I sit at my cafeteria table surrounded by many but feeling alone.

I look out upon the place that is supposed to be happy and fair, instead

I see girls that drink iced coffee for every meal, 

so they aren't afraid to step on the scale.

I see my friends stab invisible knives into each other's backs with cold smiles plastered on their faces, I know this mask all too well. 

I walk home from school that day, men in their trucks slow down as they pass me, they scream out “smile more you’ll look prettier”, I start to walk faster. 

I sit down to do my homework, my siblings begin to fight, screaming loudly until my father comes in screaming louder and drags them away, I go to my room and lock the door. 

I hear the safeness of small talk at the dinner table with underlying tension running hot, I wonder what they’ll fight about tonight. 

I hear the familiar muffled voices from my bedroom growing louder and louder, I put on my headphones and listen to my favorite sound, white noise, 

So I can finally hear nothing. 


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