All I need is my sanity (or maybe the other way around)

Sun, 04/03/2016 - 20:59 -- Johgar


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Trapped in the world of endless green
Stuck there forever
Who wouldn't go mad?
I certainly won't
Once you lose your mind you lose all hope
I am Sane

The harmonious working of all the elements of mind.
They play like an orchestra, symphony, a shrine
My elements are in order
“and yet, deep inside chaos lurks an even eerier type of order”

Who said that?
Who lied?
I will tarnish their insides
And rip out their eyes

I am like sanity…..I..
I am like sanity…..I..
I am like sanity…..I..

I am like sanity…..we
We should be…
We are Sane!

Reality is real
“No it a dream”
Your right it's a delusion
It's full of fake people
A fake forest
A fake island

Don't mess me up more than you already have!

Where was I?
Ah, Yes!

A sane man believes that the world around him and the people in it are real.
Because they are real!

“Humans see what they want to see”
“They find reasons for continuing to believe
Wither it's a joke
Wither it's foolish
Wither it's a mistake”

“You know what you should do!”

I shall keep believing that everything is REAL

“You'll regret it…..”

I shall believe in this fake world
This fake forest
This fake island

Because I am sane
I am sane
I am sane
I am sane……

Let me keep my sanity…..
I need it....


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