Behind the Scenes

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 22:37 -- LibbyMG

I feel her heart getting colder

I reach for her hand

Searching to feel her love

She pushes me away

There is so much weight on my shoulder

I get tied up by her

No rescue team 

My anxiety is loud

The volume increasing

Not one person but I can hear 

My chest getting tighter

There’s no air to strengthen my lungs

This is just how she is

I don't know why

I try their advice and listen to what they say

“Sit still! Stop stressing over everything!”

They want to help but not many can

My foot is always tap dancing

Not much helps it

At the end of the day

All I ever do is cry

When she steals your words

She will misuse them and you will become her property

When you are struggling 

She will hope for you to fail

Just so she can blame more onto you

I wish I could just fly

To a higher place where people don't look down on me

Then I could escape from her challenging my words

I wish they would just flow freely through my lips

Like a waterfall on the highest rocky cliff 

It's hard to say goodbye

I accept what she does

But it’s hard to reply


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My family
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