Music. I Am Music.

Music. I ____ music.

It surrounds me, hugging me, moving me, comforting me.

I use it to tell people I love them, miss them, am glad to be with them.

It knows how I feel: sad, excited, angry, sentimental

Music is mental. 


Creating music, playing music, listening to music

I feel every emotion possible.

Playing it, I feel like I wrote it, like I am the artist.

Happiness, sadness, feelings I cannot explain;

It washes away the pain.


Composing music gives you power

Like nothing else could.

A different kind of power, like you could move the world

But with your words and emotions.

Music can be undescribable


What is music to me? It is my world.

I could not live without it.

Without music, my world would crumble

And I would be lost.

Music is my life.


live breathe




I AM music

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