free, home of the brave, our helpless immigrants. They refuse to save. They crave our culture, but push us away. They want us for labor, but oppress us everyday.
The devastating sound that rips students apart from their families, buries their chance at a prosperous life; it will forever haunt me.
Inside the Mind of A Depressed Woman In public, I put on the most radiant smile known to man,  I know in my heart that no one can possibly understand.
I Am A Black Man I fear for my life like numerous other black men,  I fear that one day I will be shot, and never see my family again. 
Gravity, Gravity, Is there something you aren’t telling me? Constantly pulling me in, Never pushing me out to go farther than I’ve ever been,  But instead drawing me closer for eternity.  Gravity, Gravity, 
Roses are red. Violets are blue. It ain't always like that But sometimes it do. Fears and fears and fears and fears Only by motivation can they be stopped By practice and persistence and by peers
seeking scholarships summer sunlight slips by shades soon, a wasted day  
I was livid. Or at least I thought I was. Anger tastes hot But this tasted like stone   A car ride to DC
look: it's easy for me to sit here and say to shout or you'll pay with your guilt with your regret shout the words out i say what could go wrong i say.
When I sleep, I have nightmares My nightmares are real, it's all happened before.
Hands inlayed with pain Bleeding from success Reserved for only one Yet used by everyone else.   They tremble and shake 
I reached for the wood, Like it was a life preserver; Legs swinging, I held on; I was Rose and the tree was Jack, And I wasn't going to fall down; I propped myself on the branch,
The joy and sadness of Expressing one’s feelings With measured words that Are delivered with meaning But disguised by necessity;
The beautiful flower stood at the top of the hill,everyone believed it was perfect from afar butonce they got closer that changed. The keeper thought otherwise, she believed theflower was much more beautiful as she got closer to it. She protected
The moments i used to be, letting sadness put me down. Having that fear of speaking and talking get me on my knees. Through that i met someone who made me smile and told me not to frown . Be as happy as the bees.
I’ve fought my fears through the years over and over again. But this fear overpowers them all. The fear of losing you. After I’ve lost you, I lost my motivation.
I'm fearful of leaving. I don't know what to do. My mind spins circles as new solutions arise. I take action on these solutions, But I'm still afraid to jump. The leap is large,
We stare at glass We share the past We want to last  Through ups and downs  We turn around and spin  Until we just cant anymore!  Its a miracle how we are still here  We all try to show no fear 
Some times the bees dont have honey  Some times the pour kids dont have money    For the bees its a mystery when they first begin  Where do I find honey and where does it swim  
The fears kept me locked up from body to soul, Thinking I would not make it anywhere. My mind was burried in a deep a dark hole.   The loved ones who blocked me from my goal,
I may be a woman but it doesn't mean that I am less Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I will supress   I can be broken  I can be beat  I can be shackled  but I can take the heat
I stand in front of a crowdcompletely clothedI have on a jacket, a shirtI have on a pair of pants, a pair ofsocksI have on panties and I have on abraWith fear therefore no excitement My jacket is my protectionIt protects me from the rain ofwhisper
How would you feel if what discomforts you the most was inside you? Not only is it internal but it is around too. You can not escape it
Sometimes it's hard for me to breathe  Or sometimes I can't seem to see That these things can take seconds or weeks To just calm itself down for me It's nothing physical like the monsters people fear
Why is love so lost in a world that will cost so much. With mothers abandoning children, And the hidden agendas of people looking for another,
Sun glistens through the curtains, Alarms sounds by your bed,  Time to get up and at ‘em The time of day that’s most to dread,  For it is then you have to fight,  The hardest battle in your head
I look around and my eyes fall Am I the only one who feels this urge to run to the hills, to my bed, to the arms of my mother I hear my heart thumping so loud it drowns them
All my life had been the same Every day was pleasant. Then I reached a new level of the game, I didn't recognize the present. Things were changing drastically, New things left and right.
Ab-by! Ab-by! Ab-by! Why was this so necessary? Why couldn't I live my life in the dark Green Goop. Red Chunks. Onion Bits. Cilantro leaves. Guacamole. The class chanted and screamed
Fear to Speak Fear to be heard In that moment the swollen tongue In that moment the racing heart In that moment the sweating hands In that moment the staring eyes
My worst nightmare is when a friend becomes a stranger, and my feelings mean nothing. Those memories meant nothing. I used to fear feeling unwanted. At worst, rejection. At best, embarassment.  
Love is something very dear to me.
We are to close to be broken  Do you hear the words that I have spoken And the people o have awoken  Do you see the love in our eyes  And the brightness in the sky's  Our circle is small enough for us 
I used to be afraid But now I am strong   Conversations were a battleground And I was easily defeated But the silence was worse It really wasn't what I needed  
I danced without passion,For I could not show passion as I did not belong here,I could not bear the gazes piercing me,I sang and twirled with my eyes shut,
They say there's nothing to fear While they go chug another beer They say all you need is for your head to be clear But I feel like I won't live next year   It's not that I don't trust my peers
How can my heart again start working Because without you it is nothing As you are far away from it. As a pitiful ending to the story of a king It became lifeless and stopped working.
I’m the moon up in the sky regardless of its day or night I’m the blinding sun that warms your skin  and the force that moves the winds I’m the cold road you take home  when you’re all alone
I am trustworthy and sensitive I wonder what I’ll be in the future I like to sing, read, and write I dislike people telling me what to do
being seventeen is a vacant endless hole of questions you’ll never be able to answer, the realization that you are going to disappoint almost everyone who matters you, including yourself
Well it been a while Since I really felt something like this But I was dumb and young back then I don't know what to say about this Maybe you were sonic
Why am I so in love? If she is not by my side I feel disappointed Dejected and defeated
Hey, I know I’m hanging in there O, well the cars speeding, the lights changing,  the streets boosting. We live in a very fast paced world it ain’t stopping so just live it life to the fullest
Guns are to blame such a shame children die not a lie   bullets flying heels pivoting fear in their eyes be it their last cry   why must you betray the hopes they lay
  They said to write a poem, nothing specific in any way, My first thought was to write about my day.   Her only request was to make it meaningful.
All eyes look at me as my clothes slide from my imperfect skin onto the concrete floor a voice inside me wakes and tells me i'm not enough i wonder if i could be enough   i struggle to be positive
We fill our lungs with oxygen we force feed ourselves telling ourselves it's the lack of knowledge that creates such a brutal field to this world
Who? Who am I? Who have I become?   I am I’m from the land of brutal heat The land of flat, sandy land The land of dry, hot air The land of sunshine
horns Why do they tangle around you Dangerous, natural, insecure Why is it When you hug me The warmth of my love gushes from me
  I watch your beautiful opulent green leaves every morning You, my muse, filled my heart with happiness In your benevolence you gave a place for the bird to sing
No more hurrying away from the deans, Frantically pulling down a grey pleated skirt. No more half-hearted games of basketball In that unwashed gym shirt.
“Look at our beautiful granddaughter!” Thank you, grandma. So at school I learned- “I love it when your hair is nice and long.” I know, mom. I have this project for school-
I feel life slipping between the fingers of my hands like sand and yet I am so young so where did you go? why did you go? repeated daunting questions i ask myself 
A paradigm shift in my reality That's what you are Everything I was so sure of was wrong And now I doubt myself   
These awkward stares are far too plenty Seeing you around is hard enough Don't look at me   
My heart is now a vacant home reserved for you is the room I keep locked
What happened to the kids we knew Our youthful promises we soon outgrew Used to say it was me and you  
The alphabet is easy. It is one of the first things we are taught. All the letters are equal. All letters are important.
I sit and wonder What my life would be like without him.   My AP Euro teacher from sophomore year
My words hide in the back of my mind In the back of my throat, still in my mouth. Silent words that never seen the light of day. They hide in fear. Of what?
Is it true? I asked, he said, yes, its true, heartbroken, she's dead she was 19 with a disease,  her family will never live at ease.  my mom has the same one, I thought in horror,
I start to get confused, To a point my brain feels abused, I have to power through, So i can find what is true, Is it worth all the pain, Is it worth the need to break the vein,
They expect you to be less than what you are, Less than what they see; But you have a little beam of light in the darkness, And say they’ll never be another me;
  How many times have your parents pulled you aside and had THE TALK   see black people have a different talk than your usual sex talk 
Silver and shine Mirror reflection so similar I fear Papers walk with its sound so fine Skin shakes goosebumps appear As it goes up the wind speaks to it Driving everything inside out for everyone to listen
It is that feeling that lives inside of you At times it comes out It has control over you At times it has doubt Sometimes it's happy Sometimes it's sad Sometimes it's snappy Sometimes it's rad
I'm not focused My mind wonders I'm chosen There is thunder Sprinkles of rain I'm a goner Red roses are pain I'm not stronger
I'm an open book, one you cant figure out. Read between the lines, then will you see what I'm about. It's funny how you guessed it, but still lost the deeper message. I'm the me
I am tired. I am a high school student AP classes College classes College Applications Scholarships Deadlines
They told me ignorance is bliss- yet we live in a world of information
Broken hearts shine the brightest Because they're so good at catching glimpses of the sun And reflecting them the farthest and highest While gleaming like a face intoxicated by red rum.
i paint on my features to cover up the the guilt of my baldness when it wasn’t an option for my mom to hide hers a privileged sickness vs an inevitable disease  
i paint on my features to cover up the the guilt of my baldness when it wasn’t an option for my mom to hide hers a privileged sickness vs an inevitable disease  
You were the one who brushed my locks of hair 'cause daddy wasn't here. You were mom, dad, and best friend. You took care of me when I thought there was no end. The person I am today is all thanks to you.
My Granny makes me want to be a better me, Just because she's bittersweet. My Granny influences me on making better decisions everyday Shes Godly and holy and wise, and everynight she prays ( for me).
Daddy, you and I are bridging Brigadoon. One year on earth together, now connected between space and time between the bridge of Brigaddon. Never forgot you.  Left my homework up, so you could see my
“Have you ever thought “bout How what you say affects people?” Words leaving your lips Hold a potential that you must understand Potentially forcing someone
The people that see us, Don't really know, The suffering memories, We get to hold, Deep in our hearts, We can remember, The pain that it cost, The pressure you get,
Oh teacher, my teacher, You were truly an inspiration to me. I am heartbroken to learn of your passing. You left us too soon, I believe.   You touched the lives of many,
  You have mold me you have taught me Now I am growing to who I want to be I Have follow your steps So my mind won't be swept When I followed your flow
Dear Mother, Oh the things you have taught me The experiences you have shared with me The memories you have made with me Dear Mother Oh the times you pushed me to strive higher
She's got a back of bricks and a spine of cast iron she wears her stories on her shoulder for all to read flashbacks chasing after her keep on pushing fighter:
confusion and understanding guiding with a blindfold on, not ever knowing exactly what to teach in the exact order I've followed in your footsteps for years now learning one thing at a time
I think, therefore I am Yet, you placed your ideology Onto me, shaping me. As I was a seedling, You watered me; a downpour of politics a waterfall of what is right and wrong
My pupper is Oliver He truly is the cutest He is soft, all over I love him
You let your inner demons take over. If only you knew,how much I pray for you. I let you restore my heart even when I wasn't strong enough to love again. You taught me how to live again.
Does my one bottom crooked teeth bother you? Tell me is it my short brown curly hair?that can't stay in place. Or is it the way I seal my lips tight to play the flute?
Because of you, I learned how to love Because of you, I know love Because of you, I strive for happiness Because of you, I know happiness
Just teach me how to love you. Always hold my hand when I want to give up. Even when times get rough, you call me beautiful. Don't forget about me,even if you decide to let go. Endless memories of you fill my heart.
Thank you for your consistency, for your power, for your love .. Without you Where would I be? Lost, broken, misguided. All alone in this world, struggling to fend for myself.
Speak beautiful words to me. Let your love be the sun I need to bloom. The comfort of your hands shall be the water I need to stay alive . I am the art piece everyone wants.
I let you walk away, just like the extra kidney I don't need. I let you convince me that changing who I am is the only way you could love me. I wish I could hate you, but you are the reason that I am still alive .
Villains Why are they always so down? Always walking around with a frown? They're all big, mean, and scary Some might even be real hairy But what's the big idea? What is there to fear?
How you have refined me, the heat almost unbearable.  Each lick of the flame was searing and brought tears to my eyes. I was molding and melting, bending to the will of the inferno.
Kevin, my father, the epitome of a great dad. Once a stranger to her, but now makes her glad. Her, as in me, was just a little girl when he came into my life and changed my whole world.
I met you at the nursing home, T’was Bingo we were to play, You brightened as we entered, as I asked about your day.  
Even as you sit, 25 to when? A lifer, as you call it, still provides me with wisdom from inside the cage ”Still the cage bird sings” is very true You’ve been the distributor of wise words now let me be to you  
A world born from a case of paper The wisdom and ideas you’ve given to me Will help me grow stronger later As I work for the future I see   You’re not just an idea but a mentor
Playing soccer i was never tired in my job i was never fired  we won states while i was riding the pine and i made it to regionals when i actually tried tennis had the success but i never confessed
Do you see what time has done? Less than a century ago, our era had begun. In a male dominated society, we had sprung late but strong and gentle
I know that I am beautiful My mother has told me every single day since I was born, From before i could ever begin to comprehend the love-filled prose pouring from her lips.
You have traveled to hell and back Swam through the waves of heartbreak and disappointment  Survived those nights you almost made your last You are stronger than you think Wear your those battle scars with pride
My mom is so kind Thank you for all that you do She believes in me
The soft flesh of your ashen, dirt covered cheeks. The prestine awareness of your immacute perfection. Flawless. Beauty and Grace and not a hair out of place. Must have been a deity of some sort. Or so I thought.
When I got to my first high school class, When I sat with new supplies and eager anticipation, When I took the notes and did the homework, When my classmates started complaining about all-nighters,
There have been people who tried with me when I didn't deserve it and I am forever grateful because if they hadn't of tried with me, I would not be writing this today and I would be who I am. Dating back my fourth grade english teacher, Mrs.
To my mentor, You have been there always to show me the route, You've made me stronger, no doubt, You've been been my key to success,  And always made sure that I didn't.......digress.  
Life is trying to find the light Throughout the years we learn to fight At times we all may frown We all have an up and a down Finding themselves searching for more Hoping for another open door
Poetry has taught me how to vocalize with style and power Instead of hiding in cower. It helped me express my emotions And stand tall as a tower.   Poetry has shown me a new perspective
Poetry is an abstract art form. The expression of one’s deepest thoughts In the simplest of words amazes me... In sixth grade, we defined poetry
Poetry  It is a lesson It is a teacher It is a perspective It has no bounderies  No expectation  It's just a blank page Waiting to be filled But with what? Your life experinces?
Feelings can come in all sorts of ways, but no matter what, feelings change your days. A poem is one of the best ways to feel, the transfer of feelings to paper keeps your thoughts real.
  For I love thou, my bright brown eyes.Thou spirit shines more than the hubris sun.I want to tell thou, but I don’t have time.Loving thou is easier said than done I scream it aloud, but it’s never heard.Friends.
Poetry to me Poetry to me is like a distant relative. That relative that was there as you grew up and saw a few times a year Mostly at the important events or at Christmas.
"It's a curse, a friend of the grave" they judged a black, and guessed on someone's soul at its color, but they're the most worst, whom are ready to let millions of innocents die in the bloody lands,
It hurts, when these thoughts come in my mind, with high pressure as blood beats, pumping my brain veins. I'm still in coma, i can't define myself, even if my eyes focus my target,
We were very happy, flying in the quiet night, around the kindness moon, our colors were our pride, the pride that gave us the smile, the smile that gave us breath, the breath that allowed us to jump
I love how I don't need explanations. People do what they want without hesitation. Yet all my life, people had me waiting. Give me a moment of silence for all of the realization.
Speaking a whole new language Desperately telling stories Creating your own flow, and I almost forget That this is my passion. A nation of letters Giving you a deep feeling Inside.
Broken knee on the green turf Broken skin on the doctors table Broken trust by the doctor and his "skills" Broken knee on the softball field Broken heart in the new doctors office
My sweet girl, If only I could go back in time to show you what I now know.   I wish I could go back just about three years, to tell you that he's not everything you think he is.
I got a job and faced the real worldI started with food prep then hosted the frontIt was difficult at first but I soon caught onThe worst part was dealing with people who don't work at all
Dear Author, I am your biggest fan As I greatly enjoy my existence, I would like to say your work is splendid
Dear Future,
Dear Future Bride, I stop daily and think about eternity with you.Life would be simple but so worth living.We would be broke college graduates but we would be in love.We would live out our dreams together because together is the dream.Life is chan
Why I Still Eat Ice Cream Never has one enamored me more than you, the one that hurts me You enter me and fill me with your cold, sweet touch but you leave me With the runs,
Why I Still Eat Ice Cream Never has one enamored me more than you, the one that hurts me You enter me and fill me with your cold, sweet touch but you leave me With the runs,
 Dear Alicia,   Remember when life seemed so simple?
 Dear Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, You have me on the edge of my seat shaking my head to rid myself of unwanted thoughts. My mind is a race because of you.
As night becomes day and day to night, I sit at the counter, alone but alright. Dreaming of a day during which I work Not from neccesity but with an earnest smirk.   For now, though, I am awake
Dear Secretary DeVos,    School, school which I dispise Free me from these prying eyes These cliques and chatter stigmatize The empty walls don't hear my cries As I begrudgingly speak their lies.
Dear Past Self,   I remember the tears that  roll down your cheeks, a wam trail of despairing emotion lingering on your sodden face.
Emaciated memories assault my tired mind. The restlessness that I endure takes hold and keeps me blind. I am not sure if I exist within an empty void.
Take a look inside my disconsolate mind,And what do you find?Thoughts so evil and dark,They leave an everlasting mark.Are you afraid now?
Poetry Poetry is within me Poetry glides off the back of my skin Poetry is in my eyes Look within and baby you’ll be hypnotized
A light shimmering, small fae glittering standing there glistening. A mystique figure sparkling.   The risers as a staircase
Dear Mommy, Where were you when I was seven? I had fallen and scraped my knee I was bleeding-- Calling out your name But you weren’t there Instead you were sitting with a needle in your arm
Most people who use are selfish. They hide away and do as the please, like their family couldn’t care less. I watched helplessly as my brother slowly decayed.
Dear Young Tired Grin,
Dear Young Tired Grin,
Dear Past Self, How many words I wish I could say... So many things I wish I could let you know. I know its too late now, but I just want to make sure... that you know you'll be alright in the future ahead.
Hi, my name is Faith. I am a 4.0 student I went home today, and my mother asked me how school was. Hi, my name is Faith
Being sound asleep was blissful, Ignorance prolonged my dreams, My patriotism was my pajamas, Engraved in every seam.   The idea of my struggle coming to an end 30 years before I was born..
Dear Ex-best friend, While it has been months since we last spoke and an infinite amount left until we will speak again, it is time to get this off my chest.
Everyday I'm scared, of losing those who ever cared. Those I call friends, Who said they'll be there till the end. They find others instead, I think its better if I'd been dead. Where are they now?
I want to be a poet,  Only for the money, You see college is expensive  It is really not that funny. Some spend years repaying a debt,  Others can't even afford it' but paying for education is bullshit
I am  
I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"
in society, there are rules to follow 1. women work hard to earn money  2. men don't work much to earn money 3. Race counts in the workforce 4. Beauty means to cover your face with makeup
Even though we never have enough money, I tell you we do, all because I love you, Even though I despise going to my job, I work from 3 to the dead of night, all because I love you,
Even though we never have enough money, I tell you we do, all because I love you, Even though I despise going to my job, I work from 3 to the dead of night, all because I love you,
I'll wrap you up in linen blanket, the one with your favorite pattern. I'll turn on the channel to your favorite show, the one with the blue haired guy. I'll bring you home a candy bar, the one you eat too much of,
Because I love you, Lets build, Because I love you, I want to be able to share a cup of coffee with you, Because I love you, lets be adventurous  Because I love you we should have boundaries,
Love.  Love is kind.  Love is strong.  Love is unrequited. Love is caring for one another.  Love is seen in the flowers growing in the glade. 
We talk because we want to, not because we need to We hold hands because we choose to, not because we have to We Love because that is what we feel, not because we need it like a meal Love should not be hard or scary! 
Love isn’t just a word that you say It isn’t a feeling or a game you play Love doesn’t come and go It is worth your time; so take it slow   Love isn’t a noun; it’s a verb It’s the ultimate action word
Friends By: William Pia   School, we mostly see it as making friends, Spending time with them daily in classes. Every thirty minutes of lunch extends,
Big brown eyes that would never tell lies  Loving hands that were made for holding mine  You made me see all the beauty you see in my every flaw  Because you love me, you would never let me fall   
Because I love you, I will try Beacuse I love you, I won't pry Because I love you, I wll fight Because I love you, I will trust you on your absent night Because I love you,, I will sacrifice what's mine
Thirsty aren't you? Mother did always say that if someone ever offered you a drink, it was impolite to reject it. Yes society may pour you a glass but dont let them drown you.
Oh, how did I find a man like you You bring out the best in me, Filling my heart with glee Never doubting my ability
Oh, how did I find a man like you You bring out the best in me, Filling my heart with glee Never doubting my ability
When you said the phrase, "because I love you",  I thought you really meant it, I didnt think you were taking advantage of me,  I just thought you really meant it.  
Soft words, soft hands brushing back your loose hair strands. Loving kisses to say goodnight two strong arms when things aren't right. Wiping away your tears of pain not restraining you like a ball and chain.
If I were to describe all of the reasons I love you, It would start with the first time we met, And, even though I wanted nothing to do with you For the longest time,
Little Red Riding Hood knew The day she would die But not how, or who, or why Just that bad luck grew strong on her family tree Worked its way into their roots
We all know the tale of the pied piper’s play He tooted his flute to take rats away The village was glad But soon to be sad When he took all their children when they didn’t pay  
The tale of Prince Ali may appear to be full of joy and dreams come true,
The tale of Prince Ali may appear to be full of joy and dreams come true
School has a bill that is required by all to fit into it.  Its like trying to put a triangle into the circular hole. It just won't fit.  I am a triangle, because I don't fit into the catagory of the circle.
Imagine if Alice never fell down the rabbit hole                                                                                                                                                                                                      
I held onto the bike handles tightly "I can't do it Dad" My voice quaked with fear "I won't ever let you go" He smiles At age 10, I believed him
Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady living beneath her means This beautiful lady named "Cinderella" then said something that made him think "Although my name is Cinderella perhaps I am the Underground Queen"
Once upon a time there was a force to be reconded with. Her personality never switched nor flipped it just adjusted to the people her life hit. This girls name was Wendy and as such she flowed.
  In the far corners of the Kingdom Null There is a pond that sits behind a castle, old Full of treasure and full of gold And within the palace and royal court
Once upon a time our story starts,Once upon a time my life falls apart.So now it's my side that you shall see.Because,when was it ever about me!The story starts with a girl who lied,Yet it is her that everyone sides.We made a deal, that you all kn
*Greatness, a nine letter word that hold such overwhelming value. *Nine o'clock, fear enters the heart of a tender soul. *An individual of Humpty beginnings who would rather not be so bold.
Once Upon A Time there was a little mermaid. You've heard the story before, but not quite like this. She gave up her voice so she could be A Part of His World and out of the sea. She, a Poor Unfortuante Soul indeed.
Once upon an Ending the Earth fell on my shoulders as if I was Atlas carrying the whole world The sky shattered like glass on to my skin making scars deeper than they have been  
once apon a time a girl as white as snow a girl with a beautiful glow once apon a time a girl with hair as dark as night a girl who faced a terrible fright once apon a time
Sweat keeps finding its way Through that new blouse you bought specifically for the first day Am I in the right room? I sit down anyways
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, for one nation which says that all humans are equal, that we, the American citizens, are protected under rights given to us while the homeless starve to death in alleys and
My country tis of thee, foul land of misery That’s what I see Land of the white man’s lies Land of the minorities’ cries That’s what I see The worlds got it all wrong
My fingertips strain, lift the window edges; I peer beyond the roses, past the hedges: I see America.   Liberty is ghostly white, she bleeds red, she cries blue.  Millions of souls with none to look to-
One nation under God, With liberty and justice for all. This may be true if you are white, You didn't have to fight for your right To be considered equal.   Fear, oppresion, and injustice cause unrest.
Diversity is what makes america great Each culture threaded in the american fabric like clockwork Blood and sweat soaks the american soil we walk on Hope and desolation fills our hearts but we continue On
Nothing more what elese to say?  Have our days been counted? What to do but pray? I live a life of oppresion  And being brown is my obsession But how has my color helped me? 
Oppress, Depress, and Suppress What is left to impress? We have no control As we wither on our last coal But we can rise No longer compromise We will burn bright A great future is in sight.
Feminism isn´t just equality with men, politics, or the economy Feminism is how we as women All treat eachother Cause when we´re mean It gets hella scary Feminism starts with eachother
one day all your tears will turn into smiles and all the nights you cried your self to sleep  will be the nights you laughed with your friends those nights you lied awake with no luck in sleeping
America the beautiful, they say we are free, To raise out hands in class, as long as we don't say what we think, Politics is suicide, Bigots are those who disagree, Find the right answer before we try to speak, I can say what I desire, as long as
America can not be described in words only people in America every mind is beautiful every heart is open every voice is heard  equality is abundant there is a home for the homeless
Great again? Great when? When the Indians were stripped of their land? And the Africans shipped like contraband? Great again? Great when? When hatred filled the streets in forms of racism ?
United as one Divided as one What we so proudly hailed became seperated by indviduals We've come together as one before, to give us proof through the night, That are flag was still there when we were all one,
From Ruether and Morgan. From the Germans and the WelshI’m from Coty and the life lessons he taught. From the things we hid fromMom and laugh about to this day.I’m from the unwavering guidance of Brian.
Even though tomorrow is uncertain I still march forward with hope and passion Though I might be down I still look forward with a mighty fire burning inside I march forward because the future holds the keys to great doors
A million breaths in short succession, ten thousand sounds uttered at once through  guttural pauses, my heart nearly jumping into the abyss within. The ball drops and I can hear it smashing into crystal
I don't sleep or step our the house People think I'm crazy cause I hear voices I don't eat in the fear of being called fat My wardrob is nothing but black I hide razors in my bathroom which help with the pain
You must sit quietly still, in a dull desk, in a beige, buzzing room, the poem staring at you. Your vision blurs, then your dozing eyes close.
Intro;  Okay  You are not good enough.  That is what I said. sorry  I know this isn’t the funniest topic for a poem and I know it’s  not what you want to hear before having to writeand put yourself out there
Do we react like universes? And Experience ourselves ironically? She sleeps -- she's peaceful now -- on soft white sand; The ocean of her eyes starts looking starry. But I am drowning. Just 'cause I'm supposed
The world was different, but now is lost Once no tongues needed to be held back Books, pencil, paper were used Voices echoed, laughter filled our mouths
It's not like I have changed much physically. 16 going on 17. Still a midget among giants, and a giant among midgets. Being just over five feet
It's funny you spoke of change; you swore you would never go back again.  Yet you stayed in the mess, waiting for a "savior." Praying that would be me.  A year ago I would've let you.
My worth Is filled within dark circles Bubbled in with  Soft lead  Nothing outside the lines    My worth  Is sometimes expressed as A number  First, 27 Then, 29  
Hidden behind the curtain, only known to few, she shines the light and sounds the applause, but little have they knew.   She watches her friends receive flowers, kisses, and more,
startCreative Outdated Who am IIf I can't define what makes me tickThe things inside Overwhelmed So sickI wish for bliss Taunted and mocked 
the "tick tick tick" echo is my mind the bass of the soundtrack for the last year "hurry hurry!" the clock whispers as the future rushes towards me my hands being to shake as I type essay after essay
      The Loss of a friend is a difficult battle The Ride with me on a single saddle Was there to introduce me as a senior
Teacher told me I'm worthless, then I believed herI was in AVID, but really I wasn't eagerTo be the student, so studious with his features Dropping out like loose change cause I don't need her
She cradled my hand and spat the truth this religion is just not for you. I peddled to shore when the sun rose and practiced a life I have not yet disclosed.   Ripples danced over my chest
The numbers 2016 will forever be engraved into my mind, Not because of me being confined, But in truth, I became defined, By all of this year’s problems combined.   2016, it started simply divine,
why do we hate why do we fight why do we kill why do we destroy but why do we love why do we care why do we live why do we create i assume its because we're human
Loud and fast times with friends. Earned the name "The Usual Suspects" Fires burned bright inside and out. This year there are only physical scars and awesome stories to tell  
In this moment, she breathes in the balmy forest air. In this moment, tears of gold stain a long-lost one's shirt. In this moment, nothing else matters. In this moment, his fingers tentatively slip between hers.
Crisp was a winter midnight’s air. Disturb the silence, no one dared. The pain of frost taking our toes. Our names and faces no one knows. We see our gasps in the chill this night.
In the Dart,but still I rise Left alone in the cold Dark night Crying ,crying I might In the Dark,but still I rise Me myself and i might lie And try not to die In the dark,but still I rise
As i sit in AP lang My desk is under the light But why Does the light shine on me? As I sit in my room Doing homework til midnight I sit underneath the light But why
The person who is standing now is not naive anymore If you knew me then you would be surprise that I am not a bore I used to be a shy and isolated teenager who would not give the time of day BUT
School is trying to get me on the college route, but my parents and school only help me get stressed out.  They force concepts and goals I do not agree with. I start to think that college and jobs are just myth. 
Nostalgia has become part of my personality,  Really, I don't mind.  I dig up old memories  it's a revelation to rewind Because though my eyes are the same shade of brown they were 365 days ago 
"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Like an confusing intricate puzzle, you don't quite know where your piece will fit  Yes I recall way back when I lost something that I held dear
We were taught to love, not to hate. To feel and love willingly, And set aside the gender or race of our people. Yet, we judge based on what we see. Does our appearance determine who we are?
Wake up and slam the snooze Another day for school Get up and trudge to my closet Throw on school clothes, I look like a fool Doesn’t matter, I put on some shoes Go to my bathroom and turn on the faucet
When the phone turns on A smile appears on my face All my worries are gone Because I get to have the grace Of seeing my love Who smiles back at me And I feel truly free of
[ Me writing a letter to death] October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to.., Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,
My head is full, so full of worries and strife, My shoulders become heavy with the burdens of life, I must throw it off, I must let it go, I place my hands on the keys and the music starts to flow,
There are things you can do when you're feeling blue With each day comes a new obstacle  that may seem impossible. you've become older now, and can't seem to figure how one could overcome
Maybe it was the stars at night that triggered my poetic flight. Maybe it was the heat of fire that made my soul aspire. Maybe it was the cold wind from the north that brought my dexterity forth.
Dissapointment. Nothing but regret. One night stand, Nothing but a sweat. I was your seed, You gave me no lead. Feeling boundless on bareness. But the carlessness was always there.
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
The sun is raising Another day has begun Shoes, jacket, pants are on Time to make another day go around I go to school to learn the lessons I go to the clubs to bring more
To live on when I am gone thoughts that were once in my head may always be read thoughts that were once in my head live on when I am dead to live on when I am gone
There's a reason I'm alive There's a reason That I try   It may not be what you expect For it is not fear of neglect That keeps me going when I'm down, No, it is but a certain sound
There once was a man named Sam He didn't want to go to CSU And become a Ram He wanted to go to CU So he had to pass his ACT exam   He needed motivation To get up in the morning
Yikes, there's K. It's been a while since I saw her sorry face, I whisper little lies about invisible flaws   She's gained weight, look at her: Bloated belly, sausage stems
As I awake from my dreams and into my reality. My body no longer desires the rest it craved. It needs to take action, and go above its normality. Otherwise, I would be nothing but a grave. Resting.... 
Some may try to find happiness in fame, Others in clothes, or purely in the aspect of having money They fantasize about all the things they wish they had Tearing through life likes it's a competition
I am what? According to others I am a slut I am forgotten and I am hated The love from someone I awaited But that love never came because all guys say was a game
A dream-filled night's worth of tangled bedsheets, then a frantic drowsy start. What day is it? Where am I? The beach is too far away for there to be this much sand in my eyes so imagine my suprise when 
God's one wing angel   Is a fighter that didn't quit  When it got to rough for her  She is the light that lites the room  The joy out of the laugher you saw The peace maker
It was just me and Annabel Lee All I could think was "ugh", poetry Then I finally saw The feelings so raw Up to this day, I remember the name, The name was Annabel Lee
Rhymes, rhymes, that’s what catches my eye. End Rhymes, Slant Rhymes, Rich Rhymes, Oh my… End rhymes are the ones we catch with no hesitation,
There wasn't a poem or rhyme that brought me in. There wasn't  a person or place that pushed me to begin. There wasn't a situation or time hat ignited my desire.  Just a pen and paper, or keyboard ,or typewriter.  
Poetry oh poetry,  What do you mean to me? Your words flow like water, And look so carefree. You are the reason one can express their feelings, For we are only mere beings.
You may Shut me up Break my will, Imprison me, just because you disagree with my beliefs.
I close my eyes and think about all of the things that have happened, I close my eyes and I think about anything I came imagine, I close my eyes and wish there were better days sometimes,
Every time I look up there's a problem you see, Every time I look down it feels like I'm stress free, If I close my eyes and see what the world could be, I open them back and see reality.
Life is touched in gold, and bathed in silver Touched in nirvana, bathed in desperation, by affliction, by mysterysome pain, never promised gainBathed in the blackness of the loud, engraved in the brightness of the nightsculpted in the shadows of
Poetry It's not for everyone Not everyone understands the  Line Breaks Spaces Lack of Punctuation Or Passion  Put into such a poem If more people took the time to understand
Diego Vega
A child was born, and a tale bagan, As two parents found reason to stay in public matrimony.   This child, a girl with eyes who say more than her mouth, She felt the presence of a dark thing. 
I write to free the ink, the substance within. The freedom it brings, flowing freely to the open ears of a page  always listening intently, never interupting, only  absorbing. The way
Even before we breathe, We see love. As we begin to love, We see poetry. Poetry- it's a beautiful thought. It's used in songs; in books... It expresses our deepest, innermost thoughts.
You say that you are helpless but really you are just selfish   You want relief despite what you believe The only idea that you seem to conceive   Wrapped up deep in yourself
Bam! I knocked you out you hit the ground I'm through messing around playing these little games of yours tired of you walking all over me like I'm nothing but dirt I'm done getting hurt
In each of my hands I balance the choice of right and wrong In my heart I hold my dreams for my future In my mind I keep my thoughts With my eyes I see the good and evil in this world
Poetry can be scary. Poetry is supposed to be scary. Digging through thoughts so deep, I cringe. But poetry can be happy. Poetry is supposed to be happy. Poetry is a lot of things.
    Why is it that we want farfetched objects? Perhaps it’s the thought of having something,
Poetry, a weak man’s sword Forced to yield it to prove my brawn A joke, a jest I had voiced my displeasure Reluctant and grumbling I grasped the hilt
Handheld gadgets Like phones and tablets Carbon Dioxide emitting machines Replacing our natural habits Fashinable clothes And governtment bureaus  False friends, referred to as snakes
Every day we are reminded when we go out into the world of how dangerous it is in  mondern day. one day you will hear about isis strike back again the next a cop killing 
What’s the one thing I can’t live without, If, on a sunny day, at the beach, and the waves are crashing, I find Myself needing something worth needing, I might just scream and shout. Is it a book? Perhaps, if Fate is kind.
Oh, when will I see the mountains once more? I want to feel the crisp air on my face. The day I had to leave them my heart tore. At my home there is not such a fast pace.
I would cut clothes from the fine cloth that takes it's texture from the summer sky.   Days drew patterns for clean cotton blouses.  Nights drafted beautiful dark dresses.  
She runs out of the room. Tears running down her cheeks. She gasps for air, struggling to breathe. Her face as white as a ghost. The image burned into her mind. His face was all she could see.
Who would have thought... That a girl of 14 would have to make a huge life desicion. That she would have to face this monster for the rest of her life.   Who would have thought...
I love pens. I love the feeling of uncapping a new pen. I love stumbling upon new types of pens. I love the way it feels when I write with a pen for the first time.
I want to shine like a star Go far, to be close to one's old self is too closed Minded, I have a hope, been on the down slopes Now I'm on a roll, I'm sure I have a path
It took that one glance, that split second I looked from the face of my beloved. You sat there; gleaming in the sunlight. I fell for all the ways your sweet scent pulls me in. I had no regrets
It's the little thing The thing that keeps me going The rise of success 
If it don't make cash It doesn't make any sense Need money for rent
That familiar question                 I’ve seen it before                                 What would you do? If there was nothing else left,                 No one to rely on,
The importance of this is of great value to me Coming out of the womb, I was ready for it Everything about it excites and intrigues me Whether it’s virtual or reality, I adore it
Trapped in the world of endless green Stuck there forever Who wouldn't go mad? I certainly won't Once you lose your mind you lose all hope I am Sane
In my heart In my hand I hold heart and give it to you When I close my eyes I see your face When I'm hurt You hold me close I look into your eyes I see our future I see our love
You carried me with you for nine months whole    And when I was born your heart I stole    You fell in love with me at first sight    You promised to care for me and raise me right  
It's okay because I've realized that no one really cares. That no one can really hear me when I scream and claw, Trying to climb out of this hole. Surrounded by painful noises,
You carried me with you for nine months whole  And when I was born your heart I stole  You fell in love with me at first sight  You promised to care for me and raise me right
Choas rang its bell that day Surrounded by desert I somehow felt trapped all day Without her rings of curls There was no meanig in the world A sight came to me A reflection no doubt
Warn out shoebox. You hold my greatest achievements. My strengths and weaknesses.  All my favorite memories belong to you. I see you there becoming dusty, but I know you don't mind.
My art is special My works are precious to me art is my taking
The only thing I need The only thing anyone has ever needed Is hope. Without hope, dysphoria is eternal Blue funk dresses already sparse silver linings Self-slaughter becomes logical choice
What I need  What I need  Scholarship money for another book to read  What I need  What I need  An education for my brain to feed  What I need  What I need 
The wind in my face The light breeze on a summer day All of these other elements Think they are the greatest Earth, Fire, and Water But what about wind? No one ever bothers to think about the wind
Books are the window to the soul. They can teach you things and get your brain going. Books are the essential thing that I absolutely cannot live without.
I wonder why kids don't like school We get to hang out with friends we dont see Having that year-end celebration at the pool Making jokes and new friends, that's the key Going here will stop you from being a fool
You are expected of from day one. Expectations to be tall, to talk, walk, be happy, and smart. No one ever looks at your heart. Do they know what is inside, do they know you cry? 
Blackness fills my soul Sprinkled sugar scatteres down Like stars in the sky    
It's the Thing at the Bottom of the Box, It's the It that sets apart the bum and the unemployed It's that itch you can't scratch, making you feel like a dog with a cone around its furry neck,
At that moment, where she was yawning and I took it upon myself to take a peek at those wonderful set of teeth Was the moment I was swept up off my feet
The flash of light, the loud boom  is all showing that we are in our doom.  Hidden by day, moving at night To make sure we are always out of sight. Why, oh why did I have to be born
Why, Oh Why, Technology are you everywhere? Creeping in everyone's bedroom, and even in the bathroom, why do you always have to be everywhere?  You make us happy but we don't like to share.
I need my black and white Not because you’re beautiful, Not because you’re bright, I need you because you bring music into my life. Through the rough times
I need my black and white Not because you’re beautiful, Not because you’re bright, I need you because you bring music into my life. Through the rough times
When packing, they're in first; when washing, they're off last. As I begin this new chapter, new setting, new characters, new scene, (same costumes),  they'll be with me every step,
I cried into her shoulder as the day was long and hard. She held me and told me it would be fine. She made me laugh when I didn't want to smile. She made me think through my thoughts. 
I remember every day that we would spend together. I let it get the best of me cause I can still feel your hands hold mine when you were scared. The tone of your voice when you'd cry on the phone. Your swelled eyes when you'd stare at me. 
College Stressful, Exciting Studying, Partying, Exploring Dorms, Quads, Friends, Professors Crying, Eating, Reading Fun, Short University  
All I need to set my soul free, Is God and his power , to love me dearly, His love is so burly and his words are full of honesty.You can taste his delightful reach from the heavens where he is called king , He fights
Here I am Trembling in fear On this deserted in island  For who knows how many years There is only one thing I need  In a situation like this Something I would very much so miss
I am me, myself, and I i am not perfect I tend to lie and mixed in the lies are truth I will even give you some proof because i am me, and myself is I i may not be perfect but lying is my alibi
I am black, but it has nothing to do with my character I am a black teen and that automatically makes me a target to society I am a black teen girl, but I will not become another one of the world's statistics  
I am more than just a number, I am hardworking My hands, covered in blister from working long shifts, Won't stop until the world sees what I truly have to offer I work for everything I have, everything I am
I love their smiles I love their miles Imprinted on their faces  I love their eyes But not mine   I love the color of the sky A little boy in suit and tie
Love is an emotion that holds untold magic. Magic worth a thousand words. Love is an emotion that bathes two partners in happiness. Love transform pain into happiness with a sense of touch.
I was weak I was sad I was alone I was isolated I was different I thought I was fine I thought I was good I was niave I was desperate. That all changed. I am different Now
I was the girl no one cared existed, the girl alone, because I was the girl everyone resented. The young black girl, so shy and frail. Afraid when situations got worse, like living in hell.
I am beautiful dancing across the stage flawless stealing your heart broken I am broken pink tights hide bandaid's bandaid's hide scars scars scars from cuts across my hips
A leap of faith she is,never knowing what, new territories and boundaries. She plunges and judges every moveShe has a need to know everything,a need to love what blossoms in the darkand dies in the light.
As a child you swim. Contently. Naiively. Ignorant of the evils lying below. Waiting. Watching.   As you grow, there's a weight added to your ankle, every year you turn older.
I travel through an endless song, Through the abstract sound waves That have tracked me down, leaving me kneeling To a powerful God, who has taught me how to un-tie asphalt knots
He wonders why 
  I saw you with your new girlfriend a few nights ago.  Your hair was slicked back. You were wearing that tux I picked out for you, the navy one. You seemed to be having a great time.
Where are you from? I- No. Where are you really from?
Maybe I'm too poetic                   too romantic                   too To be something I'm not is easy But to be too poetic                 too romantic To be who I am is heartbreaking
it began with a spark lightning struck and i fell in love  the fire blazed uncontrollably  flames and i danced wildly untaped untrained untamed but free   Then they came
We have fought for centuries in blood, sweat and tears, And we will continue to do so these next few hundred years- If it means you will be safe my love, my dear.  
He looked at her in beautiful colors vibrant and passionate ones he saw her firey red temper and he still found her beautiful because it was no color of red he'd ever seen he saw
I am who I say I am, but who do I say I am? Am I a success, or am I a failure? I am a success, because I know who I am.   I am an athlete, a devoted, hard working athlete.
He called me a Diamond in the Rough. Did this mean I am admirable, in a beastly world? Am I just another flower in a concrete jungle? Or do I depict a mirage  on an old brick wall...
I am my scars. I am the faint gouge beside my mouth and beneath my eye. I am the old lines of hate driven into my heart, now long faded.   I am an oxymoron. I am an honest liar. I am a cowardly leader.
I Am One of the Last I am herbal remedies smoldering in a cast iron cauldron Late on an Autumn night Mulling spices and salted pumpkin seeds Strewn across a slate table 
Child born to a child Small and sweet Little girl, tiny feet Mother kid, feeling weak Father grown, dead beat drunk Days in darkenss Nights in pain Beatings changing daily Hardly the same
I am not a feast for the eyes to devour I am a body with a mind that thinks and a soul that speaks  with a mouth that sings songs of an internal grief and an external peace  with hands that give 
They say I'm the girl with good intentions, A girl who is kind and sweet, They say I'm mature, A girl who's understanding and flexible They say I'm childish, A girl who plays too much and need to grow up
"Sugar and spice And everything nice That's what little girls are made of." But I’m pretty sure the cook made me wrong,
To be frank with you, I don't know how to describe myself. I've gone through countless Skins of me And of all I've shed out of them.   Each Have been forcibly stripped off
I am unknown to me… I am the mistake you regret. I am the inner voice, screaming to heard, TO be understood. I am the helpless, hopeless little girl.   But, I am also the one who decided to fight back.
i am a Potato   why does looking like a Potato mean i look bad? a Potato has its own unique set of lumps bumps   but a Potato also has its virtues! a Potato is versatile  
My mom used to tell me, " you can be anything you want to be." But how can that be when societal views often describe me? In their eyes since I am an African-American, I am a threat.
My arms dripping with blood from my wrist. Head held down so the horror can’t be seen. All around, fire pit with every inch of coal to keep it burning. Screaming for help and no one hears a word come out.
The one thing I have taken out of life is that it is  survivable. I have had awful things happen to me in my life. Some of those things seemed so unbearable.
In dreams filled with glory and pride. Saving my people like The Great Esther, I found myself believing.   California, swimsuit bodies apply to all
I am on a flight from Charlotte, where I return to my life on the other side. Leaving a home away from home that has stood the test of time. The first week had me broken, bawling in strife.
A young kid shows up at her brother's gate, already soaked just from looking at the Colorado scene. God knows how she was chosen for the job. Yet there she is, ready to be a farm machine.   
Fortitude. It is a word I have grown accustomed to. Fortitude. Next to it, my God given name is found. Strength is embedded in my shoulders proudly supporting this determined head of mine
I have a closet full of masks There are so many I can't keep track. Each day, I go into my closet and grab a new mask I put on a new face and I act.  I act my problems away Letting my feelings go a stray.
I am... Useless I never do anything right I am... Broken I don't recognize myself I am... Used
I am of fire and ash. Behind a smokey vail to hide my flaws, the poisoned air choking me. My nature fiery like the burning embers inside me, the embers searing me inside. My imagination knows no limits,
I AM BLACK. Painted in reference to God’s night sky, So loved by his sun, I received its kiss a thousand times.   I am my brothers and sisters in arms, Stolen from paradise across the seas.
My life is like a multi-colored retractable pen, and the multiple colors represent different types of moments that once they happen, they’ll be written into my memories.
I am from ranch signs from China cabinets and antique chairs I am from the roses in our front yard (beautifu, elegant it felt like Satin). I am from the Esperanza flowers, the leaves of Quakie trees
I'm a masterpiece of colors ripped at every edge.   Today I'm blue. But as people touch me, their colors mix with mine. Today I'm blue but he's red, and if he touches me I'll dissolve to lilac.
As the wind gently pulls the wisps of my hair I feel like a dandelion seed - floating in mid-air Among all the other dreams and wishes being blown about I feel a little lost, a little lonely, and full of doubt
I compare thy love to a rose, its finest smell too great for my nose thy could take me to hell.     With thee I could even end up in heaven. Thou art my leader.
There’s an underbelly of this school Not where the cool kids rule I’m starting to think they run the place Like some all powerful alien race Some represent a pool of sludge I blame it on their hideous pudge
Liz   It’s in the morning that I think of you I can’t seem shake the feeling in my chest Though I thought I was breaking through
As a fawn in life The world seemed filled with good Everything is something everyone could Ever since 5 I dreamed of being a man’s wife, Then life became more real As I grew more old
I am Denny I am a high school senior who did not turn out how i wanted to. Not Dennis, Danny, Daniel or Kenny. I may be rough around the edges but i do what i have to do. Life almost never goes in a straight path.
  VIDEO IS ATTACHED!   FULL POEM HERE:What I am…Being, having feeling, and my Purpose.
I am-- yet what I was is what I don't care to know Once I use to stare into  the glass of her reflection  I became lost with no affection. Implementing the fears of inadequacy onto myself and her reflector.
I am chia tea early in the morning while pouring over Sudoku challenges with my mom. I am from goggles and Speedos, preparing to break six minutes in the 500 meter free.
When people ask me who I am, I stutter, because for some reason, the language of myself is foreign to me. We could call it a result of bullying, mental illness, or plain teenage mystery.
pensive. p-e-n-s-i-v-e. I’m always thinking up here. and I got countless things that I carry inside of this angry, ridiculous little head of mine.   all I do is think.
I am... the forgettable in most cases, unforgettable in others. I used to be the girl who trusted another. But now I am different.  
Breathe in, breathe outIf I close my eyes they won't get me!Open, check left or right,So far they haven't noticed me! I take my tiny feet and walk across the room I make sure I make no sound so I could get there soon But midway I am caught and thr
My childhood was a wildhood  I never understood the good  shadows called me a real trooper but my life only felt like a blooper i was an on going fire burning everything i truly dersired
I am hollow, just as if I were a honeymelon beautiful, and unique on the surface yet hollow to the core once cut open  
I am admired and reflectiveI wonder if people will always stare at meI hear commentsI see everyone that looks at meI want people to see meI am admired and reflexive I imagine being on a disco ballI feel loved by everyone that looks at meI touch th
I tend to look at the bigger picture while others live in the moment ...knowing every little moment leads me closer to my dreams and goals....I AM A DREAMER!
Born in the dark. Eyes as bright as diamonds. Crying with life. Fiercely fighting out of fear For death is yet a constant tear.  
Apple juice stained grubby white jumper Yellow, blue, purple paint stained construction paper Mud stained sneakers I am stained   Reality stained numb mind Dry crusted blood stained shaking wrists
What makes me me Maybe its my crooked smile The way my sunglasses are always lopsided on my face My crazy curly hair  My moles spread across my face   
I am just quiet  like faraway wind like a fluttering leaf like darkness in the night     I am full of self-doubts
I am That girl you sat next to in math class Yeah that was me I'm the girl who doodled on her paper That drew flowers instead of shapes The person who was always late
I Am Me   I am not my test scores I am not  my GPA And I am not my mother’s expectation   I am a writer I am a girl full of dreams And I am a soul searching to be free  
I AM I am Human I am a mistake I am a hero I am the rainbow I am a whisper I am a curse Am I unworthy of love? Will I too have fate? I am not a label
I ignite a spark within the heart of others. As hard as it may be, I place the pain of the innocent into myself. Clueless am I at times, yet I surprise others with maturity.  
  Under everything I am human I was put here to love Regardless of the color of my skin Or who I choose to love   My skin may be too black to fit in with the whites
A wild untamed stallion That stallion runs so fast that he can never be stopped The only thing that can stop him is himself He stops in the moment of comfort
I Am Who I Am I am not perfect I have many flaws of my own I have a good sense of humor
Black, Tall, and Insecure, That was me, Today I am  Black, Tall, and Confident No Human Being on this earth is Like me. There is a reason for our Differences and they shall and must be embraced.
Living in the world where I wear the mask Living in all lies Not trying to see the truth in things But instead seeing the excuse in things  Still wearing the mask As if I don't have another way out
   There was no beauty and the beast, rather, they were one in the same. The beast inhabited the beauty's soul.  She may have looked beautiful, stunning even,
Anger and sadness mixed together, Envy and hatred thrown into the mix, All of these things mixing, eventually crushing the mind like a feather. Tired of being thought of as such, no longer falling for their tricks. 
I Am Not the person I wanted to be as a younger child Because I envisioned my future self to be happy
The clock continues to tick And one day it will stop Nobody knows for sure when or how But it will As time goes on the clock will get slower The clock will get more tired  Than it ever used to before
College is pricey, But I have to attend So I can Thrive
She was never the type, to be played with-- like a toy, then forgotten and disposed of the next day.
I am not. I am not an object. I am not a stereotype. I am not a possession. I am not mindless. I am not weak. I am. I am a person. I am an individual. I am myself.
Paint is dripping off my canvas The music playing but I'm not dancing They say I don't seem to romantic So I just mutter the phrase "I've never believed in the Titantic or Ella Enchanted
I Am... I was young I was damaged at a young age I thought it was all a game You made me feel so ashamed Like it was my fault
Fighting through life Dealing with hard times Oh the hard times But I have Strength   Smiling on the outside But being terrified on the inside No one can help but myself I have Strength
Fictional truths disrespecting my roots, Missionless proof, impersonated sleuth, Bent back tooth that depicted my youth, Zeus predicted a truce when dad tied his Timbaland boots. But there wasn't.
I am Harmony  I am a trailblazer I am an inspiration  I am a role model I am powerful  I am intelligent  I am more than I was yesterday and I will be more tomorrow than I am today
I am cursed, cursed to be who I am. What am I? Listen and maybe you’ll see. Maybe… I am a light shining on your shadow. I am a wall that you can’t break.
When I wake, their is a girl staring back at me. I see her pain, her joy, and above all her mistakes. She has cried herself to sleep,  and through tears told everyone it's okay.
I AM NATE That is my name But the naming of this nappy headed kid turned out to be unfortuNATE
I am a teenage girl I am silly and helping I am friendly and outgoing I am music I may be young I may be old I am somebody
 I am me. No one else can be. I try so hard to be more. Sometimes I tend to snore. I like softball. I give that my all. Learn to live. I always give. My name is Marisa. This is me.
A girl stood clear unsure of what to become she was quiet but friendly honest but sensitive positive and brave with an ability to be open
I am me. I am born from the clean cut military lines. I am born from the Air Force bases. I am different cultures. My attitude is gifted to me from all the places. I have moved. I have settled.
    Who am I? A question asked by many Asked  by my job to score a penny I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with   What is your ethnicity? I am a Panamanian Princess
For dust you are. Shaped with a steady hand, Filled with air, be beautiful was my first command, Filled with room. Yet. Despair.   For dust you are. "I am worthy of your space",
I am… ambitious. Both good and bad, since I enjoy being successful, regardless of what it costs me.
More than what you see when I walk by Not just a pretty face with brown eyes Well put together yes indeed Yet struggling to provide for a family of 6 who is ineed
  I am a seed I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting I am a flower
I am… By: Tahirah Rasheed   When she was born they gave her the name Tahirah which means pure. So much potential to explore A lovely looking little girl
For years I've sat back and listened to those tell me who I am. I listened and I believed because truth be told I didn't even know who I was. But during those years, I've grown and I've changed like a calipiter in it's cocoon.
Life used to be full of energy and happiness; No pressure and no sadness. Simply, life seemed easy; But soon I would become needy.   Needy for love, care, and joy;
Smoke fills  the sky Abandonment is the definition of city Can we all find a way to forget depression If we don't It'll eat us alive Trapping all of us inside What happened to the sunny days
I am very conscientious Very unpretentious Sometimes contentious But will pay the consequences  If I am pretentious 
I am... I am a mess. I am a late night crying. I am a failed test. I am a crooked smile. But, I am me. I'm not changing. I will not change for society, I will not change for you.
Who am I? You want to know who I am? Well I'll tell you what I'm not  I'm not my brothers  I'm not a jock, an artist, a musician, a druggie, or a brain I'm not the favorite  I'm not crazy  I'm not perfect 
How could you say it wasn't your fault You're putting my life into a halt you think it's okay to treat me that way I will escape this from this assault
Does my anger make you nervous?   As it growls, crouched low on its hunches.Prowling the shadows of my psyche while you cower?   Do its screams make you squeamish?
The room is a cold as her tears Her body is adorned in a veil of dark roses In her hands, margaritas dust her with pollen She looks pretty, I suppose   We take our seats and Beethoven begins
I remember the breeze on my face, The smell of the honeysuckle tickled the back of my throat, And the burning of the scrapes on my back from the rocks. I remember… their smirks filled with triumph.  
I am the one  The one who can either change or destroy a person or myself I am the person The person who has been laughed at for my idea and dreams I am the idea
     I am understanding. I wait for things longer than I should; promise after promise I’m still waiting.
I am incredible, a bright shining star. I've dealt with a lot in my life so far. Living with cerebral palsy is no easy task, But I don't let it stop me, just ask I am an intelligent girl, filled with knowledge,
I Am me. Because no one knows my struggle; No one knows what it's like. To hold in pain, While trying to contain life.    I Am me.  Because I have fallen. Deeper than I've ever been.
When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to fear the water, for she did not want me to drown. She did not mention we can drown in more than just water. I am in middle school, drowning in insecurities. Weird
Who am I? I am stronger than you believed me to be Smarter than I thought I could be I am the "no's" that you reminded me and the "yes's" of my own destiny I am the past that worries you
I once asked my father, “How do you live a world when you don't know who you are?” I think people over complicate the question; all it is asking what are my interest.
  I am a king. I will reach my potential. No matter how hard I try, I will never find all. My limit is in-fathomed, unreachable. It makes me wonder why we lie, "I will never be, will never see, my kingdom."
I'm from tiny box houses and creaky-doored barns I'm from a love that speaks volumes and a love that breaks arms   I'm a candle softly lit who flickers a quiet flame
I am not a statisitc. It is shown that there is 1 death every 13 minutes by suicide; Suicide takes the lives of over 38,000 people per year; Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in all ages
The curve. The S. The bevel of my flesh.   What makes me, me, Is that I don't care what others see. My simple scar. Can easily be seen from afar. But to me, you see
I am the little seed that just made its way into the egg, I am the little boy that came out the wound with a big head. I am the big toddler that's bigger than the rest of my class,
I am the same I am like everybody else. We walk the same, talk the same, eat the same, speak the same. I am moving. I am leaving behind everyone and everything
I am a kind, mixed child  I wonder if I will ever be excepted  I hear them talk about me  I see them laugh  I want to belong some where I am kind, mixed child    I pretend everything is fine
A piece of clay on the molding board Constructed by the hands of an artist and teacher Purpled by inky fingers I spin in a whirlwind as the wheel rotates
My perimeter is nothing more than painted bricks and broken windows I am filled with nothing less than destructed pride and shattered ego Like rust on steel after an angry cloud's release  
A gentle tap on the shoulder Followed by a delicate smile. A poke in my side Followed by two. Shimmering blue eyes Stare thru. I was sitting on the floor in full clown makeup,
I am a shape shifter, And there is no page in a dictionary on some dusty shelf for that. I was an idea in my mother's mind before my father even knew what love was,
Most days I like to stare at the wall Least days I like to cry for long hours I say there's nothing wrong with me at all But that lie is most sour.  
I am like a Tree in the Forest, Like a quiet, swaying tree That starts as a small seed, But grows so slowly, no one notices. It stands tall and firm Against winds and rain, And grows,
Beatened til flowers bloomed, But it was necessary to be groomed. Cried til my tears became diamonds, So instead, I saved them for chocolate-covered almonds. Laughing is what I do, But smiling is what is due.
A child of God, I am Determined my identity by the Lamb, One who is lifted high on eagles wings Enabled to victory because of my King
The thunder rumbles, The rain pours, The snow covers the ground, As I predict what is to happen next. I watch the radar maps, Pixelated colors on a screen, Where is the storm headed next,
We live in a world consumed within vanity Constantly being told to put ourselves first  Turning our heads to preserve our own sanity  Closing all our hearts to one anothers hurt  
Since I was ten we've been together, The way that you see the things I go through but you still accept me. I knew you were there from the jump and would never leave my side, I guess you and I were meant to be.
ou Only Mentioned What “I Am” By Kelsea Thompson   Dear…. Barcode why should I be a copycat I’m told not to be copycat
I’m no Gandhi Newton or Voltaire I’m not brave or important I’m not pretty Good or sincere
I see too many sob stories on how people dont know how to deal with their problems But, their in control of what they do and how they do it Use your differences as fuel to boost yourself up from where you may be at in your life
I am an Alternate At first I was a rock I went nowhere and yet Everywhere at once If Picasso hadn't told me
I am from a little yellow home, With a unforgettable green garage, In the middle of a neighborhood packed of chaos.  
"Hopeless" is the thing with fangs- That stalks one in the night- And hums a heavy tune- Waiting for the chance to strike-  
I am grateful. Grateful because  I am the seed that had everything she  would ever need.   I am a noob. As I was sprouting  I was not aware  of what the weather  could do.
Flashes of influence Am I beautiful too? Black girl with kinky curls My curls aren't loved My skin just right Not to black, not to light Black beauty is what I posses
There is a place away from the city. Not like anything, a commoner could imagine. In this place at the end of the day when the noise has silenced and the sky has fallen.
I am a composition  of all the rhymes I've ever written.   I am a mix of all the times  myself I've had to fix.   Open your eyes, u and I? We are books.  
In society I am a daughter, 
Here you are, you're in a new world but don't forget many new surprises are coming your way Here you are maybe 2 or 3, just trying to talk but you have not forgot how to walk
From the moment the first breath I was adored. I was sculpted. I was grown.   Water Air Soil  
I am me and me alone I am eyes of letters drowning in poisoned ink An ink of hatred bursting from weary pens Flowing among my life of an empty forgotten canvas  Awaiting to be turned into art.  
Without you, my life is lost I realized that when yours was the cost. All the memories, I bearly remember, Now everything is as cold as December. I never knew what it was like to live without you,
Who am I? I am me. I am a nerd, a stoner, a God freak, a slut. I am rude, nice, caring, and kind. I am not you and you are not I, but we are we. You know who you say I am, but
Me. Bold. Daring. Driven. Friend. Through up and down, still the same. Life changes of good. 
Welcome to the encylopedia Volume one until infinity  I was once a single cell Too that same cell, I am an epiphany  And to that epiphany, I am me  How ironic to suggest 
Iam   I am one of a kind    So many but nothing like me       So much potential ready to express          I am the laugh to your laughter              I am the friend you will never want to leave
I am someone who fears I am someone who loves I am someone who steers But still ends up getting stuck. I dont have much control, I dont have much at all. All I am is what I have
I’m hurt I don’t want to keep going Why is everything happening to me? Am I the only one? I feel ugly Not just from my appearance My personality and who I’ve become Can you see me?
I’m invisible Can you see the real me? I come out with a fake smile Pretending that everything’s okay Reality check… It’s not! Home is where I feel the most invisible I think and think
Who am I you may ask? I am the person who completes many task. I have doen so much in my 17 years. A child who has gone through a divorce and cried many tears. Even though I faced many sorrows,
I am unique and creative I wonder what I'll become I hear my future calling I see Neverland I want to explore the world I am unique and creative   I pretend I'm a ninja
I am… the girl who was constantly told that rhyme about sticks and stones, As if the words did not hurt any more than for someone to break my bones. The classmates roar, And those words hurt more.
Age fourteen was the age I matured, 
I Am...Something the depths of the ocean struggle to comprehend, Mythical in existence,  utopia in nature, unworthy is the world to be allowed to behold such a rare art as Me,
I am a african american female whose roots call out her name, I am a strong worker whose passion is greater than the Greeks, I am sometimes a scared little girl who just wants sleep,
I am human I have imperfections 
You love those peaches the ones that bloomed in the bright heat to form ripe masses of sweet sweet plump bundles that seeped glistening strings of heady juice
I am happy, I am kind, I am jovial. I am honest, I am free, I am jovial. I am thankful, I am appreciative, I am jovial.  I am independent, I am a dreamer, I am Lindsey.
Clairvoyant that is what "I" am. As a African "I" sit in deep thought sculpting the future with my magic every day.. And "I" can finally say that my future is bright so right my grandma cancer when away.
Unique as can be Constantly changing, growing I can't be defined
I am... One who tends to dwell, It's hard to tell. I carry myself...high, But no one knows... What heavy tears settle behind my hazel eyes. I am... Expirenced.
I was shy, and closed when it came to conenecting with the people around me. I was quiet, reserved, and uncomfortable in my own skin until it came to my first, high school love.
Let me be heard  I want to be heard  People not listening to my words. This world is strong, This world is devious  I'm tired of being incognito  So I'm going to stop pretending. 
Where I do I start
I am a princess left in the highest tower I am a dainty growing flower I am the lead singer in a band I’m the known outlaw in the land I’m a girl who is locked in a room
My vison is not clear. I think about this a lot. Is it fear? Prehaps im over thinking this to much. Faith please give a postive luck touch.   My vison is not clear.
I am from flat lands covered in tumbleweeds                 From dirt roads and cotton wood trees
Who am I?   I don't know  (my past is a frenzied blur I hate to remember the future a question I fear to ask)   All I know is I want the all or a poetically decided nothing.
 I know that I may fall
Tap tap tap Sccccccrrrreeeeeaaaaacccchhhhhhh " No, not that." Erases, starts over. "How about this?" Not good enough... BANG! " Why can't I figure this..."
Just because I’m a older sister doesn’t mean I hate my life.Doesn’t mean I have a better life.
I am the daughter of my father Whom may be the father of such a loving child I am the image of the Lord almighty Who else can I be but me  
"Your mom is missing I've called the police They're looking for her now" (frozen, i stand, a naked man in the snow i hear the shaking in his voice)
I am Invisable. people want  to use me I am.. I am a girl...
I am  strong yet broken.
Where are Sandra Bland,  Darrius Stewart, Fredy Gray, Samuel Dubose
When I was little I took it upon myself and all my three year old artistic abilities To draw a map of the world on my bored of a dresser   Yet in my childish ignorance I had only drawn
Sometimes, I stop and think, Who am I?   There so many answers, The girl with red hair and freckles. Or is it the girl who crys...a lot? Who am I?   Do people see me as who I could be,
I would love to think I know who I am but I don't believe I do.
A heartbeat, A breath, The first light; What a beautiful sight.   What a deep impact made, What a memory saved, Your mother’s face; You’d rather be in no other place.  
I am working. Don't bother me right now. I don't want to be mean, But there are priorities, They determine how much I can care about something. Right now, work is my prioroty, And you aren't.
I am me, But who am I? forever lost in love
drinking, drugs, sex, popularity all the things I wanted that I thought would take me far after high school as my grades dropped my social status went up
I am Kayla Aleta Canada. The name Kayla means pure and beloved. Aleta means truthful, derived from Alethia, the Greek goddess of truth.  Yeah, my last name’s Canada, but no, I’m not from Canada. My ancestors are actually from Ireland.
When asked how to define myself, I used to wonder what I would say. Would I know what I've become at the end of the day? From the outside, I am a shy but happy, blue-eyed girl,
Who am I? Or rather What am I? I am strength I am tenacity I am power  I am hope for a better tomorrow I am determination I am willingness I am love
I am from sin From lies and fits of rage It tempts me to indulge in my flesh I am from the selfish desires of my heart The jealousy and hatred towards my neighbors, Because they possess what I do not.
I am perfect. No, I am not. I am bad. I lie. I cheat.  I judge. I swear. I am good. I help. I share. I give. I love. I am good and I am bad?
Music. I ____ music. It surrounds me, hugging me, moving me, comforting me. I use it to tell people I love them, miss them, am glad to be with them. It knows how I feel: sad, excited, angry, sentimental
I am chaos. I cause it. I receive it.   I have relished in heaven. Yet, I have lived in hell. I am unique   I have no mother. Drugs are more important. I am forgotten.
Dedicated to my Aunt Barbara for whom this poem is about, may she rest in peace
I am aware, I will slip my kindness through the crack of a door but find it being ricocheted from the stares of hate and so much more.
you were always the first person i went to when i felt happy or sad i love that i felt important and that i was the one you told everything to few years later you tell me about a new friend you made
I am a curious child through these brown eyes
In the beginning of each year I tell myself I will do well Promising to do all my homework Never skip any class Turn in my work on time Be prepared
I am just a speck in the universe created by an artist’s brush But though I am just a speck, I have feats to crush I am alone in a world full of my own inspiration With a pencil in hand and mind of elation
I am nothing but a product of a distant father a product bought and sold buy my time sell my soul package yourself pretty the media tells me spend my life trying to please
She is. What can we say about her? Well, She's well mannered and has the brain of an average teen, slightly forgetful. Help me out people. What is she? She's a female,
I am the girl who is nameless I have no place in this life Once I was a beautiful spirit with my future so bright In the very beginning things were alright Daddy loved his baby girls Both my sister and I
I am Manhattan where I was born and  I am Puerto Rico where I was raised
Effervescent, if I did have to pick. Not by choice, though; I didn’t ask for this. Unfortunately, some things, to me, stuck. I had to build walls, never allowed bliss.  
khelsei: prounouced kelsey, a seven letter name defining a black girl with an opinion, desbribes a young woman with brown eyes, thick legs, full lips, and quick hips,
I Am... I am the one they never thought could win I was battling the world my own war Felt I was standing on ice, oh so thin Begging for the world to hear my loud roar  
I Am... I am the one they never thought could win I was battling the world my own war Felt I was standing on ice, oh so thin Begging for the world to hear my loud roar  
I have faced the enemy called life I have suffered many casualties from it It has given me pain, given me strife But even after its strikes... my strength will not plummet
Me   Who says one cannot shape their image by those around them?
Student debt is what I will escape, I begin with a scholarship.
I am me My past faults have molded me into the person I am today.
If I were a word in the dictionary it would be inquisitive, why? You might ask, because I'm continuously striving to make all my dreams come true. Not only for my family but to inspire a new.
I am the defender and helper of man On my right hand is light And on my left is the tree But the fourth child coming was not meant to be   I am the foreigner who has traveled the world
I am what I am  I will fulfill my dreams, pursue my inner ambitions, complete my missions, and reach for the stars  I am humane and determined 
Me,Myself and I as one we colide as one are strong as steal i feel immortal and will never die.
I Am...   Angry, happy, all the same My life passes by, two can play this game Emotionally driven, the pads of my hands Hormonally wrong and tight inside Really scared that I lost the high-ride
It’s day 1 First grade had just begun I’ve met new friends And that begins the trend. Fast forward 5th grade Colonial Days and Orphan Play We’ve gotten pretty big But still act like little pigs.
I am a strong minded Hispanic women is something that is not only wrong but unusual to hear.
Hello, you do not know me. I have always been that person Who shares her feelings scarcely   I am careful to trust, easy to love. I will never leave your side, When push comes to shove  
I am tall Kind of like a wall; Always in the way Never asked to stay. You can't see me Hidden inside the image you think I be; You've decided who I am
Who am I?I don't know  But maybe you can help me see, I can only tell you what I'm not and who i'm trying to be.   I am NOT my errors the ones that loom at night,
Here thy lie son of the great unkown.
I am a dreamer that dreams beyond the stars I am an artist that paints beyond the canvas
I am me. I am crazy. I am quiet. I am loud. I am not popular. I am content.   I am me. I am my playlist. I am my grades. I am small mind. I am a great mind.
Who a
the quietness surrounds me
To run and risk or walk and wish Which of these paths shall I choose? Safety, security, a sound little life Or dreams full of things uncertain?   They say "stay here close by the water's edge
I am   I am a Candle, used to light the way and guide others but often needing guidance myself. I am a daughter.
I am petrified and anxious I wonder if there is a god, how they could be so cruel I hear the echoing of my rapid heart like the sea pounding against my ear I see the good in people even if it isn’t there
I am Inspired,
To you I'm just a seed in a garden Under the trees Planted in the ground I soak up all around But I'm sure all you see is a seed in a garden Unheard to you As I plant my roots 
Many things made me who I am, conflicting roads of life converging, sunshine from darkness slowly emerging, These trials made me who I am.   The hopeless void that once filled me,
I am individualistic. I am exultant. I am redefined. Modified. Transformed. Altered. As I grow older I am changed. I am not just adjectives I am nouns I am what I do
I am a beastI wonder what the future holdsI hear my steady heartbeat as I run this raceI see my hard work paying off
I look in the mirror I see just me  My brokenness, My flaws.  Where I look And I see the cracks,
I am both the world and all that it will be. I am the walking product of my mother and father. I am someone that can show true colour no matter how much it hurts. I am truth, wrapped up in a blanket of true realism.
I didn't laugh when they laughed.I didn't speak when they spoke.I didn't smile when they smiled.I didn't break when they broke.  
Kept me locked up like a wild animal where my only friends were the scars on my hips  and the voices in my head. Telling me all my wrongs  as if I couldn't already see all the sins that lie within me.
I AM bickering, slippery, flickeringA wave crested on a shore, rolling back to the unknownI AM shouting into the hands, the ears that hold my self.Smiling intuitively, fearful and laughing, I cry.
My mind is my own It thinks on it's feet It does me well   My heart beats A rthym of it's own Loves like no one else   My soul is pure A human I am Mistakes to be made
I Am From Poem By: Candy Gordillo   I am from "He" who died in the cross for us I am from Irma and Francisco
I am unique there is no one like me,  Lound and outgoing now I am free, I guess I'm considered smart, I am not really good at art, I good at math which is rare,
There's a battle going on inside my head. My anxiety is taking over again. There's a struggle to get out of bed I am, again, struggling to win. The battle, the struggle.
I am me Free A breeze filtering through the trees I am strong And Proper, Live long Destroying and creating in a song I am clever Losing never Making sure I am the champion forever
Where am I? Am I here? Am I there? Is it fair to say, I'm everywhere? That's how I feel. Yet, Why do I feel stuck? Trapped? Completely and utterly stagnant?
I've been told my poetry is good I've been told it was horrid I have heard that I've inspired I have heard that I depressed I've heard with my words I reach into your heart and play your emotions like a harp
I am from sunshine From the dirt on my clothes and the screaming of children. I am from four people sharing a room Tight but comfortable. I am from my aunt becoming my mother
I am white and privileged I wonder what oppresion must be like I hear cries from all around I see history repeat itself I want a change I am white and privileged  
Non sum I am not the person the media says I am
I am... The breath of air in the back of the class you coudnt hear drowned and caressed in my own fear
I am wabi-sabi. Beauiful yet imperfect Joyfull but depressed. I am unique. I am outgoing, yet I hide. Im sweet yet I fight
I’m four years old. Small, quiet, and blissfully unaware
                                                                                   I AM....   I AM.. an African American, proud of the skin im in. Living in a world full of doubters, trying to make my way in.   I AM.. a unique individual, focusing...
I am a poet and a singer. I wonder if I am too self-conscious.
The story of my life Told over and over
Ich bin was ich mache, Ich mache mir wie ich will Und ich mache mich um meine Interesante. I am what I make, I make myself how I want And I make me around my interests.  
I am tenacious I spread my wings with the traumatized beast
Who am I?Do I even know?  I'm a dark nighttrapped in a sunny day.I'm a faint memorydrifting away, away.
"I used to be a used to, but i never got used to being what i used to"   Quoted by MEEK MILL  
I am more than just words I am a living, breathing human being I have felt emotions  I have done things that no words could ever describe I am a female   I am student  I have cried
How I Chose To Be Me   Full Legal Name: Bridget Lynn Martin Sex: Female Date of Birth: February 18th, 1998 Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Some people say your not worth it That you are stupid  Worthless And you believe it Why?  Please tell me how can something so perfect become so broken What have they done to you?
I am the story of your timeline   The story of your headline I am the innumerable amounts of times you told your kids they would have a better life.
No matter how rotund or skinny I may be, I am who I am. And no matter what the people see, I am who I am.
I am insecure  I act confident  I make mistakes I'm only human 
i am from raised voices and laughter,  from a broken but happy family  i am Jimenez and Tamayo  from quinceneras and family gatherings  from lies told by dad and promises made by mom
I  am a southern girl from New Orleans who had all her life together   Everything surrounded me in the inner city. Until 2005... a tragic event caused no more money,  no food or means to keep
I am a winding staircase I weave my way around the world I'm not sure where I'm going
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