The Lady on the Road

There's a lady I know that stands on the road

Everyday I watch her struggle with her load

I watch her banter with the other women as she sets up

She laughs as she unwraps corn and drinks from the same cup

If I listen hard enough I hear her talk about her woes

She waves her hands and wiggles her toes

There's a useless man at home that's drunk

She talks about how their livelihood has sunk

Fanning her corn she talks about school fees

She shouts that they will soon lose their keys

The other women are shaking their heads

They lay out their biscuits, snacks, and breads

For they know that tomorrow it'll be one of them 

All of them come together as one

I turn around and hug my siblings when they're done

As we stand and watch the lady on the road

our mother




This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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